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Devine Playchest

By @ Amber St. Clare

How cute is this storage case? The Devine Playchest is lined with pockets and storage slots and a nice wide (and pretty high too) area for storing bedroom goodies such as massage oils, lingerie, massagers and more! It offers a lot of room inside, and the outside is so cute! Made of a pretty pink and black faux croc patent print, the case has two handles for easy carrying, and it has a easy to use metal clasp lock. I recently used this case for traveling on the weekend and everyone who saw it instantly wanted it and asked me where I got it! It measures 15″ x 8″ x 10,” so you have a good amount of space for storing your items for storage or travel. It’s so pretty. The black with the pink trim, and pink handles really makes this an attractive case.

I filled the case with my RodeOh panty harness, my Hanky Panky thong, Gerbe tights, a bra, some makeup, and LELO and PicoBong items. There is still plenty of room left in the playchest! My stuff is spread out in the case, if it were packed more tightly I could probably fit double, as this case is really only about 1/3 full so far. You can use this case for anything that you’d like too, it would make for a great makeup case or equipment case for jewelry making or sewing! You could also buy it as a gift and fill it with many more little gifts for an added surprise. You can get the Devine Playchest at Trystology!

Stocking Stuffer: Hanky Panky Panties

By @ Amber St. Clare

Trystology has a cute selection of Hanky Panky Panties that would make cute little stocking stuffers! The Hanky Panky Signature Lace Crotchless Thong comes in a lovely white color, and comes in a form fitting stretch lace that rests comfortably on the hips. This thong features an open crotch to make a really sexy crotchless thong. The Hanky Panky Signature Lace Crotchless Cheeky Hipster Panties come in either white, black, or tuberose, and are available in sizes Small through Large. The Tuberose color is more of a bright pink in person. Made of stretch lace, these panties hug your curves and offer a low-rise waist and cute boyshort fit, with a flirty keyhole peek-a-boo on the back of the panties! The panties are also crotchless, so they are both comfy and sexy! These undies would make a fun little gift, or a nice little surprise stocking stuffer. The stretch lace material is breathable, and the keyhole on the back really gives this basic panty design a cute added detail.

These panties make for a nice little surprise in your lady’s stocking this holiday! The thong is available for $16 and the hipster panties are $27 at Trystology. Trystology offers fast shipping so you have plenty of time to order for the holidays!

They’re BACK!!! Jollies Jollet

By @ Amber St. Clare

Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo? Oh wait, that’s Juliet, not Jollet. My mistake. However, if Juliet had a Jollies Jollet she may not have stabbed herself with a happy dagger, and instead stabbed her naughty bits with the Jollet! Feast your eyes on the Jollet. It’s similar in shape to the Jollie Jollie dildo, however, it doesn’t have the handle. Jollet is basically the Jollie minus the finger hole/handle an raised clit ridges. This difference in design means that Jollet is a little more affordable than the Jollie, and that since it has a flat bottom with a bullet slot, you can use the Jollet as a dildo, or as a vibrator by sliding your fav bullet vibe into the bottom of the toy. Hows that for a little variety? The Jollet pictured above, is the Polka Dot design, which is a clear silicone with a lot of tiny little rainbow colored spheres inside of it. I looked real close and it looks as if the cute little spheres are actually tiny little felt pom-poms! Cute! I adore the Polka Dot design as it’s really unique and fun looking. No other silicone toy that I own looks as fun and quirky as the Polka Dot Jollet. If dots aren’t your thing, the Jollet also comes in a Pink color, a Gold Sparkle design, or a White Shimmer. You have may seen the Jollet design before if you’re a sex toys fiend like myself, but you probably haven’t seen it in these colors. That’s because the amazing Roylin, owner of Trystology, had the makers of Jollies specially make the Jollet in these colors! How cool is that? So if you want a Polka Dot Jollet or one of the other special colors, you can only find it at Trystology!

The Jollet is made of quality silicone, like the other toys from Jollies, and just like the Jollies Dildo, it was molded from the internal design of a woman. Which means this toy is meant to stimulate the G-spot and the cervix. You may have noticed that the head of the Jollet comes to a small point, then as you move a little further down the shaft you’ll notice a larger more bulbous curve, then the toy gets slim again near bottom of the shaft, then larger again at the base.. The tip of the toy is shaped for cervix stim, and the curved bulb is meant for G-spot stimulation. Jollies basically said that this toy is not really meant for thrusting, it’s more of a toy that is meant for stimulating the inside of the vagina through slower movements or vibrations.

