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Best Prostate Massage Tools

Prostate Massage Tools that Vibrate!

We are entering a new world.  One that is more accepting of anal play for men!  Yeah!  Hopefully the day of people (including Doctors, YIKES!) alluding to men who like prostate stimulation, in any form, must be gay, are over!  Anyone more open minded, or in the know, understands that prostate stimulation, is just that… stimulating!  And for the most part, the only way to stimulate the prostate is through the anus.

You may not be aware that the male prostate is very similar in many ways to the female G-Spot, thus why it is often referred to as the male G-Spot, or the P-Spot.  Using the same concept of the 1-3 inches up on the upper wall concept for females, the male prostate is 1-3 inches in on the upper wall in men.  The best way to know what the direction it is, you would point the bulbous point or curve of any toy or finger toward the testicles and perineum.

Aneros Helix SYN Prostate Massager

Aneros Helix SYN

Okay, so how exactly can we achieve a good prostate massage? Generally any toy that can be used for a G-Spot, can be used for the prostate… with one MAJOR rule… nothing is inserted into the anus that doesn’t have a flange.  Flange = Stopper.  So we look at prostate massage tools that are specifically designed for the anus/prostate, like the Aneros Helix Syn, which is one of our most requested toys. With its specially designed shape, and the silicone coating, it is one of the most comfortable and effective prostate massage tools.  You can also see that it has light pressure on the perineum, with the black curve with red dot, and a red handle that is great for giving the massage.

So, what’s the new thing in prostate massage?  Vibration!!!  And there are a few toys that we really like that are awesome for vibrating the prostate.  The Lux 3 and the Black Pearl.

The Lux 3 is a sleek look made of high grade silicone, designed perfectly to hit the prostate.  It has a variable speed vibration, so the longer you hold the button, the higher the vibration.  The vibration carries through the toy, however it is focused on the Perineum, so as not to over stimulate the prostate. It is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet.

Lux 3 Prostate Massager

Lux 3 Prostate Massager

The Vibratex Black Pearl is a new prostate massage tool with strong vibration, and a button that when pressed shifts from one sensation to another.  It is fairly straight, however has a button at the tip that protrudes that should hit the prostate.  This particular prostate massage tool vibrates at the tip, unlike the Lux 3, so the stimulation at the prostate can be very strong.  Due to its strong vibration, women might be tempted to use it, so it can also be used for G-spot play for women.  It is silicone, as is the Lux 3, and is easy to clean, because it’s non porous. Being waterproof, it can also be boiled for cleaning, if so desired.

Black Pearl Prostate Massager

Black Pearl Prostate Massager

Prostate massage can be an extremely enjoyable experience for men, so it’s wonderful to see that our society, for the most part, is opening up this incredible experience for men to use as a technique during foreplay, solo play, or as a tool to be used during lovemaking.  The statistics speak for themselves.. orgasms 3-10 times stronger than traditional orgasms.

You can find a selection of male prostate toys at

Meet the New Lelo Ina Wave

Sexual Technology at its best! Lelo Ina Wave OMG!!

Lelo Ina Wave raises the bar for sex toys again!  What amazing strides we have made in sexual technology in the past few years.  We have gone from seeing a vibe that could sync with your music, the Ohmibod Club Vibe and Freestyle, to wireless remote controlled toys like the We-Vibe 3 and We-Vibe 4…. to Bluetooth enabled toys like the Bluemotion Nex/1 and We-Vibe.  We have also seen the introduction of thrusting toys, like the Fun Factory Drei .  One of our favorites was the Sasi, by Je Joue, which imitated oral sex!  Who new a toy could do that?!  However, I don’t think anything to date has matched the new “Wave” technology of the Lelo Ina Wave for simulating sexual interaction and G-Spot Play!

So here’s the thing, the Lelo Ina 2 has always been a favorite of mine, and of the “Power Girls” who visit the shop.  What’s a “Power Girl”? She’s a woman who enjoys strong vibration power and sensation in a toy to achieve an orgasm.  There are not many sex toys that qualify as quality “power tools”, and that will be another post altogether, however the Lelo Ina 2 is one of those toys that clamps onto the clitoris, and doesn’t let go. It’s not for the faint of heart. I like to say that it’s assertive.  When using the Ina, there is constant attention and vibration on the clitoris, which can go from lower vibration to quite strong.  The Lelo Ina 2 is also waterproof, rechargeable and quite.

So why do I tell you all this about the Ina 2?  Well the Lelo Ina Wave is all that the Lelo Ina 2 is, and MORE!  I like to say that you get two sex toys in one, for just $40 more!  With this incarnation, they have opened the “rabbit”  opening slightly, allowing for less of a “clamp” sensation on the clitoris. This allows for a wider audience of interest, as the constant, strong attention wasn’t for everyone… Now don’t get me wrong, there is still assertive attention on the clitoris, but slightly more gentle.

Lelo Ina Wave Purple

Lelo Ina Wave, Purple

Lelo Ina Wave Blue

Lelo Ina Wave, Ocean Blue

Lelo Ina Wave Pink

Lelo Ina Wave, Cerise

And then there’s the WAVE!  This is where I say you get two toys in one with the Lelo Ina Wave!  Not only do you get an amazing Lelo Ina 2, that fully functions just as the Ina always has, but you get the WAVE!

The WAVE is the “come hither” movement that we have always been taught to achieve a G-Spot orgasm.  It gently rocks back and forth, while the “rabbit” arm is vibrating at the chosen speed and sensation.  The amazing thing about it is that while it has all the great sensations of the Ina 2, it also has a non-vibration mode, which I found interesting.  There are definitely G-Spot educators who advocate against vibrating the G-Spot for female ejaculation and G-Spot Play, however, I’m not one of them!

Lelo Ina Wave Purple

Lelo Ina Wave

Lelo Ina Wave Cerise

Lelo Ina Wave Cerise

Lelo Ina Wave Blue

Lelo Ina Wave Ocean Blue

As anyone familiar with toys knows, a great toy becomes a part of the “family”.  They become trusted friends, and are there for you when you need them!  The Lelo Ina Wave might just become your best friend!  It’s a great toy to use solo, and it’s a great toy to use with a partner.  And who doesn’t love the new colors!  Lelo Ina Wave at Trystology.