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Jimmyjane Little Steel review

By @ Amber St. Clare

Attention fasionistas and luxe-fiends, nothing says style like a luscious luxurious Jimmyjane sex toy. Here is the Jimmyjane Little Steel, in all of it’s steely glory. From the makers of the Form 3 and the Little Chroma, this is one of Jj’s most covet worthy toys. Made of 100% steel, that is smooth and sleek to the touch, this toy is gorgeous. From top to bottom, the body of this vibe screams “luxury”. The toy comes in a white lift top box, and also comes with a woven toy pouch for storage. Even though this toy is super luxe, it does still require one battery, however Little Steel comes ready to use with 1 AA battery already inside of the toy. The Little Something line of Jimmyjane toys are known for being whisper quiet, like literally you can’t hear it at arm’s distance length. It’s without a doubt, my most quiet sex toy. How is it so quiet? The patented replaceable motor that rests inside the body of the toy, and is powered simply by the AA battery. I literally once held the toy up to the phone as I was talking and the person on the other end couldn’t even hear it. I’ve used this toy with roommates in the next room and they were none the wiser. I’ve even had people walk into my room while I was using the toy beneath my blanket, and simply had to move the toy from my pussy, didn’t even have to turn it off, and I still pulled it off discreetly because of the silent vibration coming from the toy. The toy is also completely waterproof in the way that it can actually be submerged in up to 10 feet of water. Also, since steel is great at holding temperature you can cool this bad boy down in the fridge for a few minutes, or warm it up under warm running water or a bowl of warm water. This makes clean up a breeze too, since the toy is easy to wipe down and can be run beneath the water.

Jimmyjane’s Little Something line believes in constant vibration just at different intensity, thats why there is only one vibration speed on the Little Steel, from end to end the toy vibrates the same, with the one end being a little bit more intense because this is where the motor is. The toy is double ended so you can use either end, or rest the side of the vibe against your clit or vulva. The body of the toy is smooth, the rounded tip on each end is good for clitoral stimulation, and though I personally don’t use the toy for internal play, the end cap where you unscrew the toy allows a small hole incase you want to insert a string so you can use the toy internally without it getting caught inside of you and you having to try and grasp a vibrating toy with slippery fingers. You can tease the toy just inside of your vaginal opening, or tickle it against your anus, however I personally wouldn’t use this toy for anal play since it’s not flared on either end. One end of the toy is seamless, as is the shaft of the toy, but when you get to the base of the toy, you’ll find the end cap, which looks like the other end, except this side twists off to reveal the battery compartment. So this is where you insert/remove the battery. The endcap is also how you turn the toy on. Simply twist the endcap. To turn the toy off, untwist the cap until the vibration stops(this will loosen the cap).

Having reviewed other toys from the Jimmyjane Little Something line, including my previous Jimmyjane Little Gold review, I knew that the vibration from the Little Steel vibrator would not be intense. The vibration travels nicely through the steel body, however the vibration is pretty light compared to other toys that I’m used to. I know some women don’t like intense vibration, and in that case, this vibe would be perfect for you. Let’s face it though, if you know anything at all about sex toys, you know that you don’t buy the Jimmyjane Little Something toys for their power/speed. You buy them because they’re luxurious, pretty, unique, and frankly when it comes to sex toy design, pretty artistic. I like Jimmyjane Little Something toys because they are beautiful pieces that add an extra flair and sensuality to my toy box, and they are quality toys. If you’re someone who needs a lot of power behind your vibration and you refuse to settle, then this toy won’t be for you. If you’re looking for a discreet, quiet, waterproof toy that is gorgeous to look at and that is made with smooth material that feels great and delivers soft vibration to the clitoris, then this toy is definitely for you. I think the beauty behind this toy makes it a great gift idea. I don’t think there are many females that would turn down a lovely toy like this, and honestly, it’s a sex toy that men can enjoy also. You can hold the vibrator against the man’s perineum while giving him oral sex, you lightly graze the tip against his anus. This vibe feels really nice against the nipples also, and even makes a pretty good neck massager.

I like this this toy is so discreet and luxe that most people wouldn’t even know what it was if they happened to see it on your bedside table. Since the toy is pretty small, at only a little over 5 inches long, it fits well between two bodies, which means you can use this toy during sex! You can hold it against your clit and let your partner enter your pussy, or you can use your favorite G-spot dildo while holding the Little Steel against your clit. Jimmyjane also offers a limited 3 year warranty on this toy, just in case anything goes wrong. This toy is also pretty travel friendly, and while I haven’t tried it out for myself, I would imagine it would even be airline friendly, just as long as you remove the battery. All in all, it’s a beautiful piece that I think would make a very special gift this holiday season.

Check out the Jimmyjane Little Steel at Trystology.

