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Je Joue Nuo – Remote Controlled Anal Plug!

It’s interesting, I wasn’t quite sure about this when I first saw it… a remote controlled anal plug?  Now don’t get me wrong, everything Je Joue does is amazing, so the feel of the silicone was divine, and the remote control was just plain genius… a pen like remote device!  But a remote controlled Anal Plug?  Then I met the Nuo, and was completely won over!

Je Joue Nuo Plug Black A02776-JeJou-Nuo-2-1200x1200

Je Joue’s Nuo is a soft silicone, flexible at the base for comfort, yet the tip of the toy is firm.  It is easy to use, and has some of the most interesting sensations of any toy we’ve seen thus far!  Makes me very intrigued to meet the Je Joue Dua!  It feels as though there are three motors in this little guy, and with the remote, you’re able to toggle through each sensation, and amplify or decrease the sensation, as desired.  It’s wonderful that the pen vibrates as well, allowing a partner to adjust the sensation and know what the person wearing the Nuo is feeling!

Je Joue states that the “Nuo can be controlled with a discreet pen shaped remote or with the Je Joue app for sensual long-distance play. Intensifying foreplay, enhancing pleasure during sex, or starting seduction outside the intimacy of your room, Nuo provides heightened anal sensations.”

So, yup, there’s an app for that!

Waterproof, rechargeable, quiet… remote controlled and bluetooth enabled!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

You can see the Je Joue Nuo at

New Pulse II Solo and Pulse II Duo

Amazing New Guybrators!!!

Last year saw the introduction of the “guybrator”!  Sure there’ve been vibrators for men… but this new toy took men’s vibratiors to a new level, even going so far as to donate these toys to a soccer team to “let off steam” during the World Cup!  Never before have we seen such bravado from such a unique sensual product!

Pulse II Solo Men's Vibrator

Pulse II Solo Guybrator

Now, with that said, Hot Octopuss Pulse seems to have TRULY outdone itself, with it’s a reinvention of it’s own Pulse vibrators for men!  Now waterproof, with multiple sensations, and quiet, the New Pulse II Solo is an amazing new vibrator for men.  With claims of taking men from flaccid to erect through its pulse plate technology, it has been very well received.  It’s pulsating pulse plate on the frenulum creates an erotic sensation for men.   While the original Pulse was less well received by women for partner play, as they found the original Pulse exterior to be less than enticing due to it’s hard shell outer case, the new Pulse II Duo will certainly change that perspective.  Coated with soft silicone, and with a remote control and a dedicated vibrator to create the desired sensation, from minimal to strong vibration on the exterior, the Pulse II Duo is sure to be a “pleaser.”

Pulse II Duo Men's Vibrator

Pulse II Duo Guybrator

Whether you are looking for a solo play men’s vibrator, or a partner play toy, this pulsating men’s vibrator has a lot to offer. Pulse II Solo is still $99, while the remote controlled Pulse II Duo is $139. If you are interested on giving the Pulse II Solo or Duo a try, or are interested in learning more about it, please see