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Review: We Vibe III

From @ Amber St. Clare

Yes Yes Yes! Sally was totally wearing the new We-Vibe 3 in the movie When Harry Met Sally. Well, probably not, but if she had been, that O totally would have been real. The highly anticipated We Vibe III looks similar to the first two versions of the popular couples toy, but it’s upgraded. It comes in the signature We Vibe purple color, as well as ruby and teal. It’s made of smooth silicone that has a sleek satin finish rather than a matte one, and this time the toy comes with a remote control! Ah yes, the remote control age of sex toys…welcome to the 21st century. This discreet couples toy fits in the palm of your hand, is fully rechargeable, and can be worn during sex. It dually stimulates both internally and externally, while also stimulating the penis during vaginal penetration. It’s made of quality body-safe material, doesn’t have a strange odor or taste, and it’s eco-friendly because it doesn’t require batteries to work. Simply give it a few hours charge and go! It features 6 different vibrations settings that offer steady vibration and vibration modes that work best for you. This model of the We Vibe is also 40% more powerful than the first two versions of the toy! This toy comes with a wireless charger that has a cover, so it also works as a storage unit for the toy. It comes with the wireless remote control that can be used up to 10 feet away, and the toy is waterproof so it can even be used in the shower or bathtub.The We Vibe III is easy to charge and doesn’t require plugging the toy in, it simply nestles onto the charging base allowing for a few hours to charge. The silicone material feels yummy against the skin, and you can use water-based lubricate with the toy, and since the toy is waterproof, cleaning it is pretty easy. Wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water after use, or use a cleaning spray or foam on the toy. A lot of women like clitoral stimulation during sex, and the We Vibe offers a way for this during partner sex that is both hands free and fun for both partners. The toy, similar to a slim U shape, is contoured and curved to fit a woman’s anatomy, with one end being inserted into the vagina and pressed against the vaginal wall and G-spot, while the outer part of the toy rests against the vulva and clit, while still allowing enough room for your partner’s penis to slide inside of your vagina. The vibration also offers added stimulation to him along the length of his shaft. The design of the toy is both comfortable to insert and use, and you can wear it in a variety of positions including missionary, doggystyle, and cowgirl. Alternatively a woman can even wear this toy as a solo masturbation toy. It offers hands-free stimulation, while your hands are free to roam your body, as well as allow your hands free to use a dildo or other toy in unison with the We Vibe 3. A full charge of the toy gives you about 2 hours of use, and because there is a motor in both arms of the toy, you get pinpoint stimulation of both the vagina and the clit. The vibration setting is very quiet and discreet too, even on the highest setting. So even if you have guests or family in the next room, you can use this toy while being discreet. I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet this toy was!

You can manually use the toy, with just a press of a button, or you can use the remote control for convenience. You could even wear the We Vibe 3 out to dinner with your partner or to a night out on the town and let them stimulate you discreetly while using the remote! Way more fun than a pair of vibrating panties, and more powerful too. Plus, when you get home, you’re all ready to dive right in and have sex! The U shape offers a nice amount of pliable flexibility, so it should be able to stretch and fit each woman’s unique anatomy. The toy measures 3 inches from top to bottom, and the width at the thickest point of both warms is 1 inch, so it’s pretty slim and allows room for your partner’s dick. The toy offers different vibration settings from a pulsating to a rumbling steady, the vibration power is pretty damn good! Definitely more powerful than the original We-Vibe design, and I was pretty surprised by just how awesome the vibration power was. Definitely enough to get me off alone, so using this with a partner should induce fireworks! The slightly ridge design on both arms offers added stimulation, and the toy is easy to power with a simple seamless button at the top of the toy. Using the remote is pretty simple as well, and it worked well without losing signal to the toy, and since it doesn’t use much energy or anything, it comes with a battery that shouldn’t need replaced, unlike other remotes that require batteries. So that is definitely a plus! This toy is awesome, definitely the best We Vibe design thus far! I like the convenient charging base, the ease of use manually or with the remote control, the whisper quiet vibrations, and the nice powerful vibrations, all of those things work well together to make this one awesome couples toy!

You can get the We Vibe 3 at Trystology.