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The Vamp Dildo

Review: Jimmyjane Form 4

By @ Amber St. Clare

 I was really interested in trying the newest release from Jimmyjane’s Pleasure to the People designer line, the Form 4. The Jimmyjane Form 4is similar to the previous Form designs, in the way that it’s made of quality platinum silicone, it’s completely waterproof, rechargeable, and it’s button controls are seamless. It comes in the signature Jimmyjane Pink or Slate colors that we’ve been introduced to for the last few Jj Form designs. It comes with a limited warranty, a charger and charging port, user manual, and of course,the adorable toy it self. Even the box is pretty and teases you as to what hidden treasure awaits you inside. The silicone is soft to the touch and very smooth, the body of the toy almost looks like a naughty bowling pin, fatter on the bottom, slimmer in the middle, and slightly larger at the head. It’s a very feminine sexy hourglass shape. Like the Form 6, the first Jimmyjane Form toy in the series, this toy is meant for internal stimulation but can be be used for clitoral stimulation also. The silicone is flexible but not soft and squishy, it’s firm enough for nice pressure both on the vulva and inside of the vagina. The head of the toy houses a motor, so the head of the toy vibrates most intensely though the vibrations can be felt up and down the entire shaft of the toy. The motor in the head, rather than the base, offers ultimate stimulation from the vibrations. Near the base of the toy is the controls on the front panel of the toy, the most bottom button is the power button, where you can lock, and turn the power on/off. The other two buttons are for controlling the vibration speed and intensity, and the vibration patterns. The Form 4 offers 5 vibration speeds, which are awesome!I love the intensity of their vibrations, the Form line has become some of my favorite go-to power toys. The vibration is rumbly and resonates deeper than buzzy vibes tend to. There are also 4 vibration patterns that go through fast beats, and slower drawn out pulses. The buttons are easy to push, even with wet fingers from lubricant. The buttons are near the base of the toy, and are easy to change while the toy is in use. On the bottom of the toy, is a small stainless steel circular Jimmyjane logo that also says “Pleasure to the People”, which has become the Form collection’s slogan. This is also where you’ll charge the toy. The charging port has two metal prongs, that when the Form 4′s steel bottom is placed on the charger, touches the prongs and charges the toy. There is a small seam around the stainless steel circle, but even when washing the toy, or using the toy in water, water stays out of the seam. Before using the toy, it needs to be charged, so before getting to the fun stuff, give it a day or night or charge fully.


Unboxed, laying flat, control buttons at bottom

Placed on the charging port

Stainless steel bottom

I really like the Jimmyjane Form 4, it’s power is awesome, it’s one of the strongest rechargeable vibes that I’ve reviewed. It’s cute, pleasing to the eye, it features a great sleek design thats both modern and inventive, it’s easy to charge, fully submersible in water, easy to clean, and it works great with water-based lubricants. It’s pretty much the textbook example of a luxury sex toy. I believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to sex toys, and this toy is pretty great. It not only looks like a quality sex toy, it feels like a quality sex toy. You can cleanse it with anti-bacterial soap and water, or even a toy cleanser wipe, or an alcohol to water ratio wipedown. It’s fun in the shower, I used it twice in the shower so far, and it was fabulous, easy to hold and offered me a great orgasm as the water sprayed over me. This would be a great toy for couples, as this vibe can be teased over both the female and male body. You can use the toy anally on either sex, it can also be massaged over the breasts, vulva, scrotum, and anus. I suggest placing the toy in a condom before using anally, for easier clean up and more sanitary play, especially if used between partners, or when used both vaginally and anally. This toy can be used during sex, held against the clit, or used while performing oral sex. The toy can be locked for travel, to ensure that it doesn’t begin vibrating while in your suitcase or overnight bag. It’s pretty quiet for the power too! For the amount of intensity of vibration that it provides it’s pretty darn quiet, though it’s not as quiet as Jimmyjane’s Little Something range of toys – however the power of vibration of the Form 4 kicks the vibration of the Little Something’s ass!

I was rewarded with an insanely toe-curling orgasm from using the Form 4, both clitorally and vaginally. This toy was awesome against my clit, with the rounded head sitting against my clit and touching my inner labia, the smoothness and pointpoint vibration that came from the head of the toy was awesome. I like that the motor is in the head of the toy, rather than in the base, which would make the vibrations have to travel up the silicone, slowing the intensity. This design is much more sophisticated and pleasurable, with my clit and vagina getting to enjoy the attention of a motor all to itself! I also used this toy vaginally, and though it doesn’t have a curved head for G-spot stimulation, you can position the toy upward to find your G-spot. The vibration intensity is great internally for those who like powerful toys, the rounded larger base of the toy is great for holding in the palm of your hand and thrusting also. This toy is a keeper!

You can get the Jimmyjane Form 4 at Trystology! You’ll also receive free shipping with the purchase of the Form 4.

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JeJoue Mimi Vibrator Review

By PrettyPowerTools

Time to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E good times, come on! Okay, so this review is going to be short and to the point. I love Mimi. The end.

Okay fine, you caught me. I have to embellish it a little. Thank you, Je Joue for putting your thinker caps on and busting out with a toy that is made to please. Perhaps you wanted to make an ultimately ranged toy for everyone that is just strictly business. And that is what you accomplished. It’s my job to tell you that. Bravo!

