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And that’s why we’re here!

This weekend was the perfect confirmation of why Trystology has a private, By Appointment Studio in downtown Ventura! I received a call from a gentleman who had seen a product online. He was curious about it, wanted to know more, and was hoping to bring his wife in this weekend to see if it was something she might be interested in. He was interested in the couple’s toy, the We-Vibe II, which has had great reviews. We set an appointment for Saturday.

When they came in, it was clear it was a “surprise” for her. She didn’t seem that comfortable about it, and had been questioning him the entire time he was driving her what they were doing. She’d guessed it was something to do with sex. When she saw the Studio, she wasn’t sure what kind of place it was… what kind of person I was. I introduced myself and gave a brief overview about Trystology. He’d seen the website and video, so he knew all about it, but it was all new for her. I let them know that they were free to look around, ask questions and check out what he had seen online.

At the end of their time in the Studio, they told me that it was the perfect environment for them to look at the products… they loved being there and asking questions, and were very happy with their experience! They complimented me on having the right temperament and knowledge for the Studio and said they wouldn’t have been comfortable any other way!

It’s days like these that I’m so grateful for the ability to provide individuals and couples with a safe, discreet place to check out healthful, sensual products!

Thanks, guys! You made my day!

Jollies Jollet Review

by @ Amber St. Claire

Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art thou…Romeo? Oh wait, that’s Juliet, not Jollet. My mistake. However, if Juliet had a Jollies Jollet she may not have stabbed herself with a happy dagger, and instead stabbed her naughty bits with the Jollet! Feast your eyes on the Jollet. It’s similar in shape to the Jollie Jollie dildo, however, it doesn’t have the handle. Jollet is basically the Jollie minus the finger hole/handle an raised clit ridges. This difference in design means that Jollet is a little more affordable than the Jollie, and that since it has a flat bottom with a bullet slot, you can use the Jollet as a dildo, or as a vibrator by sliding your fav bullet vibe into the bottom of the toy. Hows that for a little variety? The Jollet pictured above, is the Polka Dot design, which is a clear silicone with a lot of tiny little rainbow colored spheres inside of it. I looked real close and it looks as if the cute little spheres are actually tiny little felt pom-poms! Cute! I adore the Polka Dot design as it’s really unique and fun looking. No other silicone toy that I own looks as fun and quirky as the Polka Dot Jollet. If dots aren’t your thing, the Jollet also comes in a Pink color, a Gold Sparkle design, or a White Shimmer. You have may seen the Jollet design before if you’re a sex toys fiend like myself, but you probably haven’t seen it in these colors. That’s because the amazing Roylin Downs, owner of Trystology, had the makers of Jollies specially make the Jollet in these colors! How cool is that? So if you want a Polka Dot Jollet or one of the other special colors, you can only find it at Trystology!

The Jollet is made of quality silicone, like the other toys from Jollies, and just like the Jollies Dildo, it was molded from the internal design of a woman. Which means this toy is meant to stimulate the G-spot and the cervix. You may have noticed that the head of the Jollet comes to a small point, then as you move a little further down the shaft you’ll notice a larger more bulbous curve, then the toy gets slim again near bottom of the shaft, then larger again at the base.. The tip of the toy is shaped for cervix stim, and the curved bulb is meant for G-spot stimulation. Jollies basically said that this toy is not really meant for thrusting, it’s more of a toy that is meant for stimulating the inside of the vagina through slower movements or vibrations.

This is a toy that definitely has some girth to it. So if you’re not used to a lot of width in your usual sex toy play, it may take you a few tries to insert the Jollet. I highly suggest a lot of water-based lubricant, some time, and a relaxed (yet aroused!) mind. My suggestion is to hold the G-spot bulb of the toy as you insert the tip, once the tip is successfully inserted, move your hands to the bottom of the base and begin to work the larger part of the toy (G-spot curve) into your vagina. Insert it as far as you can or would like. If you can successfully insert it all of the way, the tip should lightly stimulate the cervix and the curved bulb should offer some stimulation to the G-spot. You can hold the toy inside of you and grind your hips to feel the toy move inside and provide some stimulation, or you can pop a vibrating bullet into the bottom of the toy and enjoy some vibration with the toy. I like that the bottom is flat because this means that you can use this toy with other toys! I highly suggest pairing the Jollet with the Jimmyjane Form 2 (which is my new favorite vibe! It’s a MUST HAVE for any woman who enjoys clitoral stimulation – you’re *all* raising your hands, right?) or your favorite clit vibe, so you can have some clitoral stimulation while the toy is inside of you. You can also take a vibe with a round end, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and hold it against the flat base of the Jollet while it is inside of your body to enjoy intense vibration that will transfer through the silicone of the Jollet to stimulate all of your most sensitive parts.

I love this toy! It is pretty big, and I usually don’t use toys that are so big girth wise, but this toy is a lot of fun. It’s pretty, it’s unique, it’s colorful, an the silicone is firm yet has some give to it. I like the fact that it is very similar to the Jollies dildo, but that it’s less expensive. I probably wouldn’t have wanted the Jollet, since it’s so similar to the Jollies, but when I saw the special colors that are exclusively available at Trystology, I just had to try it! I’m really glad that I did too.

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Reviews by Joan Price, Author of Better Than I Expected

Thank you, Roylin at Trystology, for sending me three new toys to review: LELO Elise, Jimmyjane Form 2, and the polka dot Jollie Dildo.

Although I usually review each new toy in a separate review, it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, and I have several toys still in the queue — what’s a busy gal to do?

I don’t want to make you wait to learn about one that might turn out to be your favorite, so I’m combining three here. That does not mean you’re supposed to use them simultaneously!

