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We-Vibe Thrill

By @ Amber St. Clare

I’m a huge fan of the We-Vibe line of couples products, and I was “thrilled” (no pun intended) to try the new We-Vibe Thrill. Similar in design to their popular couples massager, this is a solo massager for her. Meant for external and internal stimulation at just the press of a button! Made of soft sleek silicone in a ruby red and silver color, this vibe is fully rechargeable and fully waterproof! No batteries needed, and you can charge it with any wall outlet, and you can even charge it at the computer with the added USB charger! Eco-friendly and super easy to use. The waterproof design also means that is easy to clean (anti-bacterial soap and water works great) and can even be used in the bathtub. Meant for use with water-based lubricants, this toy is both pretty, modern in design, and makes a great gift for the lady in your life! We-Vibe’s known for quality design and vibration, so I was curious to see how the Thrill compared to the original We-Vibe couples massager.

The Thrill only has one button. I love that. Super easy to use. Similar to the We-Vibe Touch, one button lets you turn the toy on and off, plus browse through the vibration speeds and settings. The button is at the base of the top of the toy. The toy itself looks like a lower case letter e. The button part is curved upward, this is the internal part meant for G-spot stimulation. Once inserted, the base on the silver part of the toy has the button right within reach. The button is also where you charge the Thrill. Attach the charger to the silver prongs on the button, the charger will attach magnetically to the toy and begin to charge. The button is seamless and easy to press. The flat end of the toy is meant for external stimulation. The open part of the toy is a finger hole for holding onto the Thrill. The G-spot part of the toy is curved upward, with a tapered tip and slightly flat end for resting against the G-spot. The silicone of the toy is quite firm but also has a bit of flexibility. The vibration is whisper quiet! This toy is definitely discreet and quiet and can’t be heard from behind a closed door. I like how the silicone feels and how quiet the vibration is even on the highest setting. There are 4 vibration speed settings and 4 vibration mode settings. The vibration speeds go from a low to a nice high vibration. I like the rumbly vibration of the We Vibe toys, and it’s nice in the Thrill. The vibration modes go from a slower vibration to more quicker thumping vibration. To browse through the speeds, press the button to turn the toy on and continue to press until you reach the speed or setting that you like most. To turn the toy off, press and hold the button for 3 seconds or so. Super easy! As for how the toy fits, women’s bodies are not one size fits all, so the placement of the G-spot stimulator and the external stimulator edge may vary for woman to woman. You can try to adjust the toy to fit you after insertion. The G-spot end isn’t too long, so it will work best with anatomies that have a lower G-spot and probably a lower set clitoris. The entire toy vibrates and you will feel nice vibration all over the vulva area, and internal part of the toy. I find that the toy will work best if sitting, rather than lying down, as sitting will create a more shallow depth. This toy might not work for every body, but that’s not uncommon of dual stimulator toys, so it’s really something you need to try and also check the dimensions of before you try it out. It is a cute toy though and offers nice stimulation and whisper quiet vibration, so for that I do like this toy. You can find the We Vibe Thrill at Trystology!