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Trystology Featured in WEV!

So exciting to be part of the Women’s Economic Ventures, and to be a featured client this year!Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.42.02 AM

As a business owner has anything specifically been harder than you expected it would be?
Because my business encompasses subject matter that makes people uncomfortable, even though I present it in the most delicate, discrete and classiest way, I am continually shocked when I am denied the ability to open a new bank account under my company’s new name. Even after six years of working with a bank, I have been denied from opening a new account while still being able to keep my “legacy” account simply because I sell “marital aids.” I forget the discomfort people and businesses have with my subject matter. We may be in 2015, however within my industry, it may as well be 1950.”  Read more…