Zumio and the Elusive 60 Second Orgasm

Is Zumio Just the Right Thing?

Zumio Vibrator

Throughout my time in this business, I have been in search of the perfect tool for achieving an orgasm quickly and easily. A vibrator with just the right amount of vibration, sensation, and yet something that is body safe, waterproof and rechargeable. One that can be used with partners or by oneself!  That doesn’t sound like too much to ask for, does it?  Along the way, I have found some amazing tools, many of which I LOVE!

The Eroscillator
While it’s a plug-in tool, the Eroscillator is a wonderful tool for all women, whether power girls or not.  It oscillates vs. vibrating, which allows for no numbing sensation, and women seem to love it.  It has the ability to change heads, so you can have the softness of the Soft Touch Finger Massager, or the more assertive sensation of the Grapes.  While it’s not waterproof, or rechargeable, it does offer women wonderful orgasms, and can be used by partners during lovemaking, having a handle and narrow head, it has some reach.


Jimmyjane Form 2
This toy is my “go to” for most women.  The vibration seems to be something that most women can relate to, and it is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet.  It has dual head stimulation, good for nipples or the clitoris, and is so small it fits in the palm of the hand, easily.  Whether you’re using this for pinpoint stimulation, flat vibration surface or “sensation in stereo”, this tool is great from a multitude of angles. One downside is that it’s harder to fit between the bodies, because it is rigid and slightly wide… It is great in some positions, but not in all.  One great thing is that it has enough power for most power girls, so it’s a great travel tool for power girls.  It also has a low, low sensation, so it’s also great for most women.  I say it can give a woman an orgasm in 1-3 minutes!

Jimmyjane Form 2

Along comes the Zumio Vibrator

An odd looking plastic tool with a very narrow pinpoint head, with the claim of being able to give a woman an orgasm in 60 seconds? Forgive me if I am skeptical of this assertion! Upon meeting the Zumio, I discover that this is no gentle flower. From the first sensation, it is full speed ahead, and then ramps up to a total of 8 levels of sensations, which could be considered “ramming speed”, or knock you in the next room, as I’ve said about the Magic Wand, if this toy was not so small as to only have only a pinpoint head for direct stimulation of the clitoris.  The fact that it oscillates, like the Eroscillator, and has the power of the Form 2, makes it almost the perfect tool for my women who like a little more power or sensation!

Zumio Accessories

How do you use this odd looking tool? The Zumio looks more like a wand, so it can be held within the palm of the hand, pointing out. It has an “on” button, and a separate 8-shaped sensation adjustment button which takes you from the initial on sensation to the many power levels. I’m not sure most women will need to go past the third level, but as Womanizer said the same thing to me about their original product, and I didn’t listen to them, many women may not agree with me on that! I’d recommend that you start with the initial sensation and use it to tease the clitoris and perhaps go along the clitoral legs down the labia.  As arousal builds, you are able to allow more sensation on the clitoris, and perhaps ramp up the sensation on the top of the 8 shaped adjuster.  Whether you use a light touch, or press more firmly, it seems to work both ways!  The wonderful thing about this tool is that no matter what position, you’re able to fit it between the bodies during lovemaking!

And, YES! Zumio does seem to work within 60 seconds! AMAZING!

I find the Zumio to be one of the best toys for an “Orgasm a Day” philosophy, and one of the easiest ways a woman who likes stimulation can achieve an orgasm.

You can find Zumio at www.trystology.com, and be sure to send any questions or comments to roylin at trystology.com

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Transgender talk at ANME with Buck Angel and Me!

Gender Identity and Trans-gender Sex Toys.

Buck Angel and Roylin Downs, Owner of Trystology

One of the things I look forward to when I go to the ANME Trade show in January and July is my visit with Buck Angel! This past year we really connected over the topic of gender Identification, and how we each, as individuals in our 50’s, want to be more inclusive in our language when talking with non-binary individuals. So look for that conversation to come up in a big way in the near future!! I’m excited about that!

Buck Angel and his new products, Fun Boy.

Seeing Buck at the ANME show this past January, we saw an introduction of toys for trans-men. Buck’s first product, the Buck Off, was a first in strokers, which you can see in the center of the image of Buck with his products, and now in July we saw a whole litany of new products that will not only be great for trans-men, but also are versatile enough to be used by anyone who wants to wear a packer, or these products can be used by straight (Cis-Gendered) men for adding girth.

