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Which Vibrator Should I Get?

“What vibrator would you recommend?”

By Roylin Downs-

I get that question a lot!  “What’s the Best Vibrator…?” Because there isn’t one vibrator that solves every need and desire, my next question is always…”For what…?”

Today I got an email from a customer asking what the best couples toy was, and best solo play vibrator, for her, external.  Here’s the advice I usually give in the store about finding the right vibrator, and what I shared with her:

This is a list of the best vibrators we have for the following purposes:

Partner Play:
#1 We-Vibe.  The We-Vibe is a vibrator a woman can wear during lovemaking, and both partners share in the vibrations.  It is waterproof, remote controlled, with multiple sensations, and is quiet.  It can also be used for foreplay, solo play and outside the bedroom, meaning you can wear it out to dinner, and then hand your partner the remote control to your vibrator!

We-Vibe 4 Vibrator

Choosing which:
The We-vibe 3 vibrator is more flexible, but looser.  It’s more comfortable for wearing outside the bedroom, but some women find it moves around, so it’s not a perfect fit for all.

we-vibe 3 vibrator

The We-Vibe 4 vibrator is a tighter fit, which can be more stationary when lovemaking.  It’s really good for solo play, and lovemaking, if the fit is right.  This vibrator is very popular right now because the vibrational pattern and texture is different from the We-vibe 3.  It’s not as comfortable for outside the bedroom/walking around.  We-Vibe 4 Plus is the Bluetooth enabled version, so if you want the ability to manage the vibrator remotely from anywhere in the world, you should get this vibrator.

We-Vibe Bluetooth Vibrator

The We-Vibe Vibrator you choose will depend on how you want to use it.

#2 Our second best couples toy vibrator is a combination of a vibrating tool and a massage oil candle.  We recommend either the Jimmyjane Form 3 vibrator or the Leaf Life vibrator for the massage tool, and a L’Esperanza della Luce for the massage oil candle.  The candle oil can be poured on the body while the candle is burning and it won’t burn, it’s just pleasantly warm.  It’s a very sensual experience, and we believe touch is the most basic sense of intimacy.  Both tools are discrete and non-threatening to couples, especially if its their first toy.  The reason you may choose one vibrator over the other is that when you receive or give a massage you may like pressure (Leaf Life) or a more soft touch (Form 3).   The Jimmyjane Form 3 vibrator also has pulsations, while the Leaf Life vibrator has low to high vibrations.  Either toy can be used for massage, teasing, and on the partner, him or her, anywhere on the body.

Form 3 Vibrator

#3 Would be either Fixsation, which is a vibrating crotchless panty, or the Lux 4 / 4+ Vibrating ring.  Depending on if he’s willing to wear a ring, or if she wants constant vibration, most couples choose between these two.  The Fixsation is rechargeable, but not waterproof, and has multiple sensations.  The Lux 4 is waterproof, rechargeable and has Low to High vibrations, and comes in a smaller and fuller size vibrating ring.

Lux Penis Vibrator Fixsation Vibrator

Solo Play :

#1 External toy for women is the Jimmyjane Form 2 vibrator. This toy is “tooth” shaped and is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet.  It’s got low to very high vibration, and has 4 variations in pulsations.  It’s really great for women who want a lot of vibration, though it does have a nice low rumble as well.  The new Jimmyjane Form 2 Lux version is especially good for my “power girls”, who favor a strong Hitachi Wand style vibrator, but want something they can travel with, or that’s discrete, not bulky… and quiet!

Form 2 VibratorForm 2 Deluxe Vibrator

#2 A Close second is the Crave Duet or Solo– This vibrator is discrete, and charges from your computer.  It’s waterproof and has 4 power levels and 4 pulsations.  Depending if you’d like to have the two prong style, or more a flat surface, which could be used for massage or partner play, is usually why people choose one over the other.  Also, the Duet vibrator has a Turbo mode, so “power girls” like to have this one due to its ease of travel and extra strong vibration.

Crave Solo Vibrator Crave Duet Vibrator

#3 Leaf Life.  While we recommend this for couples play, it’s a great pinpoint stimulator for women as well.  Low to high vibration, and waterproof and rechargeable, as well as being super discrete.

leaf life vibrator

#4 Lelo Mona Sometimes women want external stimulation, however they want a toy that will have a handle, so that they can reach the clitoris even from a distance, like during some positions that might require that, like doggie style.  The Lelo Mona vibrator is an awesome G-Spot toy and has a number of power levels and 8 sensations, but it’s also a great clitoral vibrator, for external stimulation.  It’s waterproof, rechargeable and quiet.

