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Lelo Pino Vibrating Men’s Ring

Lelo Pino Review

With the introduction of the Lelo Pino men’s vibrating ring, we see a whole new take on the shape, style and usage of a ring during lovemaking.  Lelo Pino is touted as “designed exclusively for bankers.”  An interesting niche to target.  That must be why the Lelo Pino comes with a money clip and cuff links.  Most everyday guys don’t usually wear cuff links!

Lelo Pino

Lelo Pino Vibrating Mens Ring Package

So here’s the thing.  If you’re able to look beyond the narrow target they are shooting for, because, let’s face it, everyone, whether you’re a teacher, artist, banker or business owner… wants great sex, I think Lelo may have come up with a very intriguing product!  Up close and personal, it’s a bit intimidating.  It is quite a bit larger than its predecessor, the Lelo Tor 2, or the Lelo Oden 2.  And the shape is like none we’ve ever seen…

Lelo Pino Cock Ring

Lelo Pino Mens Vibrating Ring in Black

Do you see what I mean?  With the pointed tip,  the curved space for cupping, and then the nodule at the base, before the ring, it has a bit of an intimidating presence.  But fear not, the Lelo Pino is truly designed with the experience in mind.  It is made out of platinum grade silicone, which is velvety soft.  Both the lower and upper “points” are in fact hollow and collapsible, designed for gentle stimulation, and are conductors, transmitting the vibration wherever it might be desired.  The ring itself is firm, while being soft and flexible enough to stretch for additional girth.

Besides being waterproof, rechargeable and quiet, as most Lelo toys are, one of the key features is the 10 vibration patterns, which are easily changed with the plus button on the side (seen above).  One feature I really like is that if the + button and the – button are pressed simultaneously, the Pino shuts off instantaneously!  That is so perfect, as very few toys have a quick off switch… and here’s the thing… we all need the vibration to stop quickly at times!

Here are a couple of suggestions on how the Lelo Pino can be used.  I always like to say that “There are no rules for how to use sex toys.”  These are just ideas.  You can get creative!

Lelo Pino

Lelo Pino missionary position

Lelo Pino

Lelo Pino Rear Entry Positioning

As you can see, there are many intriguing things to note and explore about the Lelo Pino mens vibrating ring!  Get one now at