Lelo Elise

LELO ELISE: LELO makes extraordinary products — elegant, functional, sleek, quiet, high-quality materials and design, altogether fabulous. The Elise is amazing — already one of my favorite toys.  It can be used either clitorally or vaginally, and the intensity is really strong — just what the doctor ordered.

The end vibrates separately from the stem, and you can adjust the vibrations to sync together, or operate differently. I liked that it was really strong (I know, I said that, but it bears repeating in my world!), easy to hold and operate, and oh, so nice to feel.

Lelo Elise

Like other LELO pleasure toys, the Elise charges while you’re not using it, so it’s cordless and batteryless while in use — very convenient. You can also lock it when you’re not using it so it can’t turn on accidentally. (I used to think this was a frivolous feature until I used another toy that kept turning itself on.)

This luxury toy is easily worth the investment — you’ll want to use it regularly, I’d bet!
JIMMYJANE FORM 2: The Form 2 from luxury sex toy designer Jimmyjane is an odd looking creature, sort of a cross between a rabbit head and a tuning fork. It’s a tiny thing, but oh so strong, vibrationally! It charges, then doesn’t need cord or battery when in use, and it’s — ta da! — waterproof for intimate moments in the tub.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibrator
Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibrator The two “ears” each have a motor in the tip that vibrates intensely, and depending on how you place them, you can get your clitoris or labia or everything vibrating madly.
I confess that I thought I’d like this more than I did.The ears are somewhat flexible, so supposedly you can squeeze them to cuddle the clitoris.
I say “supposedly,” because in my experience, it was too difficult to hold the ears squeezed together. Left in the original position, they weren’t the ideal distance apart for my dimensions. This toy is a great idea and could be perfect for you, though it’s not my favorite.
Form 2 Update: I love it when people write me and give me tips for enjoying my toys more! Many thanks to R, who said she absolutely loves the Form 2 and was surprised at my lukewarm reaction. “Have you tried using it sideways?” she asked me. “I personally found that I liked it sideways, with one “ear” on the clitoris and the other ear toward the vagina.” Actually, that hadn’t occurred to me. I had tried it every which way, I thought, but lying sideways was a new idea. I tried it, I liked it — especially circling it around in that side-lying position. Form 2 still hasn’t made it up the ladder to the top of my favorites, but I enjoyed it much more using R’s advice!
JOLLIE DILDO: This polka dot sea creature is so cute you’ll want to show your friends. It’s a silicone dildo, not a vibrator (the movement is up to you). It’s anatomically shaped, the manufacturer says, “from molds of actual women.”
I’m sad to say that those women were able to accommodate toys larger than I can, so I can only review the first — thoroughly enjoyable — inch and a half of this dildo. Then it expands too much for me — to a 6-inch circumference, which is close to two inches in diameter.
If you’re larger than I am — and I can only assume that most women are — and you like the feeling of a full vagina, this toy has everything you could want. For me, could they make a Jollie Junior, please?

Thank you again, Trystology, for a delightfully sensuous diversion from writing my book on this rainy afternoon!

Review of Jimmyjane Wink

By Scarlet’s Letter-

You’ll share a wink and a smile with the ultra sexy Jimmyjane Wink Blindfold. I was pretty much delighted when I first saw this gorgeous blindfold, from Jimmyjane, the makers of lush sex toys such as the Little Chroma and sexy accessories such as the Afterglow massage candles. Wink comes in the familiar white and pink Jimmyjane box, that opens up from the top, like a box hat, as you life the Jimmyjane lid off of the box to reveal your sexy lil secret weapon. Wrapped in a cute stitched Jimmyjane pocket, you open the fabric envelope to see Wink Blindfold folded up in all of it’s luxurious glory. I adore the color! It’s a sexy combination of Black and Silver gray, made of 100% silk and suede. The eyemask, the part that covers your naughty eyes from the sinful delights that await you is made of a smooth soft comfy suede, and the ties collected to the right and left edges of the blindfold are made of a silver gray silk. Smooth and silky to the touch, this fabric is a dream! I really enjoyed stroking the fine material of the blindfold in my hands. The ties of the blindfold are long, so you can tie them in any way that you want, around your neck (please use caution if you’re playing alone though), your wrists, or any way you desire. This also makes this blindfold very ideal for couple’s play. You can blindfold your lover and tie their wrists above their head at the same time! The silk and suede material feels very strong also, so you know you’re getting a good quality product, and the suede part of the blindfold is shaped to cover the eyes and is double sided. One side of the blindfold has a embroidered Z, and if you flip the eyemask over, it will there is a cute dainty stitched heart over one of the eyes, which adds a bit of style and flair to the blindfold.

The first time I used the Jimmyjane Wink Blindfold I wanted to try it solo, as an eye mask. Before bed, I spritzed a little sexy fragrance onto the Wink, and covered my eyes with it. Wow, sleeping with an eyemask is awesome because it keeps your eyes from wandering around things in your room and allows your brain to focus on sleep. I also liked knowing that the eyemask was so cute! Even if I was the only one seeing it…so far ;) If you want to spice things up with your partner, but you are a beginner or are curious about light bondage, you can playfully blindfold your lover’s eyes and tie their wrists together with the side ties. It’s easy enough to wrap around the eyes once, and then once secure, trail over your lover’s body as you tease them with the flowing silky ties. You can tie their wrists and take your time teasing them with kisses, massage, or even a sex toy!

I just adore the the Jimmyjane Wink Blindfold. It’s cute, it’s flirty, and it’s versatile. It’s a fun little bedroom accessory that you can use in a multitude of ways.

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