This no-frills – clitoral vibrator is basic, simple, nicely priced and well versed in the ways of nature. I.E. Rainstorms. Mimi will survive because she is completely waterproof! Weather aside, she’s made for everyone and built to last because she has all of the top-line expectations. Waterproof, rechargeable, phthalates-free – 100% body-safe (smooth) silicone, multi-speed (5 speeds + 5 patterns) and she simply rocks. To top it all off, Mimi is a great toy to gift because this vibe comes in a very beautiful box, tied with a ribbon and you can tell that it’s packaged to show off. And that’s exactly what you can do. If you’re not sure where you can gift this awesome vibe, try thinking about Mimi in advance of a Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower or just a really sweet gift for a close loved one. Speaking of which, Valentine’s Day would be a great example.

Whenever I hear of a toy that boasts of power, I know that I need to put it to the test and that’s exactly what I did. I knew that people really liked Mimi and it was the talk of the ANME show, thanks to Roylin of Trystology. (Wow, she cracked me up, she went around bragging about Mimi and Je Joue wasn’t even there! They should commission her for all the interest she brought about!) So, I never put too much effort into my expectations of power when it’s something new. I know that the brand is good, but what is it really boasting about? You’ll never know until you’ve experienced it. I experienced it and I continue to experience it as often as possible. My Mimi has a home next to my Form 2 and Eroscillator on my night stand. That makes for easy grabbing when my husband wrestles me down on the bed. I love using Mimi during sex! It’s a quick orgasmic boost during intercourse. Just the other night, he said “I’m going to finish this up on the computer, go to the bedroom and get ready for me.” Oh I Will. When he came into the room, I was 98% climaxed and he watched me complete my orgasm and melt into the satin sheets. All he could say was “Now that’s what I call ‘getting ready’ haha”. I just twitched and nodded. Then I had another orgasm before we had sex.

I really love this vibe, although it’s nothing too cute, blingy, showy, fashionable…it’s exactly what it needs to be and it exceeded my expectations. The only downside is the pressure that it takes to turn the vibrator on, you will see in the video I made. I believe it’s just the nature of the control panel. If it were little plastic buttons, or any other way, I don’t think that it would be able to harness that power. So there is pain with pleasure! But it’s not that bad. It’s just different from the rest of my toys. And on that note, it’s also VERY different than the rest of my toys because it’s honed-in on power and strictly business. One note that I have to include…this vibrator made me feel like I had an extremely sensitive clit. That, my friends, means that this little Mimi had the power to make me giddy. Maybe some of you can imagine what I am talking about here – you turn the vibrator on and touch your spot to find out that it feels like lightning and you twitch your body because it’s too much for that location and you move on to find another spot or simply decrease the power? That’s what it was for me. But I didn’t back down, I took some deep breaths and navigated through my twitches and found that I harnessed my Mimi like the wild clitoral bronco that she is!

Mimi is available at Trystology!

Lelo Massage Products

By PrettyPowerTools

Okay lovelies, how are you choosing to spend your winter? I’ve decided to kick it up a notch and show my husband some hand-held heat.

I don’t give my guy enough hands-on time. I don’t know if it’s the same for the rest of you out there, but it seems like relationships tend to slink into a type of normalcy where we never do enough of the cute stuff anymore. We need more hands-on time. More intimacy. It’s almost as if I have become a wham-bam-do-me-now kinda girl. Which I like, haha…but there is more to life, more to relationships and soooo much more to our bodies. I made a plan to change this by taking up the art of massage. When I say “art of massage” I mean that I am just going to rub my hands all over his slicked up body while not knowing what I am doing. He likes it, so that means it works!

I reviewed the LELO Massage Candle and the Massage Oil. First off, I will tell you that I prefer the oil over the candle. I don’t know if it is because of my lifestyle or what, but I find that the candles are fun, but the oil is more effective. Both of the products came exquisitely packaged and were very sensual scents. The containers/jars are made of a glass or porcelain; it just speaks for the quality that is upheld in the LELO line of products. The common colored accent in both; the candle and the oil is the “O” shaped lid with a color that coordinates with the scent of the product. It’s a very nice touch for the product packaging. You can get (at least) a few massages out of each product, depending on how much you choose to use.

The candle that I reviewed was called Snow Pear and Cedarwood. Now, the candle is meant to be a mood-setter that you casually have burning in the background, allowing the room to smell of the sexy aroma. Once the time has come for the massage and foreplay, you pick up the candle like a kinky brat and your pour it onto your lover with the slight sting of heat. Once the candle is poured out, you can use your hands or massage tools to work your body parts of choice for the massage. The tip is to let the candle cool for about a minute after you blow it out, so you don’t scorch your partner. My husband has poured hot wax from…lit candles all over me and my vulva so I was ready for it. It’s definitely an easily-adjusted sensation for beginners and experienced waxers alike. My downside to the candle is the fact that you let it burn for a while, pooling that massage oil but I couldn’t get enough oil out of it for a massage. Perhaps you have to let it burn for more than 20 minutes? Give it a shot. But other than the fact that I didn’t get enough out of the oil drippage, this is a beautifully scented candle that can be used for massage as well.

