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Jimmyjane Form 3: an Intro

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that the new Form 3 is out and I wanted to let you know that I will be doing a review soon, so that I can get all the juicy details to you ASAP!

I had the opportunity to meet Form 3 at the ANME Founders Show back in July, so now that it has been revealed, I shall give you my 1st glimpse! I hope that you enjoy the pics and I hope that you are ready for the revolution. This is a very unique toy that turns your finger into a superhero. It has all the power of a Form 2 but it works in mysterious ways and it has a very durable membrane in the center. I’ve used it in-hand but not in-place, so I can’t tell you how it feels, just yet. I must say, it was fun, though! For the review, I will be working with Trystology, known for their selection of Jimmyjane products, so it’s no wonder that they will be ready with the Form 3 very shortly!

SpareParts Theo and Jollies Jack

As you may remember, I’ve had an amazing experience with a strap-on harness. I am now telling you that this setup totally blew my other gear out of the water.

Let’s start with the Harness. I have the lovely Theo harness by SpareParts, but not just any Theo; I have the sexy pale pink version! It is absolutely customizable (size), it hangs low and it’s sturdier than anything else on the market. This thing can even be machine washed once your sexperiences have concluded. You can’t go wrong with this thing. If Theo were a stand-alone and didn’t have any competitors, you wouldn’t be able to fully understand what you were getting for your money. Thankfully, you can see that many-many women and men are fans of the SpareParts brand and can vouch for the quality of their harnesses. (I am one of them!)

The harness has snaps that help you to customize how you want your fit from front to back. It acts like a thong, basically. I super-love the anatomy of Theo because I can just get off on the sensations of the plush thong rubbing in all the right places during my dildo-course and thrusting. The fit is one way that Theo is set apart from the rest of the SpareParts line. Aside from its thong-like shape, it also has a special pouch, behind the dildo-holder. This compartment will hide the back of your dildo by folding a flap of fabric over it, or you can leave it exposed so that you can feel it at the same time as your partner does. To elaborate on this effect, you can imagine a 2-way dildo and just think of all the Shared fun that you will have. The dildo will be held in place through the ring, yet it can protrude right into you, at the same time because of the nifty compartment. Those were my two deciding factors when I wanted to choose the appropriate SpareParts harness for myself. (Thong-fit and versatile accessibility pouch.

There are so many harnesses on the market that are just flat on the back and they require snap-on rings and Velcro to change the dildo. (AKA stuff that you may lose.) No issues here. Straight, smooth, wielding powers of the Theo make everything SO simple. I can’t get over the features and quality of my sexy harness! I’m set. I’m set for a very long time. I will try to show you more details of its workings in the video! Plus, if pink isn’t your thing, Trystology has many styles to choose from. That shop is amazing at giving you a very desirable selection. (Psst…Check out the Shiri Zinn harnesses too, they are more fashion-oriented instead of utility-based, but there’s no problem having the best of both moods. *wink*) =)

Now, let’s talk about Jack. He’s the man. He is a curved glittery penis of fullness for all the ladies to enjoy. When I say that Jack gets around, it’s no joke. He curves to the left and he does it well. Too bad I don’t know the history on this guy, all I have to judge him by is what I can see and feel. As far as that goes, I must say, he’s damn fabulous. I’m sure he can suit you in other colors if you didn’t prefer my Multi Sparkle Jack…but either way, he’s dressed to please. End of story, Happy Endings. My only negative thing to say about Jack is that the silicone can have a tendency to drag. Now, that’s hardly a negative thing to say anyways, that’s why we use lube! So, just make sure to lube him up, all 1.75” of his girth and you can insert away. His seven glittery inches will be sure to send you to your appropriate heaven. You know; that one where you take baths in glitter and masturbate with diamond dildos…Well, Jack may not be a real diamond, but he will still take you there.

Another cool fact about this dildo is that he is perfect for harnessing. If you take a look above the base, there is a lip, or an indented area that is perfect for settling in the ring of your Theo harness. On the bottom of the dildo, there is a small hole/bullet cave. If you have your own bullet vibrator, you can just shove it in there before or after harnessing (depending on your harness), and then click it on to share the good vibes all the way around during your girl sex or masculine pegging.

Speaking of pegging, that’s just what I did. I pegged my husband again, and I was really able to enjoy it more for myself, since I now I have the Theo harness. I really enjoyed the feeling of the Theo rubbing against my skin with every thrust. Any more pressure and I would have had a partially emotional orgasm from the enjoyment. I keep saying “enjoy”. Damn you, Theo. =) Unfortunately, I didn’t get to use Jack on my hubby for too long, nor too deep. Jack was too much for him, and believe me, I don’t blame him. I would never let Jack have anal with me, either. He’s vaginally manageable and that’s where he’s going to stay…until I have to go to work. Lol. So, with my husband, I switched to a smaller dildo in diameter and I just thrusted away in all kinds of positions. The Theo harness enabled me to treat him like he treats me during sex, and I even had him ride me. Craziness. That tells me that the SpareParts brand has been able to make a product that becomes one with the user. That is something to appreciate. I will no longer have memories of back-pack straps rubbing on my inner thighs from lesser harnesses.

Thank you, Trystology for giving me the formal introduction to my Theo Harness of love, and my new curved pleasure penis of magical glitter. (My gosh, you’d think that more girl-toys would have glitter but they don’t, and that’s why I love Jollies to no end. Highest Glitzy Respect to Jollies!) Please don’t forget, check out Trystology to see all the new stuff!

Cloud 9 Does Exist! A Jollies Luna Review.

