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What Makes njoy Pure Wand Great

njoy pure wand dildo

by Carnivalesq

Thank you to the folks at Trystology for sponsoring this review of nJoy’s Pure Wand, something I have coveted for a long time. This has been a rather challenging review for me to write, so please bear with me. The Pure Wand is both simple and more complex than it looks, as most great things are. It will absolutely find your g-spot, even if you’ve never found it before. The first time I tried it with the larger end inserted, I just lifted the toy upwards (forwards, towards my navel) and was surprised by how easily the large ball slid to find my g-spot. It may take a little bit of playing and experimenting starting out, but believe me, if it’s there, you will find it.

I’m pulling out the bullet list because it’s challenging to organize my thoughts about this.

  • The curved shape and differently sized balls have good weight distribution and creates a balance so that when you hold the small ball in your hand, the large ball hovers just below the small one, like a parentheses symbol, making it easy to maneuver inside you, even though it is rather heavy at 1.5 lbs. The balance of weight and the offset balls makes it easy to stimulate the g-spot. When I say offset, I mean the ball is NOT attached to the “stem” like: -O whereby the ball sticks out the same on each side. It IS like this: _O With this orientation of ball to stem, the ball can easily be dragged and positioned because it sticks out from the stem.

Note: People with wrist troubles may have a hard time with Pure Wand due to the weight. To those people, I suggest enlisting a helpful friend to do the work for you.

  • It’s shiny surgical steel and it there’s a nice heft to it. Pure Wand, and all of njoy’s offerings, are made of 316 grade stainless steel. 316 is the stainless steel commonly used for jewelery and watches. The finish will not flake, peel, or wear-off due to rubbing… very very good to have in a sex toy. The only thing you can do to harm it is to clean it with something abrasive, like a scrubby pad, so don’t do that. It could be boiled to sterilize (and then left in the pot to cool before you take it out lest your burn yourself, silly) or rinsed with a 10% bleach solution, and then rinsed again to ensure you get all the bleach off (use common sense). I personally just wash it up with soap and water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth before tucking it back into its lovely satin-lined box or my plastic drawer tower.
  • You can heat it up or cool it down. You think this is not that cool, but it is cool. And hot. It’s effing awesome. No, don’t put it in the freezer or the microwave unless you want to win a Darwin award. However, a glass of ice water works to cool it, and a similar glass or bowl of warm/hot water will warm it to body temperature in the winter. You can also warm it up in summer if you just can’t stand cool steel, because 316 stainless steel always feels cool to the touch and might be too cool for some.
  • I hear tell that the fellows enjoy Pure Wand for their prostates. That may be so, but I don’t have a prostate, so I can’t speak to that. The small end is fun for anal use though, if you’re so inclined. I gave it a shot so I could say I fully tested the thing out for my report back to you guys. It went swimmingly. While I like it best for (vaginal) g-spot stimulation, it’s versatile enough to be used anally.

That’s the end of my bullet points. Now, some rambling.

I know that some gals use the small end (1 inch diameter) vaginally if they feel the large end (1.5 inch diameter) will be too large. You can certainly do that. Pure Wand is able to be used in either direction. I personally prefer the large end inside me, not just because it feels better, but because I find that it’s hard to hold the large end when the small end is inside me. My hand ends up hurting because the weight distribution just doesn’t seem to work as well that way. It somehow seems more heavy when held that way, even though clearly it weighs the same no matter how it’s held.

I have nothing bad to say about Pure Wand aside from the fact that your hand and arm may get tired after using it for a long time. It’s so worth it though. You’ll have the Pure Wand for the rest of your life. You could bury it with you. You can’t say that about many dildos. Even silicone dildos can eventually wear out if you’re not careful.

A lot has already been said about Pure Wand, and there’s not really much left to say. It’s a g-spot homing device. It’s a parenthetical, stainless steel wonder. You know you want one. Go on over to Trystology and pick up your own Pure Wand!

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