I would say, for a more efficient massage, that you turn to the LELO Massage Oil. I chose the Spicy Clove and Amber scent with 24K gold flakes. Talk about a luxurious massage! This product went from “wow, nice oil, great massage” to “wow, golden massage!!”. I love this one! For the candle massage, I was the receiver. This time around, I was the one giving the massage and it was a load of fun to see the beautiful gold flakes pooling in my palm and having the joy of rubbing warmly scented massage oil into the man that I love. I would have to guess that this is a massage oil that was built for him and her because it was more than a massage. Thank you, LELO for giving us the opportunity to be rubbed down like royalty! Totally fun and totally effective. I kept squirting little puffs of oil into my palm and I rubbed it into his back and shoulders until he became unresponsive. It was bliss. Now, I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone, but I was getting worn out after a while into the massage. My solution was to pull out the Jimmyjane Massage M stone and I was able to get some extra mileage out of that oil. The nice thing was that it lasted the whole time and when I stopped the massage; his skin was just smooth and silky afterwards. I really love this stuff!

Now, this doesn’t pertain to the review so much, but I just want to let you guys know how we finished up this lovely session.

We got into position in bed and I had select things pulled out to play with and I had mucho fun. We were on our backs lying next to each other and masturbating in unison. I watched him use the Pirates Stroker as I used the Pirates Treasure Vibe. I had an orgasm watching him bulge out of the neck of his She-Pirate and I reached over to my night stand for the njoy Eleven. I had him wield the three pounds of stainless steel as I enjoyed the internal massage and reached a few climaxes with the Form 2 on my clitoris. The Eleven and Form 2 make a great team if you have your partner carry the weight of the dildo, if you know what I mean. AHH! It was an amazing evening! It was loaded with passion, love, orgasms and mutual fun. We, of course, ended the night by joining our bodies for some intense sexual gratification. To what do we owe this pleasure? Our love. And the help from LELO Massage products to get the blood flowing, of course!

Thank you, Trystology for an awesome night.  Most of it wouldn’t have happened without you!

Review: Jimmyjane Usual Suspects Iconic Rabbit

By @ Amber St. Clare

With so many rabbit vibes on the market, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular sex toys. It’s dual stimulation seems like a no-brainer. With so many rabbits to choose from though, how do you know which one is best? Well, thats the hard part. With most toys, including rabbits, it’s sort of a hit or miss. Some rabbits aren’t strong enough, some rabbits are made of icky jelly material, some rabbits bunny ears just don’t fit a woman’s anatomy, etc. Since I was already a fan of Jimmyjane toys, I thought it only made sense to finally try their version of the rabbit vibe…the Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit. The rabbit is sleek, stylish, modern, pure white, and luxurious. Like every toy Jimmyjane makes, they seem to strive for excellence when it comes to design and performance. The Iconic Rabbit comes from the Usual Suspects collection, and it’s made of Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free elastomer and measures in at 9.5 inches with an actual insertable lenght of about 5 inches, with a one year limited warranty and takes 3 AA batteries (which are included). The batteries are inserted into the base/handle of the vibe, and the base features the Iconic Rabbit name. The base opens very easily for battery insertion/removal. The handle is made of hard plastic and is pretty easy to hold and grasp. This rabbit works best with water-based lube, and it can be cleaned with your favorite sex toy cleanser or choice or a sex toy wipe, just wipe it down to dry it with a lint-free cloth or towel. The elastomer is soft and pliable but also offers a firm feeling when inserted. The bunny ears sit at the base of the shaft, so that when the shaft is inserted the bunny ears should rest against your clit. The tip of the shaft features a prominent realistic looking head, with small bumps beneath the head for added stimulation. The shaft then gets a little thicker, and then slims back down near the base of the bunny years. The control at the base of the toy is pretty easy to navigate and you simply push upward or down to change the vibration setting.Inside the shaft of the toy, the pat you can’t see, are beads that rotate causing a stimulating feeling in the shaft, so that you feel simulation in both the shaft of the toy plus vibration in the bunny ears. As the toy vibrates the bunny ears move and flick against your clit. The lightweight body of the toy makes it easy to hold onto, but I found that angling can be difficult just like with most other rabbit vibes, because not every woman’s clitoris is located at the same spot on the vulva. The power is pretty good, going from a low setting to a steady high, though it can be a bit loud at it’s loudest setting. If you turn both settings up to high, the vibration and rotating beads inside of the shaft give the toy a really awesome feeling as you move the toy inside of you. Rabbit vibes are generally not my favorite toys, but this rabbit was pretty cool! I liked the feeling of the elastomer, and I like the design, as well as the added stimulation of the rotating beads. While the bunny ears didn’t fit against my clit exactly without a little maneuvering, it was still pretty good when positioned there with my hand. This would be a fun toy to use with a partner, so you could just lay back and let your partner hold the toy for you. I should also mention that this toy is not waterproof, so use caution when cleaning the toy, and this also means no using this toy in the shower or tub. The white color of the toy…a play on the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland maybe? One that slides down the, er, rabbit hole..? It’s definitely a unique color for a rabbit sex toy, but I find it fitting to the Jimmyjane line of sex toys. Hop on over to Trystology to check out the Jimmyjane iconic Rabbit with Free Shipping!

