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Incredibly Powerful PalmPower Rechargeable Vibrator


PalmPower is the newest, hottest, most powerful vibe we’ve seen to date! While plug-in vibes like the PalmPower have been popular throughout time… really, they have… and like the Hitachi Wand (the most popular selling sex toy in the WORLD), they have always been somewhat cumbersome and slightly awkward!  Introducing a small little powerhouse of a plug-in vibe!  PalmPower has the ability to adjust to a graduated level of power, unlike its predecessor the Hitachi Wand.  It goes from a low rumble, to a truly “knock you into the next room” power in about 15 seconds!  The amazing thing about the PalmPower is that it can also transform its shape by adding any one of the four attachments; two of which are designed for “body work” and two for “sensual”.  Feedback on these have come back saying “I don’t think I’ll need another toy after the PalmPower” and “OMG! the POWER”.

In addition to the incredible power and adaptability, the PalmPower is darn cute!  It fits in the palm of one’s hands and is easy to use.  Certainly it’s easier to fit between two bodies than the Hitachi, which with only two speeds and it’s bulky size looks and sounds downright antiquated compared to its little cousin.

PalmBody Attachments 6600

PalmPower and the PalmBody and PalmSensual attachments are available at!