This is a toy that definitely has some girth to it. So if you’re not used to a lot of width in your usual sex toy play, it may take you a few tries to insert the Jollet. I highly suggest a lot of water-based lubricant, some time, and a relaxed (yet aroused!) mind. My suggestion is to hold the G-spot bulb of the toy as you insert the tip, once the tip is successfully inserted, move your hands to the bottom of the base and begin to work the larger part of the toy (G-spot curve) into your vagina. Insert it as far as you can or would like. If you can successfully insert it all of the way, the tip should lightly stimulate the cervix and the curved bulb should offer some stimulation to the G-spot. You can hold the toy inside of you and grind your hips to feel the toy move inside and provide some stimulation, or you can pop a vibrating bullet into the bottom of the toy and enjoy some vibration with the toy. I like that the bottom is flat because this means that you can use this toy with other toys! I highly suggest pairing the Jollet with the Jimmyjane Form 2 (which is my new favorite vibe! It’s a MUST HAVE for any woman who enjoys clitoral stimulation – you’re *all* raising your hands, right?) or your favorite clit vibe, so you can have some clitoral stimulation while the toy is inside of you. You can also take a vibe with a round end, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and hold it against the flat base of the Jollet while it is inside of your body to enjoy intense vibration that will transfer through the silicone of the Jollet to stimulate all of your most sensitive parts.

I love this toy! It is pretty big, and I usually don’t use toys that are so big girth wise, but this toy is a lot of fun. It’s pretty, it’s unique, it’s colorful, an the silicone is firm yet has some give to it. I like the fact that it is very similar to the Jollies dildo, but that it’s less expensive. I probably wouldn’t have wanted the Jollet, since it’s so similar to the Jollies, but when I saw the special colors that are exclusively available at Trystology, I just had to try it! I’m really glad that I did too.

Sexy Stocking Stuffers: Bijoux Indiscrets

By @ Amber St. Clare

Stocking Stuffers and little gifts that can be added to larger gifts can add a smile to the recipient, and thee are many cute stocking stuffers that won’t make you break your budget. Bijoux Indiscrets makes some incredibly fun and sexy accessories that would make great little trinkets this season. In this post I’ll be showcasing a few of my favorite Bijoux Indiscrets items that are available at Trystology and would make great goodies for $20 or less!

Bijoux Indiscrets Bling Bling Diamond Body Dust ($19.50) – This little shimmer compact makes such a cute gift! The plastic twist jar container fits in the palm of your hand, and when opened up reveals a pretty white translucent shimmer powder that can be dusted all over the body. The shimmer ads a pretty touch, and can be applied on your neck, décolletage, arms and legs and even sprinkled in your hair. It’s also kissable, even if you get caught beneath the mistletoe you’re all set! ;) The shimmer is very fine and leaves a really pretty glitter against the skin. It comes with a little powder puff that fits in the jar, so you’re all set to use this powder wherever you go! Perfect for taking in your purse for touching up your bling throughout the night!

Bijoux Indiscrets Les Petit Bonbons Blind Passion Mask ($13) – This cute sleepmask makes a great little stocking stuffer! Enjoy a restful sleep and keep the light out of your eyes with this black sleep mask, with a satin finish, and a elastic band to keep the mask in place while you sleep or relax. The band is stretchy and should fit most heads, and the mask measures 7 inches across. The front of the mask features words like “love” and “fantasy”. It also doubles as a sexy little blindfold! This mask is super comfy! Comes packaged in a cute little pinstriped box, perfect for gift giving.

Bijoux Indiscrets Pom Pom Luxe Feather Tickler ($14) – A fun and cheeky little feather tickler! A must have for the 50 Shades of Grey fan in your life. This playful feather tickler can be a cute gift idea for couples. The soft black feather is smooth and feels so nice against the skin, and the round plastic black handle is easy to hold. This tickler is discreet too, and can even be put on your dresser or in your lingerie drawer for a pretty decoration. This affordable little accessory would be great paired with the other two Bijoux Indiscrets goodies too!