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Treat Yourself to the Perfect Afterglow

By Mistress Arabella

Jimmyjane’s Afterglow line of natural massage oil candles make the perfect gift for self-pampering, to share with your lover, or to give away to a friend. They are immaculately packaged, and when you open the top flap of the cardboard box that houses the glass-encased candle, white text on a pomegranate-colored background directs you to “MELT ME.”

On top of the candle is a small, square owner’s manual (complete with burning instructions), a slim designer pack of matches that say “JIMMYJANE” on one side and “FLIP ME OVER” on the other for that added, irresistible touch. There is also a brush included with the candle. It has a white handle with the “JIMMYJANE” name on one side, and soft black bristles. It comes packaged in a plastic wrapper, keeping it tidy and neat until you’re ready to use it.
The candle itself is filled for feel-good and skin-soothing ingredients such as Aloe, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba. The wax of the candle is formulated to burn into the perfect liquid, high-slip massage oil at just the right temperature for painting on skin.
Jimmyjane’s motto “Live Sexy” comes alive with Afterglow: Natural Massage Oil Candle, as it not only fills your room with the sensual flicker of candlelight, but permeates a soft, high quality perfume throughout your sacred space. It also serves as a brilliant massage oil and hydrates the skin (yours or your partner’s) just as well as the best oils on the market. At least as well as the ones I’ve tried, anyhow.

The directions on the box recommend that after you’ve lit Afterglow: Natural Massage Oil Candle and let it burn for a while, you blow out the flame, and dip the brush into the collected oil to spread it from the candle’s glass cube to skin. Then, ditch the brush and use your fingers, hands, body, or Jimmyjane’s massage stones to lovingly massage the oil into your partner’s flesh, or your own, if you’re treating yourself!
The Fig Leaf scent is flowery, and has hints of fruit under the light floral notes that rise to the top. The candle burns evenly, and looks beautiful. The whole frosted glass cube of Afterglow: Natural Massage Oil Candle glows with a soft, gorgeous light after the wick is lit.
I was thrilled that Jimmyjane thought to include a brush for application of the oil. Other massage oil candles that I’ve tried haven’t included any applicator tool, and trying to “pour” the oil out of the candle tin or glass container was awkward at best, and messy at worst. It always seemed to dribble down the side of the container, and never went quite where I wanted it. With this brush, however, application of the Afterglow: Natural Massage Oil Candle’s oil is neat and precise, and you don’t have to worry about getting wax (or oil) all over your sheets or lingerie! Win!

When painted on the skin, Afterglow: Natural Massage Oil Candle elicits sighs and transports you to that little slice of Heaven that exists somewhere between your sex and your heart. It’s as if you can finally take a deep breath.
Unlike cheaper massage oil candles on the market, the Jimmyjane Afterglow: Natural Massage Oil Candle will never burn your skin, even if it’s painted on immediately after you blow out the flame. The oil is warm to the touch of your skin, and you’ll find your body (or your lover’s) arching to meet the brush, like you might move into the stream of a warm, relaxing shower.
The oil isn’t sticky at all; it’s smooth as night. And it’s not excessively oily either, which is nice for those of us that have enough natural oils in our skin. In my opinion, they did a superb job with this blend. It’s moisturizing and I can feel my skin soak it up, drinking it, when it’s painted onto me…

When it’s on my arms, I want more. I want to feel it cover my breasts. And when it’s on my breasts, I want more. I want to feel it painted down my abdomen and onto my labia. When it’s on my abdomen, I want more. I want to feel it on the arc of my inner thigh. Kissing my collarbones. Taking me all the way to the moon. Yes, ma’am.
It’s extremely easy to spread and distribute with your bare hands, and afterwards, your skin feels refreshed, rejuvenated, and if you’re anything like me, your mind will be calm, no more ripples, your soul basking in afterglow. It’s great to use post-coitus, but also delectable on its own.

Are you in the market for an incredibly luxurious boudoir treat that comes at a reasonable price? Looking to surprise your lover(s) with a special something on your next date or sexxion? Check out the Jimmyjane Afterglow: Natural Massage Oil Candle from Trystology. And let me know how you like it!

You have your choice of Fig Leaf, Bourbon, Dark Vanilla, Pink Lotus, Cucumber Water, or Black Currant scents. It’s good for 42 hours of heated pleasure! And what you do after you blow it out… well, that’s between you and your imagination!

