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Je Joue Uma Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

Uma, you are delightful. Uma is one of the newest vibrator from the Je Joue brand of sex toys. I’ve been a fan of the Je Joue brand for the past few years, and really adored their SaSi vibe, as well as their MiMi vibe that is one of my go-to clit vibes. Uma, who looks like MiMi’s more grown up sister, offers the beauty and stimulation of the MiMi with the offer of internal stimulation to go along with the external stimulation. Uma is coated in luscious soft matte silicone. Je Joue toys are some of the most soft buttery silicone textures that I’ve ever felt, and Uma is no different. So luscious to the touch! The toy is waterproof and rechargeable. It can be used in the bathtub or shower, and you can use it with your favorite water-based lube, just be sure to keep silicone lube away from this toy, as you do not want to possibly ruin the gorgeous finish of the toy. To clean the toy, the seamless buttons and waterproof vibe makes it easy to clean in the sink with anti-bacterial soap and water, or your favorite sex toy cleanser or spray. The toy offers larger rounded tips on both ends, and a thinner shaft in the center. The toy is very easy to hold, which is ideal for internal thrusting. One end of the toy has a charging port, which consists of an ABS plastic area that has two magnetic charging dots. To charge the toy, just attach the magnetic charger and plug the charger into an outlet. Easy! The magnetic strength isn’t super strong, so keep the toy flat while charging and make sure the charger is positioned directly against the charging dots.

Je Joue Uma Vibrator

The toy is easy to grasp, and comes in a pretty black gift box that can also be used to store the toy when not in use. The vibe measures 7 inches in length from end to end, with about 4 inches insertable. The tip is slightly curved for G-spot stimulation, though the tip also feels great all over the body including the neck, breasts and clit. Just like with the MiMi clit vibe by je Joue, the Uma’s user buttons are the charging dots/buttons. One is a + and the other is a -. Press and hold the + button to turn the toy on, and then press the button again and again to browse through various speeds and vibration settings. Press the – button to go back to a previous setting and press and hold the – button to turn the toy off. There is a small dot between the +/- buttons to press to browse through the vibration modes, it can be hard to press, so I usually create my setting before using the toy. The LED light on the toy where the Je Joue logo is will light up when you charge the toy, and when the toy needs to be recharged the LED light will blink red when you try to turn the toy on. The buttons can be a little hard to press, as they are firm, and it can be tricky with lube on your fingers, so it can be difficult to press while in use.

jeJoue Uma Vibe

Je Joue Uma Vibrator

The vibration isn’t too loud, though it’s not whisper quite either. The vibration patterns go from a pulsation mode to a more undulating vibe. The vibration speeds go from low to a nice high. MiMi was one of my favorite strong clit vibes, and Uma has taken the same strong vibrations but made them internal as well as external. I adore the lightweight feeling of the toy, while makes it more comfortable to hold the vibe during thrusting. The slightly curved G-spot tip feels really nice internally, and the vibrations feels rumbly and deep, and I like using the tip of the Uma on my clit just as much as I like the Uma when used internally. The feel of the silicone is oh so lovely, and feels so delicious as it glides over the skin. I also like how easy the toy is to clean, without having to worry about getting moisture or water into any seams or buttons. I like the Je Joue basically took the same design and vibration that the MiMi had and applied it to the Uma with a new shape that can be used internally. Uma is one sexy vibe!

You can get your own Je Joue Uma at Trystology! And FREE shipping too!

Rianne S Matryoshka Vibrator Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

Cute! A nesting doll vibrator? So fun! I’ve been wanting to try the Rianne S Matryoshka vibrator since last year, so I was thrilled to finally get the chance to review it. Rianne, a luxury toy designer from Belgium, has created a pretty waterproof vibe that is both rechargeable and made of soft matte silicone. The packaging is so cute also. It comes in a purple box with a lift off lid, inside you’ll find a user manual, charger, storage pouch, the vibrator, and the charging stand that also doubles as a cute little nesting doll box storage box. The vibe is inspired by the cute little Russian Matryoshka dolls, and feature the same shape with a smaller top and a rounded bottom. The toy is 100% waterproof and can be used in the bathtub or the shower. The toy can be cleaned with toy wipes, toy cleanser, or anti-bacterial soap and water. Since the main part of the toy is made of silicone, it’s best to use a water-based lubricant. The base of the toy is made of body safe plastic and features two charging prongs that rest against the charger base to charge the toy. The button controls on the toy are seamless, and are located on the front of the vibe also with the Rianne logo beneath it.