Review: LELO Oden 2

By @ Amber St. Clare

When I found out that LELO was going to be releasing new updated versions of their SenseMotion line, I was definitely interested in seeing if the new improved versions would make me like the collection better, and it did! These new improved versions of SenseMotion are basically what I think most of us were hoping for with the first editions of the toy. LELO Oden 2, th4e Design Edition, looks just like the original Oden, with a few improvements to make the toy better than the previous version. First off, the engine is a little more powerful. The sensor inside of the toy is a lot more stable also, so the toy will remain working even if the sensor isn’t right next to the toy. There is a lot more control over the Oden now, which is great because as a couples toy, you want a product that delivers without too much fuss. LELO Oden 2 is made of body-safe metallic colored ABS plastic and smooth matte silicone in a black color, the toy fits in the palm of your hand, and is both waterproof and rechargeable. This cock ring can be used in the shower or tub, and it can be sanitized by washing with warm soap and water and drying with a lint-free cloth. The non porous silicone material is easy to clean, just be sure to cleanse the silver plastic ring around the base of the toy well. You can also use a toy cleanser or toy cleaner wipe all over the toy, these work well when cleaning the remote controller and the silver plastic parts of the toy. Oden works well with water-based lube, and shouldn’t be used with silicone lubricants. Oden 2 works as a couples toy that is placed around the penis, to act as a cock ring during sex. Oden is shaped similar to the LELO Tiani, except that on of it’s pliable arms is shaped in a ring, to be put around the base of the cock. The cock ring helps to maintain an erection longer, prolong orgasm, and the vibrations also add stimulation during partner sex. I really like the sleek design of the toy, and the smooth feel of the silicone. The toy comes in the signature LELO gift box, along with a user manual, charger, packet of LELO lubricant, 1 year limited warranty, and a satin storage pouch, along with the signature LELO Insignia brooch.

The remote control that comes with the toy is a round disc remote with a metallic silver plastic back, and a smooth silicone front, where you will find the user buttons. The buttons look the same as the control buttons on the first Insignia model, they are still seamless and quite easy to press. The Oden 2 itself, as a wireless button to press to turn on, then as the remote button is pressed to turn on, the cockring wirelessly connects to the remote and then the remote may be used to control the toy. However, with this new model, the toy can also be used without the remote! I think this is one of the best new features of the Oden 2, that it can be controlled alone, which I think can be easier for couples to use while in the throws of passion. The Oden 2 opens at the silver metallic band, twists open to show the charging port. You plug the charger into the port, and allow the toy to charge with an electrical outlet. The cockring part itself, is quite stretchy, and when placed properly on the penis it stays put. It can be used in a variety of positions, and even in the shower or bath. Oden 2 boasts 50% more power, which can definitely be noticed when compared to the first edition Oden, however it’s still not a super intense vibration. I do like LELO’s rumbly motors though, and I tend to think that their vibration resonates deeply enough to bring me to orgasm. This new updated version also allows for 3 times greater range for wireless use with the remote control, and while the first SenseMotion editions did have some flaws when connecting wirelessly, I found that the problem was fixed with this new edition! This is another great thing about the Oden.

The new Oden 2 also comes with an additional attachment for variety when using the ring, this separate attachment offers a closed off ring for a more snug fit around the cock. I found that both rings were stretchy and could probably fit most men, as the rings stretch to about 2 inches in diameter. The toy is lightweight and discreet, and I still like the modern high-tech look of the Oden. If you wanted to try the first edition Oden, but had doubts, your money will be better spent with this new design edition! The improvements make it a toy worth looking into. Oden 2 is very quiet and doesn’t make too much noise, so it’s ideal for use even with roommates in the next room. The SenseMotion technology is still there, so even though the toy can now be used without a remote control if you’d like, it also can be used with the control, and all it takes is a move of the wrist to take the vibrations from soft an steady to nice and rumbly. You still power the toy with the +/- and Insignia buttons, and they work much like before, with browsing through the vibration settings and vibration patterns. If this is your first time using a SenseMotion toy, I do suggest reading the instruction manual, as it will help quite a bit to figure out exactly how the toy works and which buttons will take you where you want to go without all the muss and fuss. I’m quite pleased with the new Oden 2, the upgrades along with the added attachment is a nice new feature, as well as the fact that the remote works so nicely in this new edition! You can get the LELO Oden 2 at Trystology!