Sex Toy Favorite: Jimmyjane Form 2 Review

By @ Amber St. ClareJimmy Jane Form 2
This powerful pink device in which you see before your eyes is one of my favorite sex toys. I first fell in love with this toy when it was released, but it’s taken me until now to share my review of the toy. I’ve recommended this toy to countless friends, family, and readers. What toy is it? The incomparable Jimmyjane Form 2! Of all of my Jimmyjane sex toys, this one takes the cake. Maybe even the whole bakery. Every. Single. Red. Velvet. Cupcake. I adore the Form 2, and I’ll tell you why. Before I do though, let me tell you more about the product. It’s made of soft supple silicone that is so smooth and sleek to the touch, it’s fully waterproof and submersible which means it’s great for bathtub or pool fun! It’s rechargeable, it’s cute, the design is innovative and modern, and it’s super powerful. It’s the love child of Ethan Imboden and Yves Behar in their first collaboration of the Pleasure to the People line of toys. Form 2 is meant to merry power and precise pin-point stimulation in a sleek stylish luxury sex toy. Not sure how high they aimed the bar when creating this, but they did a splendid job of hitting it! Form 2 is a clitoral vibrator, that is meant to mimic “rabbit ears” that are so popular on rabbit vibes. The probably with most rabbit vibes is that the bunny ears don’t usually offer much stimulation, not to mention, since every woman’s anatomy is different, not all of the bunny ears on rabbit vibes actually reach a woman’s clitoris! So Yves and Ethan created a toy that focuses on the great theme of rabbit ears to stimulate the clit, except they amped it up to be so much better than your average rabbit vibe.The cool part about the toy is that each “ear” has it’s own motor! The vibrator motors are in the ears, not the base of the toy like most vibrators. The base of the toy features a stainless steel Pleasure to the People Jimmyjane logo, this is also where the sex toy charges. No need to plug anything into the Form 2, you simply rest the Form 2 on it’s charging base and then plug the base into a wall outlet. Upon receiving the toy, you’ll need to charge the toy for a few hours to make sure it’s fully juiced and ready to rock your world. I know it can be hard to wait when you’re excited to try out a new toy or you’re super horny, but give it time to charge completely for a few hours or overnight, it’s well worth the wait. Cleaning the toy is very easy as it can be completely held beneath the faucet, anti-bacterial soap and water works nicely and so do other sex toy cleansers. Water-based lubricant is best for the Form 2 experience, so you want to steer clear or silicone lubes when using this toy, as silicone lube can sometimes make silicone sex toy material tacky or permanently sticky to the touch. The buttons on the toy are seamless also, so you don’t have to worry about getting moisture into the buttons. There is a power button, and a +/- button so you can browse through all vibrations modes and speeds. There are 4 vibration patterns that go from a buzzing to a thumping to a slow grind. They’re all awesome! It also features 5 vibration speeds. Wow wow wow! Honestly, I found the highest speed to be Hitachi powerful! I’ve never used a vibrator that compared with an electrical massager when it came to power, but Form 2has it! It ranges from a low speed to a va va voom high speed that will have you writhing and squirming in pleasure. The highest setting may even be too powerful for some, but I like a lot of power behind my clit toys so it was awesome for me.Jimmyjane Form 2The base of the toy is easy to hold in your hands, and the buttons are easy to press even while the toy is in motion. The motor in each ear vibrates and makes the ears flutter slightly, so it you place the ears against your clit, or squeeze the ears around your clit hugging it, you’ll be greeted with seriously fantastic pin-point stimulation. You can even hold the toy sideways, and hold the bunny ears up and down against your clit instead of across. Each and every way that I hold the Form 2 is simply delicious and orgasmic. Some of the most intense clitoral orgasms I have ever had have come from the Form 2! When I first got this toy, I used it over and over and it quickly became my go-to vibrator of choice. The design is cute, the giant bunny ears style is unique, it comes in a pretty pink or slate gray color, it’s powerful, rechargeable, and waterproof, and it’s made of body safe quality silicone. What else could a girl want in a sex toy? I’ve used this toy in the shower also, and it’s great! You can even use this toy on a man, by cupping his balls with the bunny ears, or holding it against his perineum while you give him oral sex or a stroke him. The Form 2 is pretty discreet and small too, it fits in the palm of your hand, so you could hold it against your clit while your partner works a dildo inside of you or penetrates you vaginally or anally. The fun design doesn’t scream “look at me I’m a sex toy!!” so you could probably leave the Form 2 on your desk or dresses and your roommate probably would think it was just a funky looking piece of tech gear or an odd shaped stress ball…oh it’ll relieve some stress alright ;)Now, I couldn’t finish this review without talking about the “flaw”. Pretty much as soon as the Jimmyjane Form 2 came out, bloggers and sex reviewers alike were eagerly testing this toy out. Most people seemed to really like it, but a few mentioned a flaw that sometimes happens when using the toy. At times when using the Form 2, if the bunny ears get too close together it feels like the motors switch gears and the vibration travels to the base of the toy and leave the ears. It can be frustrating and annoying, it’s happened to me before, and I was one of the first people to bringing the “flaw” up on Twitter back when the toy was first released. Reviewers emailed Jimmyjane about this, and we’re given tips and an explanation as to why this might be occurring, Jimmyjane even offered to exchange the toy for a new one to see if the toy was faulty. You can chalk it all up to a design error, or consider it a awful flaw that renders the toy useless (some people have!) or you can look past the flaw and enjoy the toy for all of the great things about it. I know about the flaw, it’s happened to me a few times, but now that I know why and how it happens I can usually work around it and still have an amazing orgasm without the vibration shifting. Some people mentioned for a toy of this price you shouldn’t *have to* work around a flaw, which I do agree with in part, but I refuse to say that this toy isn’t awesome just because of the sometimes shift of the motors. No toy is going to be perfect for everyone, but everyone can probably find a toy that is perfect for them, and for me, Jimmyjane Form 2 is one of them. A lot of toys that I like aren’t rechargeable, or the buttons may be hard to press, etc etc, but I won’t let them deter me from using them because I truly enjoy them and the orgasms they give me. That is the relationship that Form 2 and I have, it’s a beautiful give and take, I give the motors their space, and in turn, they power some of my most intensely toe-curling orgasms. I can honestly say that I would recommend this toy to every female that I know, including my awesome readers. If you think the slight flaw will turn you off from using the toy, then you can skip the toy, but if you’re like me and you think the pros highly out weight the con, then I definitely recommend this toy for you!

