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Lelo in Las Vegas

Thank you to Lelo for the lovely store samples you provided us at the Curve Expo in Las Vegas!  We love that we do good bzzzzness together!!

Lelo Vibrators

Nothing like having options, right? It’s all available at

Lelo Ina
Lelo Mona
Lelo Gigi
Lelo Liv
Lelo Tor
Lelo Hula
Lelo Smartwand
Lelo Nea
Lelo Lilly
Lelo Soraya
Lelo Ora
Lelo Luna Beads
Lelo Mia

LELO Luna Beads Kegal Exercisers

While Kegal exercisers were popular well before the “Fifty Shades” phenomenon, nothing has catapulted a single sex toy into stardom as that book has.  Whether using Kegal exercisers for a sensual purpose, or simply a pelvic floor strengthener, we are pleased to have so many options to choose from.

While in Vegas at the Curve Expo, we were fortunate to catch up with Elaine Said of Lelo.  We may have trouble pronouncing each others names, but we know a good exercise program when we see one!   In this short video, “Ee-lee-ah-nah” and I discuss the various Kegal exercisers from Lelo, their Luna Beads.

You can get Lelo Luna Beads at!

Agent Noir Violet Wand Kit

At ANME last month, which is an industry trade show, I had the exciting opportunity to try the new Agent Noir Violet Wand kit by Kinklab!  …. Oh My!  What an experience!  We have carried the Violet Wand by Kinklab for the last few years, but never have we had the opportunity to present an entire “kit” of things you can use with the wand to amplify and enhance the Violet Wand.  Little did I know how interesting this would be.

First we tried the Power Tripper.  Now that was fascinating!; turning a human being into an electro-sensory device.  After that we tried a number of the tools in the kit, which created varying degrees of sensation.  One knocked my voice offline for a couple seconds, and was surprisingly (to me) crazy intense!

Take a peek at the video, which goes through many of the tools in the Agent Noir kit!

You can get your own Agent Noir Kit from