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Tenga launches new Iroha vibes for women!

Iroha vibe from Tenga. Sakura, Yuki and Midori

Iroha vibes from Tenga. Sakura, Yuki and Midori

They’ve arrived! The awesome soft, yet strong vibrators from Tenga.  Tenga, known for their amazing male masturbators, has developed an equally amazing rechargeable toy for women!  The Iroha comes in three different shapes, intended for different purposes.  The toys are simply designed with 4 speeds, on and off buttons, and a flat rechargeable storage case.  Soft to the touch, the Iroha fit in the palm of the hand, and a comfortable for solo play, or partner play.  Splash-proof, not waterproof, the Iroha have a super soft silicone coating which give the impression of looking like innocuous mochi ice cream.  Just as delicious, these little vibes have power behind their sweet look.  And like mochi ice cream, you might not be able to have just one!

Come by or visit the online store to see the Iroha vibes from Tenga!  They are as unique a vibe as they look!

Check them out at!