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Leaf Vitality Dual Vibrator Review

By @ Amber St. Clare Leaf Vitality VibratorWhat better toy to review on St. Patrick’s Day than a green one! The Leaf Vitality is one really cool vibrator. From the Leaf line of toys, from Swan Vibes, this vibe is a dual stimulator for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. I love the strength of the motor in the Leaf line of toys, so I was very curious to see what it would be like in their rabbit style dual vibrator Vitality. Vitality is made of soft smooth matte silicone that is luscious to the touch, it’s fully waterproof so it can be used in the shower or bathtub, and it is fully rechargeable. it also comes in a canvas drawstring back for storage. The toy features a two button user control on the front base of the toy, along with the Leaf logo. The back of the toy features a small charging port hole. The hole is very small and has a silicone layer plug over it, so you plug the charger right into this hole. When the charger isn’t plugged in, the seal covers the hole to stop water from getting into the toy, hence making it waterproof. When the toy is charging a LED light will blink to let you know. The toy works fantastic with water-based lube, so steer clear of silicone lubes with this vibe. The packaging even has a little warning sticker on the front to let consumers know that silicone lube is a no-no with Leaf toys. To clean the toy, anti-bacterial soap and water is great, and I also love using anti-bacterial toy sprays with this vibe. It makes clean up so easy! The pretty green color of the toy is lovely too, and I love the natural curves of the toy making it a great fit for the toy line’s name of Leaf.

Leaf Vitality measures about 5 inches long, and 3.5 inches at it’s thickest point across. The two buttons used to power the toy are easy to press, and are seamless also so you don’t have to worry about getting moisture into the buttons. The toy is pretty lightweight, and it gets it’s vibration intensity from the patented Power Bullet technology inside. I adore the vibration! It’s rumbly and delicious. Each “leaf” on the shaft of the toy vibrators really nicely for stimulation to both your clit/vulva and vagina/G-spot at the same time. Each “leaf” is slightly contoured to work with the contours of the female body, and both are enough enough so that they should reach each woman’s clit/G-spot. The vibe fits nicely in the hand, and I found it easy to hold, even when I had lube on my fingers, I was still able to get a good grasp on the toy. For the power of the vibration, the toy is pretty darn quiet! It offers a discreet sound, even when on it’s highest setting. I have used this toy with a roommate in the other room just fine, with privacy and without being heard. One “leaf” is slightly larger than the other, by about a difference of 1 inch, so this is the leaf that works well vaginally, while the slightly smaller leaf rests nicely against the clit/vulva. Each are about 1 inch in width. So, it’s a dual stimulator, that vibrates with a motor in each leaf…but why the two buttons? Here is the cool part…you can customize the intensity of vibration in each leaf! One button powers on leaf, the other powers the other. So it you like powerhouse vibration on your clit, but not a long of vibration internally, with one button you can choose a more intense vibration on the leaf you’ll be using on your clit, and a lower vibration setting using the other button for the leaf part that will be used internally. Love this feature! Most dual vibes offer that same vibration setting for each part, or even worse, they only have a motor in the shaft and the dual stimulator is only mildly vibrated by the main motor. With this you, you get a motor in each, plus the option to control the vibration of each part to suit what you like best. This toy is awesome, I love it, it’s one of my new favorite dual stimulators for this reason, paired along with the powerful vibration, this toy is highly recommended!

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Tenga Flip Hole Red Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

I’m a huge fan of the Tenga line of male masturbators. I know that I’m sans penis, but from the quantity of masturbation sleeves that I’ve reviewed in the past, I have a pretty good idea what makes a good male sex toy. Tenga’s Flip Hole masturbator was a big hit, and now it’s in the brand new color – Tenga Flip Hole Red. The sleeve comes with 3 different lotions, basically lubricants, that are designed to work well with the Tenga system. I like the red color! The previous model came in either a black or white, but I think the red colors adds more fun. This sleeve can be used with any lubricant of your choice, and is easily cleaned with a simple wash of anti-bacterial soap and water. It can be air dried, and then stored back in it’s plastic cylinder container. The sleeve is very discreet, it doesn’t look like a male masturbator, so it can easily be set on your dresser or nightstand.
One end of the toy has an opening on one end, this is where you insert your penis. While the 3 round buttons on top can be pressed while you slide in and out of the sleeve, to create a wonderful suction effect with different amounts of pressure. I’ve fingered this toy with my fingers and it is awesome. The inner sleeve is made of a soft squishy material that feels fantastic to the touch, in my opinions it is probably one of the best masturbator sleeves I’ve ever felt, and more realistic feeling than any other I’ve fingered. The inner sleeve has different chambers and textures inside to press against and roll over the length of the shaft. The entire sleeve will fit in your hand, making it easy to use in all sorts of positions from sitting down to standing.
I handed this sleeve over to a male friend who was more than eager to give it a go. After only a day, he sent me an email telling me that if I wanted the sleeve back I would have to pry it out of his hands, cause the toy was a keeper. Needless to say, he gave it 5 stars out of 5. He said that he had tried a handful of other masturbators in the past, and they had all been just okay, but the Tenga Flip Hole Red had won him over with ease of use, feel and texture. He mentioned that the lubricants weren’t extra special or anything, but that he did enjoy using them, and liked the Wild variety of lotions. He also said that he used this toy with one of his own KY lubes and that it worked really well. He said that cleaning the toy was easy, but that he wanted me to mention that you shouldn’t wipe the material with a towel because the soft material can pick up lint, so just let the inner part air dry for an hour or so. This masturbator is top notch, it’s the masturbator that I recommend most. if you’re looking to add more than your hand to your masturbation, this toy is money well spent, and the snazzy new color is a fun little update!
You can get the Tenga Flip Hole Red at Trystology!