Lelo Mona Vibrator

I promote an orgasm a day, so any of these tools will help you achieve that.  The reason being, you can use them in the shower… as you shower most days, you wash your hair, condition… wait a few minutes while the conditioner sets… (this is when you can give yourself an orgasm in minutes with one of the above tools) and rinse and go…  😉  The whole world looks different after that!

Hope that helps!

Roylin Downs is the owner and founder of Trystology.  Read more about her at

Doxy Vibrator Review | Joan Price

Joan Price is a trusted resource for all of us here at Trystology.  So we sent her the new Doxy Vibrator to see what she thinks.  Here’s what she had to say…

By Joan Price-

When Roylin Downs, owner of Trystology, told me that I had to try the Doxy Wand, I believed her. She knows my preference for intense vibrators, even if that means that they’re heavy and need to be plugged in.

Oh my. I wouldn’t have imagined that a vibrator this strong existed. I don’t even need to take it to the highest power setting to send me spinning into space. Even the low settings are strong and they’re rumbly rather than buzzy. If you cycle from the lowest to the highest setting, it sounds like a plane taking off.

doxy vibrator

Doxy vs length of my arm.
Be aware that when you first turn it on, it doesn’t start at the lowest setting, but at higher than mid-point. From there, use the “+” or “-” to turn it up or down. There’s also a pulse setting activated by holding down the power button for two seconds, then releasing, but I have to admit that I didn’t bother with that.

What can I say? It works hard, and it works quickly, even for this almost 71-year-old, slow-burning woman.

I generally prefer vibrators that are easy on arthritic wrists — this one is not. It’s heavy, it’s huge, and I would be in pain from trying to hold it for any length of time. However, that’s irrelevant, because it works so fast that my wrist barely notices. Yes, it’s that good.

Doxy Vibrator Doxy Vibrator

“But how does it compare to the Magic Wand?” you’re asking. It’s bigger. (“Bigger?! No way!” Yes, bigger.) And heavier. The cord is longer. All those sound bad, but it’s not bad because all that size is necessary for the power it delivers.

As far as intensity goes, the Doxy feels stronger, but it may just seem that way because the head is larger and covers more territory.

I also like Doxy’s head more than the Magic Wand’s because Doxy is more cushy. Strong and soft are a great combination.

Doxy Vibrator

The head is made of medical grade PVC, according to the tiny, mini-font instruction booklet. I didn’t know that PVC plastic can be medical-grade, but I looked it up, and it’s phthalate-free and used for things like oxygen bags, drainage bags, and medical tubing. I know that doesn’t sound very sexy except to my fellow sex geeks who get excited at learning about sex toys made of body-safe materials.

You can use water-based or silicone-based lubricants with Doxy, but not oil-based lubes.

No pouch included, which is shameful. An expensive sex toy should always come with its own pouch, especially since you’re not likely to have anything around large enough to store it in. Maybe a knee-high sock, if you happen to have a spare. Doxy comes in a cardboard box that’s even more enormous than it requires — not the best storage solution unless you have a large, empty drawer.

The mini-instruction booklet has all the requisite warnings — don’t use under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or on inflamed skin, or if pregnant, or in water, etc. The warning that makes no sense to me is this: “Do not use… if you are under the age of 16.” Why the heck not? I wish I had owned this vibrator when I was 15!

Thank you, Roylin and Trystology, for sending me the Doxy Wand, highly recommended for all of us who need extra power in our sex toys and have room in our drawer for a 15-inch-long vibrator!

Doxy is available at

This review was originally published on Joan Price’s blog about sex and aging,, where you can find valuable senior sex news, views, and reviews.

Joan Price is an advocate for ageless sexuality and author of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex and Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty.  Learn more at

New Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit 2

Kick it up a notch with the Iconic Rabbit 2 by Jimmyjane!

Not since “Sex in the City’s” Rabbit Habit episode has a the opportunity for pleasure been so sought after!  The “new and improved” Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit 2 takes the Rabbit Habit to the next level!!!

