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Open Letter to CHASE Bank

So, it’s interesting what you learn when you open an adult store.  Insurance was more difficult, one landlord was not willing to rent to me, and finding a merchant account, in the beginning was challenging.  The one thing I didn’t have any problems with was my bank.  They wanted my money, and were even supportive of my store, offering me loans, opening accounts for my business, and one manager even bought some honey dust from me!  That was until October, when I had to change my company name!  First they said Yes, then No, then Yes, then NO again… this time for good.  Even going so far to tell me I could keep my legacy account, then sending me form letters from Sr. VP’s, stating they were unceremoniously closing my account… all because I sold “marital aids”.

I want to thank AVN Magazine editor Sharan Street for publishing my “Open Letter to Chase” in their June 2015 Magazine!  I love the support!  And most important, we need to get the message out “Get the banks out of our bedrooms! And get back to the business of supporting small business.”

June-15 AVN Editors Notes 150

AVN Editor’s Desk, June 2015, Get the Banks Out of the Bedroom

To see our Downtown Ventura, CA location, that the Chase Harbor Bank decided they no longer needed to be associated with, go to for a slide show of the shop.