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Bristols 6 Nippies Intimates Purple Mesh Panties and Pasties

By @ Amber St. Clare

Having been so impressed with my first pair of Bristols 6 panties and pasties, I wanted to jump right in and try out another product from their line. This is from their Nippies Intimates line, the packaging is simple and doesn’t have a lost of waste. The Bristols 6 Nippies Intimates in Purple Mesh with Black Bow come in a matching sheer mesh drawstring pouch, along with the Bristols 6 Nipples tag, and the X shapes pasties! The panties are made of sheer purple mesh, they are thong panties, with a ruffled hem, keyhole in the back, and a cute black bow on the front and back. Cute! They come with matching black X shaped pasties that adhere to your breasts and are meant to cover the areola/nipples. The Nippies Intimates line is a little lower in price than their Nippies Gold line, but it’s really sexy and fun as well! The thong offers a nice stretch, and the added bow adds just a nice little soft touch, while the keyhole at the back offers a fun little flirty peek at your booty. The pasties fit nicely over the areola, though it you have larger areola it might not cover the entire area, that is my only complaint with pasties, most of them are quite small though as we know with breasts and nipples, no size does not fit all! I found these pasties to be super comfortable though, and fun to wear. These would be sexy to wear in the bedroom, a costume party, or even Burning Man in the summer!I like the eco-friendly packaging! Simply throw away the tag. The mesh bag can be re-used to storage a pair of panties, or even condoms or other small trinkets. The black sleeve that holds the pasties can be re-used as a storage area for your pasties so you don’t lose them or misplace one. So the less-is-more is quite fitting here and really cool to see from a lingerie and sexy accessories brand. I definitely want to try out more of these little sets in the future! You can get this super affordable little lingerie gift for $20 at Trystology!

Fun Factory Cobra Libre Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

Fun Factory Cobra LibreThere are quite a few male masturbators on the market, from high end to low end, and everything in between. The one thing most of those male masturbators have in common is that they work the entire shaft of the penis. One of the most sensitive parts of the penis, is the head. So hence, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre. The thing that makes this masturbator so cool is the modern design, and the fact that not only is it rechargeable, but it’s meant to work the head of the cock, rather than the entire shaft from tip to base. It’s made of body-safe silicone material that is smooth and sleek to the touch, it’s waterproof, and it uses the neat Fun Factory click and charge feature meaning the toy doesn’t need to be plugged in directly, and charges magnetically. Making the toy okay for shower use, and making it quite easy to clean as well with a thorough wash with anti-bacterial soap and water, or your favorite sex toy cleanser. The silicone material works well with any water-based lubricant that you like best, and the high quality material can last a long time versus Cyberskin materials or plastic surfaces. Silicone isn’t porous, so it’s also easier to sanitize and doesn’t hold onto bacteria such as some toy materials like rubber. The toy comes with a user manual, sample of Fun Factory’s Toyfluid lubricant, and a charger. The toy itself looks very modern, and for the most part it’s pretty discreet. It almost looks like a tech gadget.Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Fun Factory Cobra Libre Masturbator measures about 6 inches in length, though it’s not quite as deep, and mostly covers the head of the cock. This masturbator isn’t a sleeve, and it isn’t meant for stroking or thrusting, it’s basically a vibrator for your the glans of your penis head. Kinda cool, huh? Most vibes are directed toward female masturbation, while most male toys for the penis are meant for penetration. Instead, the Cobra Libre focuses on vibration and the sensitivity of the head of the cock. You can lube up your cock, and apply some inside of the toy’s “mouth”, you then can turn the toy on and allow it to vibrate while you sit back and enjoy the feelings. Since it offers hands-free stimulation, and it also doesn’t cover the entire area of your rod, you can use a hand to stroke your shaft if you want to add to the stimulation. This you can also use this with a partner! Let the toy stimulate your cock while you perform oral sex on your partner, or let the toy stimulate your cock head while your partner can touch/lick your shaft. The toy offers a variety of vibration speeds and settings, and isn’t too noisy, so you should be able to use this with the door closed without being heard. The toy has an power button, as well as an Up and Down button. The buttons are easy to press, and you can browse trough the speed settings by pressing Up/Down. There are two motors in toy that are meant to offer direct stimulation of the penis head.

The vibrations range from a constant vibration, to a pulsating vibe. The vibration ranges from low to a nice moderate-high. I really like the attention to the cock head feature, this is like a toy that directly is meant for the head, to focus stimulation on the sensitive area that may get overlooked when using stroker style sleeves. I thought it was a really fun and unique take on a male sex toy! I don’t have a cock myself, but I love to learn new things, so I had so much fun trying various dildos in the toy, as well as testing it with my fingers. I think this would make a fun addition to men who are looking for a different kind of masturbator, or one who enjoys vibration along with masturbating while stroke using a hand. You could easily rest this toy against your balls while stroking your cock as well! You can find the Fun Factory Cobra Libre at Trystology for $130!

Bristols 6 Nippies Gold Set in Leopard Rose

By @ Amber St. Clare

I love all things leopard print, so when I saw this super cute pasties and panties set from Bristols 6, I wanted to strut my stuff in it. The Bristols 6 Nippies Gold Set in Leopard Rose comes with a pair of heart shaped nipple tassels (pasties with a tassel!) covered in sequins and adorned with a little red tassel on each. It comes with a matching pair of red mesh and leopard print panties. The low-cut panties feature a cute little cutout along the front of the waistband and then features a v-shaped cutout along the bottom, with a ruched bottom which adds definition and gives you booty a fuller look. I thought the product photo was adorable, but when I saw the product up close and personal, I was definitely impressed! This was my first product from Bristols 6, and now I can’t wait to try more!Bristols 6 Nippies

The pasties/panties gift set comes in a really pretty, thick, and sturdy pull-out box. The box is really nice! Not flimsy or cheap feeling, it’s so nice that you can re-use it to store the pasties or even use it for other things, like a tampon box, or a condom container. It features a very pretty design and is quite discreet. Once you put the ribbon tab on the side, the lower part of the box pulls out to showcase the panties and pasties.

The panties are pretty! They come in a sheer mesh material, and have nice stretch to them, the cute little cut out caged back is pretty and offers a nice shape to your ass, highly recommended for those like me, who don’t have a big caboose but want to accentuate their butt. These panties give my booty a nice little boost and totally makes my booty look fuller than it really is, while showing offer a little butt cleavage above the ruched bottom. The front of the panties are super sexy as well, and the red along with the leopard print is really flirty and fun.

The crotch of the panties are lined in a soft cotton material, and the pasties are really fun. They are large enough to cover larger areola which I like, because I’ve found that some pasties only cover a quarter size, so for chicas with larger than dime sized to quarter size nips, it can be frustrating. So I like the size of these, and the pasties are easy to use and apply to the nipple, and are just as easy to remove. The tassels add a fun burlesque flair, which I adore.

I’m really impressed with the Bristols 6 line! I’m a huge lingerie snob, and don’t wear “cheap” lingerie. Most of my lingerie is upwards in the $100 range, so I wasn’t expecting too much from this gift set in the way of me loving it so much, but I do, I adore this gift set! The panties are pretty, the tassels are fun and don’t look flimsy, and the gorgeous packaging really won me over! I would definitely be interested in seeing more of the Bristols 6 line of pasties and panties, and I highly recommend this cute set as a gift for yourself or the special lady in your life who deserves a sexy surprise!

You can get the Bristols 6 Nippies Gold Set Leopard Rose at Trystology.