BAMMM!!!  Kick it up a notch!!!

While the original was battery operated, this Rabbit is rechargeable!  The Rabbit Habit had speed levels… slow to fast… the Iconic Rabbit 2 has 7 vibrational patterns, including 3 power levels, 3 vibrational patterns, and one escalating mode!  It’s subtle, non phallic look, and smooth silicone shape make it so appealing!


jimmyjane iconic-rabbit-2-vibrator

We had an opportunity to speak with Jimmyjane’s Sex Educator, Meredith Davis, at the AMNE trade show in July 2014, and this is what we discovered.

And as you can see… YUMMY!  Great vibration, quiet… rechargeable and waterproof.  What more can a girl want!

You can get your very own Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit 2 at

Hawthorne Lifestyle Sex Swings

Hawthorne Lifestyle Sex Swings are the BEST!

We are so jazzed to say that we are finally getting the Hawthorne Lifestyle Swings back in stock!!! A few years back, a customer asked us to research sex swings because the options that she had found were just not that great. Knowing that we research and only provide the best products, she trusted our advice… and we found the Hawthorne Lifestyle Swings out of the UK! These swings are solid, when installed properly, and as the manufacture states, can hold ” a small elephant”… which luckily most of us don’t even come close to being. They are completely adjustable, and can be used in so many ways! We brought these swings in, and had them hanging in the store, as well as sold them online. They sold out…

Then, we had a 2 year lull in being able to get them… and now THEY’RE BACK!

Here’s a sneak peek at the swing, and how you could use it! They’re pricy… we won’t lie, but WELL worth the investment. They are a solid piece of equipment you won’t want to be without!

sex swing

Hawthorne Lifestyle Swing in Black

sex swing

Hawthorne Lifestyle Swing in Red & Black

sex swing missionarysex swing doggie style

sex swing 69Hawthorne sex swing

sex swing three way

Now, doesn’t that look like a whole lot of fun?  Whether you’re a him or her or us, it’s fun to get creative with this incredible piece of equipment!

Hawthorne Lifestyle Swings can be purchased at


Doxy Vibrator Massager Review

Doxy Vibrator… the NEW Go-To Powerful Plug-in!

I was recently introduced to the Doxy and I must admit, I wasn’t quite sure.  While I’m a “self-proclaimed power-girl”, I favor the Jimmyjane Form 2 to the Hitatchi Magic Wand.  I know that may be heresy in this industry, but the lack of vibrational control, and the cord, in addition to the bulbous head made the Hitachi unattractive to me.  Crazy, right?

So, being open minded on new experiences, I went home with the Doxy, ready to see what this new, ginormous gadget was all about.  While the size can be intimidating… the toy itself was easy to use, and quite comfortable to maneuver.  I really liked the adjustable controls, and soft head.

While my husband says that it sounded like a Cessna on takeoff, when you get the massager to “cruising altitude”, the Doxy was fun, playful, and yes… quite powerful!  I must admit, that though it was large and bulbous, I found excuses to try it over and over again, and in truth am looking forward to playing with it… again and again!

Doxy Vibrator

I highly recommend the Doxy to all “power girls”!  and much like one of the best reviews I’ve seen on the Doxy, on …. those Hitachi fans might be writing “Dear John” letters to their wands!  For me, I’ll gladly share the stage with my fav, the Jimmyjane Form 2!  No need to give up one over the other… it’s their difference that we’ll celebrate, right?!?!

The Doxy can be purchased in White or in Black at

Sexy Halloween Lingerie Outfits

Halloween is almost here…

And Fetish designer Patrice Catanzaro does not disappoint with his new sexy Halloween Collection from France!  Trystology has brought in three styles, two masks and a claw glove, to offer some new and exciting opportunities to shine this festive All Hallows Eve!

First we have Sakura, a wetlook dress and stocking set, which is sure to delight!


Miiki is another hot wetlook hotpant style costume which is versatile for any time of year!  It is paired with a sexy cat-style mask which features the rhinestone accents that highlight the two way zipper – front to back and back to front!  These items are offered as a set, or priced separately.


Lastly, All Hallows Eve would not be the same without a “Day of the Dead” Skull style costume.  This fabric and Wetlook Skull Dress and Mask set are perfectly highlighted with the Wetlook Claw Gloves!


We will have fun with these all year long!  These items can be purchased at