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is available at Trystology with FREE Shipping!

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Sex Kitten Nips – Adjustable Gator Clamps: A Review

By Mistress Arabella

If there’s anything lacking in the sex toys I’ve amassed over the years, nipple clamps would be the culprit. I have super-sensitive nipples, and even in my time in the quote-on-quote lifestyle, I developed a sort of love/hate relationship with the nasty little buggers. That said, until the Sex Kitten Nips – Adjustable Gator Clamps came into my life, I hadn’t had anything stronger than standard clothespins on my nips for quite a while.

I missed rough nipple-play: the rush of adrenaline and endorphins the restriction of blood flow causes… the way that it accentuates the pulsing in my clit… the inevitable screech of pain that jumps out of my lungs when the clamps are taken off (especially if they’re yanked off) and the blood rushes back in leading to all kinds of tingling sensations.

Sex Kitten Nips has a whole line of nipple clamps and adornments in various styles. Their Gator Clamps are adjustable. Since the screw at the top of the clamps functions like a stopper, helping you to control the intensity of their “bite,” I wasn’t too nervous to try ‘em out, even after being on a nipple-play hiatus.Keep in mind that if the screw at the top of each clamp is unscrewed all the way, the clamps bite down with maximum oomph and intensity. The more that you turn the screws, the wider the mouth of the clamps are forced open, thereby limiting the depth (and intensity) that they can bite down on your nipples with (or clit, for those more adventurous pain-sluts). Make sense?I started with the screws loosened all the way, because I’m like that sometimes, jumping in with two feet, and wanting to test the max limits as an attempt to quickly learn what I’m getting myself into — or at least get an idea, if I can’t figure out the whole game! I exhaled forcefully as the clamps bit down on my nipples, and additional blood rushed to my clit, leaving it engorged and throbbing with desire.My juices started to drip down my thighs, and it wasn’t long before I was yearning for some full-on BDSM-play like I used to do regularly in the past. These clamps are firm little things. Each clamp measures 1.75 inches long, though the actual part that clamps onto your nips is only ¾” in length. The black rubber grip (which coats the metal clamp) measures ?” long. This pair of gator clamps are a pink-colored metal, connected with a 12” long matching chain.The chain is relatively heavy for nipple clamps, a bit weightier than the chain I’m used to from my standard-issue Clovers. The bite of the Sex Kitten Nips – Adjustable Gator Clamps is a bit weaker than the bite of Clover Clamps, yet certainly stronger than what you’ll get from wooden clothespins (with a decent, tight spring).Once on, the Sex Kitten Nips – Adjustable Gator Clamps were there to stay, no matter how much tugging, bouncing, undulating, or bending I happened to do with them on. Of course, they can be ripped-off if pulled hard enough, but I’m not planning to test that out anytime soon! (I’ve learned from my past play experiences that any pair of nipple clamps, no matter how secure the grip, can be ripped off with enough willpower and force. The pain caused by so doing, however, is another story, altogether!)I like the Sex Kitten Nips – Adjustable Gator Clamps, even though I’m used to Alligator Clamps having sharp teeth, and these babies are completely smooth. But when I attempted to alleviate some of the pressure, by turning the screws, I found that the clamps fell right off of me. Even just a quarter turn caused them to fall off of my nipples. Any turning significant enough to loosen the grip of the clamps led to them jumping ship completely. That sucked.

