This is my story of Bonnie Rotten

There I was.  Minding my own business.  Making videos with Meredith Davis in the Jimmyjane booth at the ANME show in Burbank, CA.  We’re talking about the new luxury gold plated Form 2 when up walks a long-legged, high-heeled babe followed closely by a small army of photographers.  I didn’t immediately recognize Bonnie, but Jimmyjane CEO Kenny Hawk did.  Kenny was eager to show Bonnie the Jimmyjane Little Platinum vibrator that I wear around my neck as a necklace…everywhere.  It’s so discreet and beautiful, I often wear it in my everyday life to city chamber events, networking group meetings and the like.  Vibrators don’t have to be ugly or shocking, right?  I want women to know vibrators can be beautiful!

Bonnie was very sweet to chat with me. It’s not like I woke up in the morning thinking, “Today, I will give an award winning porn star a massage.”  But hey, you just never know!

So if you want to rock your own vibe everywhere you go, check out our Jimmyjane page on our website and you can see the Little Chroma, Little Steel, Little Gold and Little Platinum!!!  They are awesome, and so discrete!  But remember, you need to change the batteries every now and then!  LOL!

Jimmyjane Form 2 Gold is Here!

Check it out!  The number one selling female toy at Trystology just got BETTER!




How could the Form 2, with all it’s low rumble to high powered zing, waterproof, quiet multiple sensation lusciousness get any better than it is, you might be asking yourself… Wow!  Well, yes it did!  Not only did they increase the power a smidgen… they added a 5th sensation… and added gold plating for extra measure!  It’s so fun that the 5th sensation is the “secret” 5th power from the days when the Form 3 was launched and nobody, except a select few, could figure it out!  Oh how I tried to remember to teach everyone about that secret sensation… we called it the “chaos” mode… Now everyone can experience it… in the Form 2 Gold!

I interviewed Jimmyjane’s new sex educator about it, Meredith Davis.  She’s awesome!

You can get the Jimmyjane Form 2 Gold edition at

New Devine Playchests!

Devine Playchests are some of the only storage available for toys and travel… and they are some of the most beautiful!  Kama Sutra Closet, now Trystology, has carried Devine Playchests since we discovered them almost 5 years ago!  We are excited to announce that we have received the newest addition, the Purple Playchest, in addition to the Red, Black and Pink/Black!  These incredible storage carriers hold more than you can imagine!  Take a peek!

playchestPurplesmphoto 2 photo 3

As you can see, with a Hitachi Magic Wand, Shiri Zinn Minx, Vibratex Sugar Pop, Jollies Jollet, We-vibe 2 Plus, NJoy Plug and Tryst from Nobessence, there is still room for Afterglow Wipes. Liquid Silk lube, Intimate Organics Body wash and Massage Oil and Storms of Pleasure Basic Under the Bed and Over the Door Restraint kit!

photo 4

Here are all the colors, on our wall!  Rockin’, Right?

You can get one for yourself at


Aiko T. by Michel Comte

While looking through our books in the warehouse, we found some real gems! We’ll be posting them here over the next few days.

_MG_8692 _MG_8693

Aiko T. is a Japanese geisha, photographed here in the throes of sexual abandon. This extraordinary photo sequence is strictly limited to an edition of worldwide 500 copies. It is realized on fine paper in duotone with silver addings, bound in linen cloth.

Hardcover: 124 pages
Publisher: Steidl (May 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3882437022
ISBN-13: 978-3882437027
Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.8 x 1.2 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.9 pounds

This book is in like new condition, but is missing the outer slipcover.

Only one available at

The Wonderful World of Bill Ward: King of the Glamour Girls (Hardcover)

While looking through our books in the warehouse, we found some real gems! We’ll be posting them here over the next few days.


“Ward’s women reek of glamour and glitz. The opera length gloves, the diamond earrings that dangle to the shoulders, the stiletto heels, the tight satin dresses, the pronounced cleavage… it’s all there. It’s the best eye candy money can buy.” -Eric Kroll

Photographer and veteran TASCHEN editor Eric Kroll spent a lot of time in collectors’ basements researching the art of Bill Ward (1918-1998), gleaning prime samples of his work for this sumptuous retrospective of Ward’s long and prolific career as a comic creator and illustrator. Early in his career, around the time of the Second World War, Ward earned his living creating such characters as Captain Marvel, Blackhawk, and Torchy, the ultimate military female fantasy. In the early 1950s, Ward turned almost exclusively to “girlie art” and dedicated the rest of his life to creating conte crayon drawings of glitzy, buxom women. These pieces have become highly collectible, which is why Kroll has had to trawl through basements and archives across America to assemble this broad selection of Ward’s very best work. Drawn from over 1000 illustrations and dozens of pages of interviews with Ward’s wife, son, and adult model Candy Samples, this meticulously researched book is the ultimate tribute to the great Bill Ward.

ISBN: 9783822812907
Publisher: Taschen
Printed in: Spain, 2006
Pages : 344
Bind : Hardback
Author: Kroll Eric

This book has a small impact tear in the front cover near the binding on the left. Otherwise, it is in like new condition.

Only one available at

Saint Sebastian A Splendid Readiness For Death (Hardcover)

While looking through our books in the warehouse, we found some real gems! We’ll be posting them here over the next few days.


The cultural-historical center of the book “Saint Sebastian. A Splendid Readiness For Death”, is formed by Gabriele D’Annunzio’s “Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian. A Mystery in Five Acts”. The book is arranged into five thematic focal points: Sebastian is seen as the “exemplary sufferer” (Susan Sontag), the multifarious icon of the history of civilization- as-such; also as Sebastian the saint, who attracts misfortune upon himself, in order to avert it from others; Sebastian as the fetish of erotic subcultures, and the vamp and dandy, whose beauty only blossoms in its full splendor when caught in the throes of excruciating agony. However, Saint Sebastian is also brought up to date in “Saint Sebastian. A Splendid Readiness For Death” as the great ecstatician of art history.