Fun Boy by Buck Angel

The products designed by Buck are made of a soft, proprietary material by the Perfect Fit Company, which makes the Fat Boy, Slim Boy and Zoro harness & dildo products.  The quality is exceptional, as you can see in the detail of the photo here of the Fun Boy.  The thing about the new Fun Boy is that, like the Zoro, it can be worn with a strap/belt, to keep it in place, or it can be placed in the underwear and simply used as a packer.  It is also hollow, so it can be a versatile tool to allow for girth on the penis, as well as giving one the more endowed feeling.  Trystology will be carrying the Fat Boy and other Buck Angel products, when they are available in September 2017.  You can see the Buck Off, and other Buck Angel products at www.Trystology.com.

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Womanizer 2GO Vibrator – It’s a Winner To Go!

Womanizer has outdone itself with the Womanizer 2GO!

Womanizer 2GO only $169.00 – Or Call Now – 888-801-8952

Those of you who read my blog know that Womanizer is one of my Go-To toys for an orgasm a day philosophy!  It’s just one of those reliable sex toys, for most women, that has an air-suction based motion that assists women in having an orgasm in as little as one to three minutes (sometimes less)!  I know, it seems unbelievable, but it’s for real! And the Womanizer 2GO is a fantastic addition to the line-up.

Womanizer came on the sex toy scene a year and a half ago and made claims that many women couldn’t believe! First was the Womanizer 100 with a case, one of my favorites, but it was soon replaced by the Pro 40. The Womanizer 500 was also launched and has been just okay, not my fav due to the shape and the pointy button. I loved the rounded crystal of the Womanizer 100. The Womanizer Pro 40 was a brilliant no brainer; waterproof, rechargeable, and quiet. And sleek.

But now…

Womanizer 2GO

Womanizer has, in my opinion, outdone itself with the 2GO! Women of all ages are intrigued by sex toys, however some simply can’t or won’t buy a sex toy because they aren’t discreet, or they are mortified that someone will find the toy. With the NEW Womanizer 2GO, you have a discreet lipstick shaped toy. Though a bit too large for a lipstick, it reminds me of a discreet perfume bottle that you can keep in your purse, or travel with without fear of being discovered! And here’s the thing, it WORKS!

Womanizer 2GO is a new favorite at Trystology!

I might dare to say that I think it is my favorite air suction toy yet! It’s smaller shape, and easy positioning are quite nice. Its materials are silicone based, with all the benefits of the other Womanizers! The one thing that’s different, and that I really like, is the one button on, off, and change button. With a little practice, and nuancing the button, you can increase the sensation, drop it to the lowest speed, and turn it off. VERY convenient!

I also think that the color selection is quite creative! Not only do they have the classic black and gold, and the sleek white and gold, Womanizer has added a Mint and Pink! Okay, I wasn’t sure about this, but truth be told, it’s darling! I love it! So whatever your choice, I have no doubt you will love this new Womanizer 2GO offering!

Womanizer 2Go Classic White and Gold

Womanizer 2GO Mint and Pink

You can find Womanizer 2GO and other Womanizer products at Trystology.com

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Trystology Talk Podcast E11: Sex Under The Weather

Sex when you’re sick? Why not?

Podcast audio only is available for download at TrystologyTalk.com.

Episode 11 was a tough one, as all our guests were sick with a cold, Roylin included! But, “The show must go on,” and so we shifted the focus to “sex and being sick.” Roylin was able to find 2 articles in Men’s Health magazine which addressed the topic.

But first: Have you had your orgasm today? Roylin was very adamant that all this illness going around was caused by a the lack of enough orgasms in our recent past. With the reflection of all her guest being ill, she pondered whether there had been a deficit overall, with much humor.

What was heard in the store this week? It was hysterical. While helping a male customer in his late 40’s, three young women in their early 20’s were shopping as well, with one trying things on. When she came out of the dressing room, he whispered “I’m not looking, I’m not looking” and Roylin went over to help the her. She looked amazing in the Patrice Catanzaro one piece. She decided to try another on, and then stated, “You guys, you have to tell me, why have I not pursued a profession in stripping?”… to which the man said “You must hear some amazing things here!” Why, yes, we do!