Review: LELO Smart Wand Vibrator Massager

By @ Amber St. Clare

When I read the press release for the new LELO Smart Wand, I was thrilled to find out that LELO was finally releasing their own wand massager! Wand style massagers are quite popular, and for good reason. They usually offer a lot of power, and the larger area on a wand head offers a nice amount of stimulation, so I was really excited to see LELO’s take on a wand massager. The SmartWand is fully rechargeable, so there are no cords to fuss with, and it doesn’t requite batteries, so this option is a bit more eco-friendly. The toy is also waterproof, and can be used in the shower or bath! This vibe also offers LELO’s SenseMotion technology, similar to the Lyla, Oden and Tiani, this technology allows for vibration that can be controlled with movement rather than buttons. The Smart Wand comes in either a Plum, White, or Black color, and this particular model is the Medium size. It measures in at nearly 9 inches in length with a little over 2 inches around. It’s made of sleek matte silicone, and body safe ABS plastic. Silicone covers most of the body of the toy, with a silver metallic plastic section along the inner part of the handle. I would have loved if the entire toy was silicone, as it would have been a bit easier to clean and more seamless, but the design is still very pretty and quite easy to clean despite this. The toy can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water, sex toy cleanser or spray, or sex toy wipes. Since the toy has a mostly silicone body, I suggest only using water-based lubes with this toy as silicone lube could make the silicone material on the toy tacky or sticky. The wand weighs around 5.5 oz, and the handle is slightly curved for you to hold onto during use. The head of the toy is smooth and round, and fits nicely against the body. The head of the toy is completely seamless, as is most of the body of the toy, the only seam being the silicone around where the silver plastic handle is featured. The neck of the toy is pliable and can move and bend slightly with you body, making the toy ideal for any part of the body as it contours to your curves. The toy is marketed as a body massager, as most toys of this type are, but since it’s a LELO toy, of course they also expect you to enjoy it on your clit just as much (er, actually much more) as you would on your shoulders ;) I really like the design of the toy. It’s the most luxurious wand massager I’ve ever seen on the market, and the design is very pretty and modern…a definite difference in design than the old school (yet totally fantastic) wand massagers of yesteryear.

The LELO Smart Wand Medium comes in different packaging than the usual LELO box. This outer box is white and features the Smart Wand photo and information, then instead of the signature black LELO gift box inside, the gift box is white, with the LELO logo on the front. The toy also comes with LELO’s 1 year limited warranty, user manual, toy charger and storage pouch. The Smart Wand features 8 different vibration patterns, from a constant vibration to a more pulsing vibe to an undulating vibe. This toy features the usual Insignia user buttons, + and – and the Insignia logo in the center. The buttons are completely seamless and very easy to press, even during use. Press the Insignia button in the center to turn the toy on, and then you can use the + /- buttons to browse vibration patterns. Since this is an Insignia toy with SenseMotion, you can also activate the SenseTouch feature to use the toy without having to use the user buttons. Simply press and hold the Insignia button in the center for a fee seconds until the LED under the silicone beneath it blinks, then press the head of the vibrator against our body and the vibration will intensify the more it is pressed to the body. If you want soft vibration, just barely hold it against your skin. If you’d like more intense vibration, press the head of the massager more firmly against your skin and the vibration speed with become stronger. I thought it was a fun feature to play with, and this mode can be used all over the body, including when held against your clit or even your neck. It also feels nice against the breasts, or kneaded over the ass. It works nicely as a back massager, and can be fun to use with a partner. You could even hold the head of the massager against your clit during sex with a partner.

The motor on the toy is pretty quiet, so the toy is discreet and can be used without being heard through a door. I really like that this wand is waterproof! It’s awesome to be able to use a wand massager in the shower, and I really like the slightly smaller wand head as compared to wand head of the Hitachi. The SmartWand offers nice moderately high power, it’s similar in strength to their other Insignia toys, possibly a bit more powerful. If you’re looking for a super powerful wand vibe, this might not be it. However, if you’re looking for a wand style vibrator that has a pretty design, is quiet, and features nice rumbly vibration and is also waterproof and rechargeable then you’ll like the Smart Wand. It’s SenseTouch technology also makes for a fun feature that other wand massagers don’t have. The toy is easy to use, and it’s luxury look and feel is a nice addition to the wand style. I personally like the LELO motors…I don’t use LELO toys only for their vibration power, I use it for the quality of vibration rather than intensity. LELO motors seem to create nice rumbly vibration for me that brings me to orgasm. If you’re looking for high vibration intensity that will rival the Hitachi, you won’t find it with the Smart Wand, but you will find a nice design, quality vibration, and fun features that create versatility and ease of use!

You can get the LELO SmartWand Medium Massager at Trystology.