Featured artists include: Ron Athey, Louise Bourgeois, Chris Burden, Francesco Clemente, Bavo Defurne, Kiby Dick und Bob Flanagan, Cerith Wyn Evans, Eikoh Hosoe, Derek Jarman, Adi Nes, Luigi Ontani, Catherine Opie, Ana Maria Pacheco, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Paul Schrader, Kishin Shinoyama, Fiona Tan, Wolfgang Tillmans, Joel-Peter Witkin und David Wojnarowicz

This book was published on the occasion of the exhibition “Saint Sebastian. A Splendid Readiness For Death”, Kunsthalle Wien, 2003/2004.

ISBN: 978-3-936646-45-0

Only one available at

Masterclass: Pregnant Sex by Rachel Foux (Hardcover)

While looking through our books in the warehouse, we found some real gems!  We’ll be posting them here over the next few days.


An informal sex guide for women and men who don’t want their love life to end just because there’s a baby on the way. Maternity sexpert Rachel Foux’s authoritative, juicy text tells couples how to have great, safe sex right up to the birth. With explicit photography that pulls no punches and equally graphic illustrations, this Masterclass guide shows how wild sex can be during those nine important months. Whether readers want to have a passionate pregnancy or are curious as to know why beautiful, big-bellied moms-to-be are so sexy, then Pregnant Sex is essential reading.

This book has very light, nearly imperceptible, wear on the front and back cover. It is is in like new condition.

Publisher: Erotic Review Books; 1st edition (May 31, 2008)<br />
Language: English<br />
ISBN-10: 1904989489<br />
ISBN-13: 978-1904989486<br />
Product Dimensions: 0.6 x 6.2 x 8.5 inches<br />
PAGES: 128<br />

Only one available at

What my Grandma says about the Orgasm!

So this is my Grandma and me.

2014-06-13 13.17.16

Okay, not everyone out there is as fortunate as I am, and I know that!  I am truly blessed!  My grandmother is 100 years old, and she wrote a book at 93!  How many people can say that they’ve got either one of those!?!?  100 year old Grandma, or one that’s written a book?  Well my Grandma is pretty special… one of a kind!  She not only started the practice of testing hearing in children at birth in the 1960′s and 70′s, when no one believe that newborn screening was important, and has a foundation in her name to help the hearing impaired, but she was quite a pistol in her day!  She played tennis until she was 95, and skied well into her 90′s!  But the crazy thing was realizing that after I opened Kama Sutra Closet, which is now Trystology, I felt that she had written the X-Rated chapter in her book, Shut Up and Live, You Know How… just for me, and to support my business!

Okay, she didn’t… but it was fun to think about.

So I was sitting with my grandmother and father the other day, and we were talking about her book.  I said she started out the X-Rated chapter, called x-rated sex, with “All hail the orgasm” and she thought it was “Praise be to the orgasm.”  I decided to download the book and read it with her… That’s the cool thing about having an iPad and iBooks!

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 2.43.21 PM

So here’s the deal!  Of course she was right!  Her first paragraph is so great, I’m going to quote it here:

“Let us now praise the orgasm.  Despised, kept secret, branded a dirty word, it is now coming into its own.  Let us sing of it, extol it, rejoice in it, and burn incense in its honor.  Without it, you and I would not be here, so why not glory in it?” Marion Downs, Shut up and Live, You Know How

So, rad, right?  That’s my Grandma!

Here’s the thing… if a 93 year old feels compelled to write a book and include x-rated sex in it, and she’s praising the orgasm… that’s pretty big, right?  So many of us can’t talk about sex, let alone praise an orgasm, and here she was, writing a book and making sure she included it as a chapter in her book.  She’s very careful to say, though, that if this “offends your sensibilities, please read no more.”  At 100, she still doesn’t back away from her beliefs in this.

One of my favorite quotes from her book is this:

“Imagine, then, how delighted I was to read in the Harvard report on aging that the more orgasms one had, the longer one ‘s life could be. A contribution to longevity? What a happy thought!  And even further joy, the article stated that it matters not whether the orgasm is achieved with a partner, or without.”

Doesn’t that sound like she’s endorsing solo play, as well as partner play?  I love that!  and as a 100 year old woman, I think she’s got some advice that we can all abide by!  Her book is focused on so much more than her x-rated sex chapter… filled with how to keep active and strong into your 90′s and such… so it’s really worth a read, and given as a gift to anyone you think is old before their years.  She sure can make anyone feel like they need to “get up and go!”

We are going to be getting the book in the store shortly, but until then, don’t hesitate to download it from iTunes!   Only $5.99!

For other reading, don’t hesitate to go to


Masterclass: Blow-Jobs by Alice Metcalfe (Hardcover)

While looking through our books in the warehouse, we found some real gems!  We’ll be posting them here over the next few days.  Let’s start it off with a bang!
Unlike other sex guides, this addition to the hugely popular Masterclass series combines expert advice with sexually explicit photographs so as to leave the reader in no doubt as to what is intended. As well as the book’s factual show-it-how-it-is color photography and its tell-it-how-it-is approach, it also includes a variety of period art and illustration, personal stories as well as some searing excerpts from classic erotic fiction, all of which add a depth and richness rarely matched.

Hardcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Erotic Print Society (January 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1-898998-72-8
ISBN-13: 9781898998723
Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 5 x 0.5 inches

This book has very minor wear on the front and back cover. Otherwise, it is in like new condition.

Available now at