Okay, so if you’re here reading, you probably know about my history of taming wild butt plugs like the Big Flirt, as well as my adventures with the Bum Rush Rascal and the Sexy Spade. And then there was my play partner’s experience with the AssBerry Raspberry.

I love my butt plugs. Not gonna lie. They are just… heavenly. Even when they do such annoying things as constantly popping out of me, regardless of how I do or do not lube them, or how much duct tape is stuck across my ass to hold them inside.

But lovelies, I’ve had a revelation! (Yes, it’s of the butt plug-variety.) Jollies’ Luna will take you to the moon and back, and let you linger on Cloud 9 as long as you feel like it. Seriously. A huge thanks to Trystology for providing said-revelation.

Luna comes in all sorts of colors. Mine is clear with multi-colored polka dots suspended inside her 100% premium platinum grade silicone body. What does that mean? Well first, she’s cute as all hell. You heard me right: cute. I called a butt plug cute. (I know, I know; it surprised even me the first time.) But as she was sitting oh-so-patiently on my desk waiting (read: begging) to be reviewed, I couldn’t help but realize how freakin’ adorable she is…

Her base is a fluffy cumulus cloud. And her body snakes and twists in the most unusual of ways. So unusual that I wasn’t sure if she was really the butt plug she’s touted to be. I looked her up-and-down; I cocked my head to the side and tried to imagine her curves inside my ass. And then, well… then I got lost in a fit of giggles because her polka dots really are the best touch ever, and they remind me of sprinkles. And who doesn’t get happy when they think of sprinkles? Hee.

Where were we? Oh, yes. Discussing the meaning of “100% premium platinum grade silicone.” So, not to be too confusing, but you often hear about sex toys that are made of high-quality silicone, but then they come with this warning about not using them with silicone lube. Here’s the kicker, the secret of all secrets: If you really have a toy that’s 100% premium platinum grade silicone like the Jollies’ Luna, you CAN use silicone lube with a silicone toy. The only time you cannot is when the silicone isn’t actually the highest grade.

I love that I can use silicone lube with the Jollies’ Luna. I love that so much that you have no idea because I really can’t express my joy in text. If you saw me right now, I’d be doing a happy dance. Because it’s that awesome. Because the Luna is that awesome. (And then some. But we’ll get to that.)

Now, the Luna is advertised as “blast proof,” and designed as an anal toy comfortable for men or women. What does blast proof mean in English? It means that even when you’re cumming hard, the Luna is not going to go anywhere. She’s not going to sneakily slide her way out of your ass bit by bit as you get more aroused. She’s not going to pop out in one swift motion as your muscles clench, and get shot across the room (possibly taking out a window). She’s going to stay put. In your ass. Exactly where she belongs. A novel idea, I know!

Until I was graced by the awesomeness that is the Luna, I didn’t even know that a blast proof butt plug existed. And let me tell you, ladies & gents, she really is blast-proof, as advertised.

She felt fine upon insertion, as I eased her into my ass, with the help of a favorite silicone lube. Once inside I had the typical oh – my – G-d – she’s – gonna – jump – ship freak-out, but this time it was unfounded. Blame it on residual trauma from taming plugs such as the Big Flirt.

It took me a little while to get used to the feel of Luna. She is definitely shaped differently than any other plug or finger or cock or toy I’ve had up my ass. In fact, the insertable portion of Luna was molded after an actual rectum. That makes her an anatomically-correct sex toy. And approximated to your anatomy for a comfy, super-snug fit that’s not going anywhere (without being so big that you feel like you’re being ripped into two — ya know, an added feature that I can appreciate!). What will they think of next?

Jollies’ Luna Specs:

Overall Length: 6.5”


Insertable Length: 5.5”
Diameter: 2.75 x 1.75 inch base,
.75” at narrowest point, 1.5” at widest point

I tested the Luna with the mother of all sex toys: The Hitachi Magic Wand. I have to say that it was an unexpected bonus to feel the vibrations applied to my clit traveling all the way into my ass and through the body of the Luna. Yee-haw!

I didn’t have to stop my orgasmic romp to push the Luna back inside of me. In fact, she never moved a millimeter. And that fucking rocks my socks. She gave me that full feeling and subtle pressure that one seeks with a butt plug, without any of the annoyance.

And when I screamed my way to orgasm (again and again), Luna was a good girl, and stayed put. In case you were wondering, yes, that made my orgasms even stronger. Quite.

Drifting into post-orgasmic bliss, it hit me that Luna had introduced me to Cloud 9. And getting there with her is so easy. (And yes, this is a time that easy is a compliment. An incredible compliment.) I fell asleep into a 6-hour nap, and woke up with Luna exactly where I had left her. How awesome is that?

Her fluffy cloud-shaped base makes her a delight to grasp and ease out of your ass, or your partner’s, when so desired.

If there was an award for the most secure butt plug, Jollies’ Luna would win it hands-down.

And butt plug security is rare these days. Too rare. If you’re an anal play aficionado, you need butt plug security. You need the Luna. Click here to get your own from Trystology, and check out their other gorgeous, sexy toys while you’re there!\

P.s. As with all silicone toys, Jollies’ Luna can be boiled or thrown in the dishwasher to sterilize her 100% non-porous, hypo-allergenic, body-friendly body. Hee. You can also wash her with a standard sex toy cleaner, or soap and warm water. Using a 10% bleach solution is yet another option to sterilize her and kill all the ickies. Please wash her immediately before and after each use to minimize risk of infection. She’ll thank you for it, and you’ll both be happier. Trust me! And a friendly reminder, since Jollies’ Luna is 100% premium platinum silicone, you CAN use her with your favorite silicone lube, water-based lube, or hybrid lube.

Disclaimer: This product was provided free-of-charge by Trystology for the purpose of unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the FTC.