The episode focused on the need to get enough sleep, so that you don’t get sick, and having orgasms, because they help you sleep. They also give you oxytocin, endorphins, and vasopressin, which is shown to make you feel sleepy. So great! There is no evidence of passing on illness through the semen, but definitely not able to kill all germs, even if you bathe in antibacterial cream! So be careful and don’t infect your partner. But don’t be afraid of having an orgasm a day! It can only help with your immune system, among other things!

Womanizer Plus

Oh, and by the way, Womanizer is back on the shelves!

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Womanizer Plus Video Review

Womanizer is the gold standard in air suction technology!

Womanizer has outdone itself with the launch of the NEW Womanizer Plus! A BEAUTIFULLY designed Womanizer product, with a longer handle, accents of Gold, Black and White, and all the great features that we have come to know and love about Womanizer products. This graceful and elegant air suction toy is designed with body ergonomics in mind. Whether you are small bodied, or a full figured gal, this toy offers convenience and practicality in a beautiful package!

Womanizer is the gold standard for a new category of air suction technology toys, which offers a woman the opportunity to have an orgasm, with touchless stimulation, often in less than 3 minutes! While this is unheard of from most current sex toys, and many women don’t always need or want to have an orgasm in less than 3 minutes, having the option is nice! The thing is, it works!

The Womanizer Plus is a GREAT addition to the Womanizer family, and a welcome addition to any woman’s “tool kit.” It has a wonderfully long handle, and is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet. It has the ability to adjust the sensation to higher and lower with a simple toggle button (+ / -). (Most other toys have a single button to go all the way to high and then back down to low in one direction only.) Anyone who has used a toy like this knows that the ability to make suction strength “corrections” to lower or raise the suction, is crucial. The Womanizer Plus offers that in such an easy to use package.

Womanizer plus

We love all the Womanizer toys, from the Womanizer Pro 40 to the Womanizer Deluxe… and now the Womanizer Plus! With a philosophy of an orgasm a day, it’s very easy to achieve when you’ve got a Womanizer in your tool box!

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Trystology Talk Podcast E10: Hot Monogamy

Hot Monogamy!

Download podcast audio here.

In Episode 10, Roylin talks “Hot Monogamy” with Marriage and Sex Therapist Dr. Megan Fleming. Dr. Fleming has been featured in Cosmo, Oprah, Men’s Health and more. Her motto is, “Become the happiest couple you know.”

But first, Have you had your orgasm today? Roylin forgot that she had! Funny thing, she couldn’t sleep at 1am after a busy day, and needed to have help going to sleep, so out came the toys! How about you?

Heard in the store this week: Two women read the sign outside the store, ‘For Love and Passion,” and exclaimed that they needed some of that! They came into the store, giggling, and searching for love and passion! They found it! Yay!

Megan and Roylin discuss her philosophy that couples should avoid comparing their relationship with that of other couples. Work on creating what’s hot for you and your partner. It takes conscious effort, and Megan suggests role playing, fantasy, and other ideas to keep engaged with your partner. With statistics that show intercourse frequency with your partner at just 1x per month or less constitutes a sexless marriage, Megan and Roylin strive to encourage couples to engage in conscious interaction. This can be in the form of touch and massage, the introduction of a sex toy, or with simple conversation and engagement. Communication is key for partners to share their desires, needs, and wants. This is important because it is known that most couples aren’t necessarily matched on their drive. There needs to be respect and negotiation on frequency, and it is interesting to note that the person with the lower sex drive is in control. It’s just the way it is.

Another fun analogy is that some couples aren’t even on the dance floor together, and that we need to bring them back onto the dance floor so that they can even engage. We discussed hibernation in Episode 8, so that played a bit into getting individuals out of hibernation, and onto the dance floor.

Roylin and Megan will meet again to discuss her new book Invisible Divorce. Until then, enjoy reconnecting with your partners!

You can check out Dr. Megan Fleming’s new book here

Invisible Divorce Book

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Trystology Talk Podcast E8: Sexual Hibernation

Too busy for sex? Sexual Hibernation can happen.

Before talking about sexual hibernation, Roylin discusses An Orgasm A Day. This time about what to do when you or your partner is tired, but you still want to have that orgasm!

And, interestingly enough, the word heard at the store this week had to do with one of our recent episodes about being vanilla!  It’s so fun to have our customers reflect our philosophy back to us with beaming happiness!

