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Noire Fontaine Warm Massage Heart

By @ Amber St. Clare

I adore this cute little warm massager heart! It’s a cute little heart shaped plastic pillow that is filled with a sheer red fluid and contains a floating little metal disc. All you have to do it bend the disc and it transforms the fluid into a warm heated solid! It’s so fun! Once the heart heats up, you can hold it against your body or cold hands to warm them up. So much more fun than a water bottle. You can even put it underneath your sheets in bed to warm the bed a little. You can also use the warm heart massager for a massage. Simply hold the Noire Fontaine Warm Massage Heart against your skin and feel the soothing warmth. If you add a little massage oil to your skin first, the warm heart glides over your skin and heats up the oil on your skin to give you a nice warming massage. So fun for couples too! This heart massager is reusable too. The massager will stay warm for awhile, usually a few hours, and then once it cools off it, the fluid inside becomes more solid. If you boil the massager in a saucepan full of water for a few minutes, the fluid inside of the massager begins to melt and become a liquid again. Then once you let the massager cool off, you can reuse it, and bend the little metal disc inside and re-use the massager! The Noire Fontaine Warm Massage Heart is available at Trystology!