Rianne S Matryoshka Vibrator

Rianne S Matryoshka Vibrator

I really like the shape of this vibe! Holding the toy at the base, one the largest part, it fits in the palm of your hand, and the tip and curve of the toy can tease your body. It feels great on your nipples, and feels lovely against your clit and the entire vulva. You can do shallow penetration with the tip. The smooth silicone offers a matte finish and becomes very silky smooth when used with lubrication. The buttons are easy to press, and I like that they’re seamless so you don’t have to worry about getting moisture into the button seams. The toy rests on the charger base, and charges through the prongs, so that you don’t need to actually plug the toy into the charger, just plug in the charger base and rest the toy on top. Very easy, and the charger also doubles as a storage box, which makes it discreet and nice for storage. The toy also comes with a gold satin pouch for storing the vibe. The toy is easy to charge and gives you about 2 hours worth of use once the toy is fully charged. The vibe offers 5 different vibration speeds and 5 vibration modes, which you can easily browse through by pressing the two buttons on the front of the toy. The silicone body of the toy is firm but does have a slightly flexible tip. The motor offers nice vibration without a lot of noise, so you can use the toy discreetly through a closed door. I have the vibe in the pretty French Rose color, which is really pretty, though it also comes in a Deep Purple color and a Lavender Blush color.

The vibration level on the highest setting is pretty nice, and what I would describe as a moderate-high. Quite nice and the toy is pretty petite and fits nicely in the hand. It measures almost 4 inches in length from tip to base, but only allows for 1.5 inches of internal length so it’s definitely not a toy for thrusting, but it does allow for very shallow insertion vaginally. It’s a toy I would most definitely consider a clit vibe, and it’s so cute, and the design is so nice, paired with the quiet motor and the vibration settings and speeds makes this a really fun toy for solo or couples sex. The vibe can be used to stimulate the clit during vaginal or anal sex, and the tip and the curve of the toy can be pressed against a man’s balls and shaft for some teasing vibration in addition to oral sex. I used this toy in the shower and thought it was awesome! I found the shape quite ideal for both shower and bathtub masturbation, and the base of the toy rested nicely on the edge of the tub when I was done using the toy. Just be sure to dry the toy completely before placing it on the charging base. I like the pretty hourglass shape of the toy, and the ease of pressing the buttons as well. This is the type of luxury toy I’d like to see more of on the market.

The Rianne S Matryoshka vibrator is available at Trystology! You also get free shipping with the toy.

Vibratex Sugar Pop Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

Want some sugar this Valentine’s Day? Try the Vibratex Sugar Pop! This cute vibe is made of bright pink body safe elastomer, and works as a dual stimulator to offer both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The shaft of the toy is swirled, then offers large ribs, a rounded head that has smaller ribs all over it. The clit tickler sits at the base of the vibe, and extends to tease the clit, and offers small little ticklers along the underside. This toy can be used with your favorite water-based lubricant, and while it’s not waterproof, it does offer 4 speeds that range from low to moderate, and it features 5 different vibration patterns that go from a steady vibration to a pulsing and thumping vibration. The toy requires 4 AAA batteries that are inserted in the ABS plastic endcap on the bottom of the toy, this is also where the toy’s user control is. To clean this toy, toy cleanser spray and wipes are really convenient to ensure that no water gets into the battery compartment.

Inside the shaft of the toy, just below the rounded tip there are undulating beads and move when the toy vibrates. The shaft of the toy can also be inserted anally since the dual stimulator offers a base for anal play safety. Using the controls on the toy is easy and only takes the flick of a finger, where the control is located on the white handle of the toy. The handle offers a ridged texture which also makes it easier to hold, even with lube on your hands. The toy offers nice vibration, however it’s definitely not what I would consider a high vibration. The toy isn’t too loud, but isn’t the quietest toy in my collection either. I like the soft material of the elastomer, and the pretty color of the pink. I also really like the texture from the tip of the toy to the base, the texture is really unique and fun, and is ideal for those who really like a lot of internal texture with their sex toys. The clitoral stimulator is meant to fit against the clit, so that the toy can stimulate you internally at the same time. Cute toy! You can get the Vibratex Sugar Pop vibrator at Trystology!

We-Wibe Touch, Tango, and Salsa: Small and Sweet!

Review by Joan Price

We-Wibe doesn’t just make vibrators for couples, I’ve discovered. I’m really enjoying the three new We-Wibe vibrators for solo play that Trystology sent me:
  • The We-Vibe Tango is a tiny (3″x 5/8″) lipstick-shaped vibrator, fine for clitoral or vaginal pleasure.
  • The We-Vibe Salsa is a tiny (3″x 5/8″) rocket-shaped vibrator, fine for clitoral or vaginal pleasure.
  • The We-Vibe Touch is a palm-sized (4″ x 1.8″ x 1.2″) clitoral vibrator, shaped to cup the vulva.
We Vibe Tango Vibrator
We-Vibe Tango

The difference between the Tango and the Salsa is the shape — would you rather have a flat area against your clitoris, or a narrow tip?