Minna Ola Vibrator Review

From Amber St. Clare

Meet Ola. The Minna Ola is one of the most anticipated toys in the past few years to come into my collection. I first heard about the toy at the adult novelty expo back in 2009, and I’ve been looking forward to it’s release ever since. Minna Ola is not just any vibrator. Sure, it’s rechargeable, made of quality silicone, it’s a luxury design and has a beautiful appearance not to mention that it’s fully waterproof…however, Minna Ola’s real unique quality comes in her technology. Ola is the first vibrator of it’s kind, this is the first vibrator that is powered by squeeze technology. The top part of Ola, the curved flattened head has a squishy soft silicone pad that you’re meant to squeeze. No buttons to mess with, no controls to browse through vibration, simply squeeze the pad and the vibration will react to the squeeze. A softer squeeze offers low vibration, and the more intense of a squeeze, the higher more intense vibration. Fun! I love this feature. I’m a technology dork, and love knowing how things work and the creative side to what makes a good sex toy, so this toy was really a winner for me. Not only is the design gorgeous, the silicone is a soft smooth matte finish that feels great on the skin. The toy comes with a charger that is pressed against the charging port, no plugs, no open seams. The toy charges with the small metal nubs that connect to the charger that is then plugged into an electrical outlet. This vibe comes with a pretty gray satin storage pouch, charger, and user manual. The toy also comes in a pretty Violet color, or a Deep Rose color.Minna Ola Vibrator

Minna Ola Vibe

Minna Ola offers a rounded slightly curved end, and then a more tapered end, the tapered end has the squeeze pad. The squeeze pad is in the back of the toy, and just below the squeeze pad is the Minna logo and below that is the white/metal charging port. On the front of the toy, you’ll see two small seamless buttons. The bottom button is the Power button, which you’ll press and hold for a second to turn the toy on. The top button is the Lock/Loop button. Whats that you ask? Well, you know how I mentioned that the technology inside of Minna was really cool? The squeeze technology is just the beginning, the toy also has squeeze memory! The toy doesn’t come with pre-set vibration patterns. if most vibrators are kind of like those old Casio keyboards that have the present Yankee Doodle songs, well, Minna Ola is a whole orchestra! After turning the toy on, you can squeeze the pad to play with the vibration vibration intensity. Now, once you find a squeeze pattern that you like, press the Lock button, then Ola will vibe it back to you, since it recorded your squeeze pattern…then if you like it, press the Lock/Loop button again and it will keep playing the sequence over and over. L O V E this. So fun, unique, so sexy, and ultra yummy.

The Ola measures about 8 inches in length with with the bottom end being a little over 1 inch around. Minna also offers a Freeplay setting, that works when you turn the toy on, just squeeze and hold the pad, or squeeze different patterns using the squeeze feature. If you want to use for long periods of play I would suggest the Lock/Loop feature though. The other cool thing about this toy is that the squeeze technology makes it fun with a partner, letting your partner squeeze Ola’s pad to create their own pattern to tease you. Since it’s waterproof, the toy can also be used in the tub or shower. It’s silicone, so to keep the material in good condition, only use this toy with water-based lubricants. To wash the toy, anti-bacterial soap and water, sex toy cleanser, or sex cleanser spray or wipes should do the trick. Alternatively you can wipe the toy down with a solution of 90% water to 10% isopropyl alcohol. The toy isn’t too loud, it’s pretty quiet even at it’s highest setting and should be fine to use behind closed doors. The satin storage pouch is nice for storing the toy when not in use. So, how are the vibrations? Pretty awesome. It’s not the most powerful toy in my collection, but it offers a nice rumbling vibration that resonates throughout the skin very well. Squeezing the hardest on the pad creates the most intensity and it’s definitely enough to get me off. The toy can be used clitorally or internally, and the toy even feels nice against the neck, breasts, nipples and stomach.

The squeeze pad powers the shaft of the toy, and all along the wider end of the toy. This end is very slightly curved, so it can be used for internal stimulation and if angled slightly, G-spot stimulation also. I like the intensity of the toy, paired with the sleek design and cool technology. This vibe really is a first of it’s kind, allowing pressure of touch to create intensity of vibration. I love the feel of the vibration and the Lock/Loop buttons, which are both easy to press and figure out even after just glancing at the user manual, the technology is very user-friendly and I like that the pressure of the squeeze can be memorized by the Lock button and then repeated over and over by the Loop control. I’ve been looking forward to Minna Ola for almost two years now and can say that I’m so psyched to finally own this toy! It”s modern design and interactive technology offers a fun and unique twist to most other vibes on the market. Ola has me exclaiming “Ola-la!”

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