Your mileage may vary, of course, and I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the size and shape of your nipples. But no matter how I clamped them (nipple only, nipple + part of areola, other breast tissue, even clit, etc.), I came up with the same result. No matter how much or how little skin I caught between the vice of the clamps, attempting to loosen them in any way whatsoever rendered them completely ineffective.

For reference, as mentioned in an earlier review, the average female nipple is supposedly around 0.27 inches in diameter. Mine are closer to an inch when hard. It seems that one would need to have significantly large nipples for the Sex Kitten Nips Adjustable Gator Clamps to actually function as adjustable. Perhaps the trick is in the depth of protrusion of the nipples, and not the diameter. What do you think, Lovelies? If you have any tips where adjustable nipple clamps are concerned, I’d love to hear ‘em!

In any case, I like these clamps. I do feel a bit wimpy when I can’t take them for too long, especially since the pink metal seems to be taunting me. It takes time to build a pain-tolerance back up, though, and, of course, the more pleasure you throw in the mix, the higher your pain-tolerance will be! These will be a project for me over the next days and weeks… and a delightful one, at that!

If you’re a kinky cat, check out the pretty Sex Kitten Nips – Adjustable Gator Clamps available at Trystology.

Review: Crystal Delights Kiss Butt Plug

By @ Amber St. Clare

See that beautiful jewel? It sticks out of your ass. Well, maybe not your ass, but for the remainder of this sex toy review it is sticking out of *my* ass. I’m wearing this plug as I type this review right now, you know, because, I want to be accurate and all, not cause I’m just some butt plug lovin’ bitch (though okay, I am). This beautiful glass toy is made from Crystal Delights one of my newest fav glass toy companies. The Crystal Delight Kiss Butt Plugis handblown from pyrex glass and each piece is handmade and truly unique, thats one of the coolest thing about glass toys, with glass no two toys are exactly alike. The Crystal Kiss butt plug features a lovely genuine Swarovski crystal on the base, so that when the anal plug is inserted into your ass, this cute little gem sticks out from between your buttcheeks. Cute huh? The plug is made of clear glass, but features a lovely delicate swirl of green glass throughout the body of the plug. It was hard for me to capture it properly in photos, this toy is even prettier in person, but here are a few photos to try and show you the dimensions, shape, and coloring.This particular plug is green, though this plug also comes in a pretty red color. You can see thin ribbons of green glass swirled throughout the clear glass toy. The tip of the plug is tapered for easy insertion and removal, while the neck of the toy is slim the base where the jewel is located is flared so it fits securely in your bottom without having to worry about the plug getting lost in your booty. Ass safety first, my friends. Crystal Delights has you covered there. The side of the bulb is great for beginners! It’s not very big and the smoothness of the glass makes this plug comfortable to insert. Since the toy is made of glass, it warms up or cools down nicely, so you can even soak the tip of this plug in a bowl (I made a typo and wrote bowel accidentally, fitting huh?) to let the glass warm up making insertion even nicer. Alternatively you can cool the tip down in a bowel of cold water if that’s your thing. Also, since it’s glass, this toy can be used with any type of lube. I highly recommend a silicone lube with this plug! I used Uberlube when using this plug, and the silicone lube was long lasting and great for anal play with this toy. Glass is non porous which means it can be sterilized very nicely. Most glass can be boiled or put in a dishwasher, but Crystal Delights warns against doing this as it may damage the Swarovski crystal. So you can wash this plug with sex toy cleanser, anti-bacterial soap and water, or an alcohol to water solution. You can also slip this plug into a condom for easier clean up. Since this plug can’t be boiled I wouldn’t recommend sharing this anal toy with anyone else. Booty to booty bacteria is not super healthy nor is it wise.In the photo above I tried holding the plug upward to see if the light would catch the green swirls in it or not. The swirls are very light and delicate and aren’t thick or garish, so it’s hard to capture how it looks in a photo. it is quite a lovely plug though! Super pretty and unisex too, it would be a great plug for both men and women alike. I found insertion pretty easy. I warmed the plug in water and used a nice amount of silicone lubricant to get things going. You can slowly press the bulb tip of the toy into the anus and insert it until it feels comfy, it should give you a nice slightly filled feeling in your ass as your anus grabs onto the plug. You can sit with this plug inserted, sleep with it, have sex with it in, etc. The neck/stem of the glass plug sticks out a little from the anus and the round base will stick out from between your cheeks. I didn’t find it too uncomfortable or anything, though the neck is a little longer than some other plugs I have used. I like that I can bend over and see the jewel sparkling when I check my ass out in a mirror. I left the plug in while I masturbated and it was awesome! I liked the size, the feel of the glass plug inside my ass, and the eye-pleasing look of this toy. Definitely a pretty piece of art for the ass! Removal was pretty simple as well, simply grasp the flared jeweled base of the plug, relax your anal sphincter and plug the plug out.

If you’re interested in getting your hands (among other things..) on the Crystal Delights Kiss Anal Plug you can find it at Trystology with free shipping!

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