Though I liked the lipstick shape better, I found that it was hard to keep it from rolling around (thus moving the flat part away), especially when it and my fingers were coated with lube.

We Vibe Salsa Vibrator
We-Wibe Salsa

Internally, they act similar to a bullet vibrator, though slim and longer than the usual bullet. There’s no pull-string, but as long as the vibrations are still going, it will shoot right out if you stop clenching and push a little. (In fact, it will shoot right out if you’re not careful to clench or push with a finger!)

Do not, however, insert these little toys anally, because they don’t have a flange base and can indeed get stuck inside. You don’t want to be the emergency room doctor’s next story about what he had to remove from someone’s rectum.

We Vibe Touch Vibrator
We-Vibe Touch

The Touch is for external use only, and it’s my favorite of the three — although I wish (oh, there she goes again…) the vibrations were stronger. I like that it’s a little rubbery and flexible rather than really hard. The shape is lovely — just tuck it where it fits over clitoris and parts of the vulva, and let it work its magic.

All three together are small enough to fit in a hand, and lightweight enough to be your special travel buddies. They’re discreet and quiet for solo pleasure, even if someone is in the next room. They’re also small enough to fit between bodies during sex with a partner, if you need extra clitoral stimulation, as many of us do.

Despite their tiny size, they pack quite a strong vibrational punch. Each has four intensities for steady vibration plus four different pulsing patterns. You just push the soft button at the end, and vibrations change — no dials or complicated controls.  (Personally, I just turn it up to the strongest, steady vibration and enjoy, but many people really like the pattern options.) Push and hold, and it turns off. Easy–except when the vibrator and your fingers are lubed, when it’s apt to skitter out of your hand and across the bed. Capture it with a washcloth, or — better — get the washcloth ready first!

These We-Vibe playmates are completely waterproof, so you can get your enjoyment in the shower or tub!  They’re made of body-safe materials: the Tango and Salsa are PC-ABS thermoplastic, and the Touch is medical-grade platinum silicone. All are eco-friendly, carbon-neutral in their manufacturing and distribution. They even come with a storage pouch, which I always appreciate.

Rechargeable, they fasten magnetically to a cute charging bulb, and in less than 90 minutes, they’re recharged enough to go for two hours.

Thank you, Trystology, for sending me these dear little vibes to review! I’ll be tucking them in my suitcase next trip!

LUST Edible Massage Oil in Hot Caramel Cravings

By @ Amber St. Clare

Pour some sugar on me… the name of love, pour some…forget sugar, how about some LUST Edible Massage Oil? This yummy oil can be massaged onto the skin and licked off, for a sexy little treat. Simply pour a little into the palm of your hands, warm the oil between your hands, and massage over you or your partner’s skin. The massage oil is moisturizing, feels very soft, and smells lovely. I tried the Hot Caramel Cravings flavor, and it really does have a yummy caramelized creamy sugar flavor and scent. Sexy and succulent. A fun little addition as a prelude to sex, or just a relaxing massage. The oil can be drizzled over your partner’s back and massaged into the skin and over the entire body. I like using this oil on my legs after a shower, that way I smell lovely and the oil softens my skin. it doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or tacky, and it absorbs well. It also tastes yummy, not too much of an after taste, pretty good compared to some other flavored oils I’ve tried. LUST Edible Massage Oil in Hot Caramel Cravings is available at Trystology!

Tenga Egg Lovers Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

 TENGA makes really cool male masturbation sleeves, and one of the coolest and most fun seem to be their Tenga Eggs, egg shaped masturbation sleeves that can be rolled over the cock. The Tenga Egg Lovers is a cute Valentine inspired egg, that features a fun heart shaped inner texture. The egg is made of a super stretchy, squishy material that can stretch over the head and shaft of the cock, grasped, and then stroked over the penis. You can add lube to your cock, or add some lube inside of the egg and then slip the egg over your hard dick. These eggs are a little bigger in size than a regular egg, but are quite compact and lightweight. The shape is ideal for sliding over a dildo or head of a wand massager for women for added texture, so ladies may like this sleeve as well. The inner texture of the sleeve glides over the dick and creates a nice suction, especially when used with a nice amount of lubricant. Tenga Eggs are meant to be used and then tossed, rather than used over and over, but with care, you cna clean the egg and get a few uses out of it. Simply turn the egg inside out, wash with hot water and allow to dry, and then turn the egg sleeve right side out again. Tenga creates some of the best feeling masturbators, in my opinions, and I don’t even have a penis, I’m going on fingering the toys alone. The inner texture and squishy material feels pretty awesome. Definitely a good deal for someone who wants to try a masturbation sleeve for the first time but doesn’t want the commitment of choosing a more expensive sleeve! You can get the Tenga Egg Lovers at Trystology.