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Jimmyjane Form 3 Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

Jimmyjane Form 3 Vibrator

Introducing the newest innovative toy from Jimmyjane, the Form 3! The Form 3 is one of the coolest new sex toys I have seen. Similar in design to the Jimmyjane Form 2, the new Jimmyjane Form 3 is also rechargeable, functional, fun, and made of quality silicone and stainless steel. It’s also fully waterproof! This vibe can be submerged in water, which means it can be used in the tub, pool, or any where else your frisky lil heart desires. Like the Form 2, the Form 3 is charged on a charging base that you plug into the wall outlet. Charging is easy and helps to provide a deep resonating powerful vibration through the toy from the base to the tip. Form 3 comes in either a lovely Pink color or a classic Slate color. The bottom of the toy is rounded out, and features the Pleasure to the People logo from Jimmyjane’s design. This is also the stainless steel part of the toy that when placed on top of the plastic charging base, charges your toy. The toy comes with a user manual, a limited 3 year warranty, and charger. The soft supple feel of the silicone feels wonderful on the skin, and this toy works very well with water-based lubricants. This vibrator fits in the palm of the hand, and it features a thick bottom, smooth back, and smooth front, where we find the seamless yet raised detail of the control buttons. This is where you press to turn the toy on and browse through it’s various vibration speeds and vibration patterns. I love this toy on it’s highest setting! Honestly all of the settings are great though, and even the lowest setting packs quite a powerful kick of vibration. The vibrations are deep and feel fantastic anywhere on the body from the toes to the beck to the nipples to the genitals. The motor of the toy resides in the base of the toy, at the handle. On the Form 2, the previous release from Jimmyjane that looks similar to the Form 3 would have rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation, but this is where the Form 3 is different. The Form 3 offers a slightly curved and pliable responsive touchpad. The touch pad is the thinnest part of the toy, you can feel the vibration in the touchpad, and can place it against your entire vulva, position the flat part of the edge of the touchpad against your clit. The cool thing about the touchpad is that by using your finger to gently press the touchpad, it helps it extend so you can reach exactly the spot that works best for you. You can also use it to apply pressure wherever you want it most. This makes this toy so versatile, as you or your lover can press their fingertip into the touchpad and the tip of the finger not only extends the touchpad, but it can offer added stimulation along with the vibration.

Form 3 Vibrator

Form 3 Vibrator

Form 3 Vibrator

Form 3 Vibrator Charging

This toy is awesome! I love the design, Jimmyjane continues to delight and surprise me with their modern designs. Their toys are both stylish and functional. I also love the power of the motor inside of this toy, it offers amazing stimulation. I loved using the Form 3 on my nipples, over my labia, nestled between my labia, and on my clit. The vibration sent me over the edge more than once, and I also like that this toy is easy to use and change speeds and modes while in use. I also found that the toy is both comfortable to use with or without a finger guiding the touchpad.

Though this toy is similar in design to the Form 2, this is a very different type of stimulation. There are definite assets to both designs, and I definitely have enjoyed adding this new toy to my collection. Can’t wait to see what else Jimmyjane comes up with!

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