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Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrator Review

Vibratex Mystic Wand VibratorBy @ Amber St. Claire

It’s a microphone. No, wait, it’s a sex toy! I sort of had a crush on the Vibratex Mystic Wand as soon as I saw it. It’s cute, it’s pink, it’s cordless, and it offers a lot of vibration power. The boy of the toy is made of body safe plastic, and the end cap will twist off for you to insert 4 AA batteries to power the toy. The front of the handle features the user buttons will help you navigate to the vibration setting of your choice. The vibration goes from light to pretty high. Above the interface, is a light that will light up when the toy is in use. The head of the toy is made of smooth silicone, it’s soft to the touch and feels nice and silky against skin. The neck of the toy, holding the ball head, is flexible so you can move the head of the toy around comfortably. This sort of looks and acts like the Hitachi Magic Wand’s younger sister. It’s made for intense clitoral stimulation, and the ball head of the toy fits nicely against the clitoris and the vaginal lips. How it’s different is that it’s wireless! No having to plug the toy into an electrical outlet to use, which is a plus. The toy is also lightweight and a lot less heavy than the Hitachi. The Mystic Wand vibrator is also pretty, colorful, and easy to use. It offers more vibration versatility than the Hitachi, since the Mystic Wand offers different speed settings and vibrations. There are 3 vibration strengths, and 3 vibration patterns to choose from. I sort of really like this toy a lot. It’s cute, it’s lighweight, it’s quieter than the Hitachi, it’s wireless. It costs around the same as a Hitachi Magic Wand, but it’s more convenient. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Hitachi, and I highly suggest it to women all of the time. However, I think the Vibratex Mystic Wand is pretty awesome. The highest vibration intensity is pretty damn good. I don’t think it’s as strong as the Hitachi, but it is pretty close. The vibrations resonate deeply, and caused me to have a yummy thigh quaking orgasm.

A friend of mine actually just got the Vibratex Mystic Wand herself, and after using it, she called me and said she had a question. A lot of my friends come to me with sex toy questions, obviously. Anyway, she said “Amber, um, is it normal that after using this toy and climaxing, I peed a little?” I laughed, but not wanting her to think I was laughing at her, I asked her to explain the “pee” situation better. She mentioned that when she had an orgasm while using the toy, she could feel what felt like pee squirt out. First, I congratulated her, then I assured her that it wasn’t pee. While squirting orgasms usually occur with G-spot stimulation vaginally, it is possible to have a squirting orgasm from intense clitoral stimulation, and that is just what happened to her while using this toy! I was pretty impressed. While I love the toy, I haven’t ever experienced a squirting O via clit stim, but that sounds pretty freaking awesome.

So there you have it. This vibe gave me a great orgasm, and gave my friend a squirting orgasm. My friend told me that this toy is now her favorite toy, and that it really blows her away how awesome the vibration is. I have to agree with her. Also, the head of the toy is smaller than the Hitachi head, and to me, it made it easier to rest the head of the toy between my vaginal lips and press against my clit. For some, if the vibration is too intense, you can us this vibration over your underwear. It’s really up to you. I have a pretty strong clit that can take a lot of vibration, so I usually don’t use toys with a cover between, but it’s perfectly alright to do that also. Vibratex, you have a winner here! Me, my friend, and her squirting orgasm thank you!

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Eroscillator 2 Deluxe Review

Eroscillator Vibrator

By @ Amber St. Claire

O M G. If ever there was a toy in which I would utter OMG, this is one of them. Meet the Eroscillator 2 Plus, the ultimate clitoral vibrator, endorsed by Dr. Ruth. I remember first hearing about the Eroscillator a few years ago, and wondering how it worked. I had heard that it was one of the best clit vibes on the market and that it was supposed to deliver stimulation more intensely than otehr vibrators, as the Eroscillator oscillates rather than vibrates. Just what did that mean exactly? Well, now a few years later, I can finally tell you. Most vibrates are either too weak, or too strong – they either can’t get you over the edge, or they stimulate too intensely and cause numbness during masturbation. Here is where the Eroscillator 2 Plus is different. It looks like an antique electric toothbrush, with a bronze colored finish on the base and handle of the toy. The top of the toy, is where you attach different heads and textured attachments. The attachments/heads is the stimulation point that caresses and oscillates against the clitoris. The heads offer different detailed textures such as tiny nubs, a scooped cup, and a round base that surrounds the clit. Each head is meant to stimulate the clit, without desensitizing it. Unlike other toys, no batteries needed. You can plug the toy into an electrical outlet. The oscillations are intense, one of a kind, and very stimulating. However the toy is very quiet and discreet. Just what does “oscillating vibrator” mean though?

Inside the vibrator, there is an oscillation engine. To “Oscillate” means to swing back and forth, similar to a pendulum. So instead of just vibrating, the head of the toy moves back and forth side to side very fast, to give ultimate stimulation without numbing your genitals with harsh vibration to “get the job done”. I loved the feeling! It’s intense, it’s so different than any other toy that I have tried, and the orgasms are INTENSE. I think this toy might be better tan the Hitachi Magic Wand! Hitachi tends to numb because of the intensity of the vibrations, but with the Eroscillator 2 Plus I could orgasm deeply, intensely, and I could really *feel* the orgasm, rather than just feel intense vibration on my clit. The gentle back and forth gesture feels somehow more natural than just vibration on the clit. The natural movement definitely adds something to the masturbation experience. I’m sort of hooked on this toy now. It’s quickly become one of my favorite toys. The heads/attachments are easy to remove and attach, easy to clean, and I could use my favorite water-based lubricants with this toy really well. The base of the handle is easy to hold, overall the toy is pretty lightweight, not too heavy, and my thumb could navigate the different settings for the toy with just the click of a switch. Oh, I didnt’ tell you about the settings? Silly me! There are different power settings to adjust just how intensely the toy oscillates. So you can choose between a slower oscillation, medium, or a intense high oscillation. You can also use this toy on other parts of the body, I found that the oscillation felt awesome on my nipples! It felt more like a lover stimulating them rather than a toy just vibrating against them. You can use the toy on your neck and other parts of the body as well. Couples may enjoy using this toy together also. For hetero couples, you can tease the head of the Eroscillator 2 Plus against your lover’s scrotum and perineum as while you perform oral sex on him. Men can easy hold the Eroscillator against their lover’s clit as they enter her pussy. It’s an awesome toy that can be enjoyed alone or with a partner, which can make for a really sexy time.

I love it! Me and the Eroscillator 2 Plus are best buds right now. Eros, as I fondly call him, enjoys long walks on the beach, cuddling with my clit, and making me cum over and over again. He’s a keeper! Ladies, get your own now, trust me, you want this toy. It will treat your clit like royalty, which if you think about it, it really is. Get your own Eroscillator 2 Plus vibrator at Trystology.

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