This episode focuses on sexual hibernation.  What is hibernation?  As Roylin describes it, it’s a state where we put our sexual health on hold, and sit in that comfortable place, where we don’t address our sexual needs, or desires. Hibernation is not always something we do consciously.  Sometimes it just happens, because our partner is away. Because we don’t have a partner.  Perhaps because life is too busy or stressful or overwhelming to even remember that we have a sexual life. It’s not a bad thing to be in hibernation, but it is something we should be aware of, and something we can consciously choose to get out of. And it has nothing to do with age, as one can be in hibernation in their 20’s just as well s they could be in their sixties.

Roylin discusses how we feel in sexual hibernation, and some of the tools we can use to get out of hibernation. With our brain being our biggest sex organ, we need to remember that we can choose to get out of sexual hibernation. But if that’s not enough, we have tools to help us do so.

Pjur Med Energy Glide

The products of the day are meant to assist in getting us out of sexual hibernation. Whether we use a stimulating tool, like a stimulating balm, warming lubricant, or vibrating tool, there are a number of ways that we can wake up the body and work our way out of hibernation, whether we are with a partner, or not.

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Uvee Sex Toy Storage and Sanitizer Review

Play. Sanitize. Charge. Repeat! – Uvee

In the sex toy industry, the storage and cleanliness of toys is of utmost concern to not only consumers, but shops that want to provide customers with a way to maintain and manage their toys.  While at the ANME Trade show this year, we were SOOO pleased to discover a brand new product that would help with just that!  Uvee is a new company that has created an attractive storage and cleaning system that not only works for sex toys, but works for any item you would like to have cleaned!  Your iPhone, for example, can be placed in the Uvee, and the ultra violet lights will kill 99.9% of all bacteria in 10 minutes or less using the UV-C patent pending sanitizing process.

It was so great to meet the owners. UVee was founded by Mother/Daughter team Carrie Martz and Brooke Martz O’Connor.  They developed the idea out of necessity, as Carrie was pregnant and worried about infection during pregnancy with the use of toys. The research they did in developing a sanitizing storage case using UV rays is genius.

Uvee Go play Case

They offer Uvee in 2 sizes, a smaller as well as a larger option, which is big enough to hold a Magic Wand, one of the larger toys available!  In addition, the larger Uvee has the ability to not only have multiple toys placed in at the same time (including your iPad or phone), it also allows for charging of the devices as well!  Another great feature, besides of course the cleaning and charging, is the ability to lock the case, to keep all the items away from prying eyes!

Uzee Home Play Case

The Uvee is an attractive and discrete case that offers customers so many great benefits!  We are so excited to finally be able to provide an “all-in-one” option for cleaning, storing and locking all the amazing toys we offer at Trystology.

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Trystology Talk Podcast – Episode 7

Sensory Play, Snow, and Slippery When Wet

Roylin and a sign

In this episode Roylin talks about sensory play, or erotic play using sensations like cold, hot, scratchy, or electric. And the “Have You Had Your Orgasm Today?” segment looks at the challenges of aging and how desire can diminish. But the benefits of intimacy and orgasm, with oxytocin, endorphins, and antibodies, never goes away.

Production for this episode fall’s on Roylin’s birthday, and finds her visiting Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for a walk in the snow. The snow, with its chill, adds a level of sensation that changes toys like the Njoy Eleven or Pure Plug, by creating a cold sensation, or warm sensation if placed in warm water. By using heat or cold with products like glass dildos or steel toys, individuals and couples can change an ordinary toy into an extraordinary experience. In addition to glass and steel, wooden toys, and even electro stimulation, or E-Stim toys can add to the sensory experience by changing the dynamics. Using all sensations, sight, sound, touch and taste, couples can enhance and enjoy each other in a whole new way.

NobEssence Seduction Wooden Dildo

While steel, glass and wood are altered in their feeling through heat and chill, an e-stim toy adds to the experience through increased sensation, and in some cases surprise. An electric shock can add an involuntary body response, much like orgasms do for the body, and like other sensory experiences, amplify the pleasure quotient 3-10 fold.

Whether you are vanilla, or a little bit (or a lot) kinky, each person, or couple, can benefit from the exploration of sensory play. Cool, warm, tactile, sharp, smooth, tickley, or hard can enhance your pleasure. Until you’ve tried it, you never know, so find the most interesting sensation you can find. Start with a soft feather, or something scratchy, and see what you or your partner think.

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