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Sir Richard’s Condoms Gives Back!

Sir Richard’s Condoms.  Quality, natural condoms with a cause!

I was so surprised to find out that Sir Richard’s Condoms is now a part of Jimmyjane!  It makes perfect sense!  Jimmyjane is such a quality conscious sex toy company presenting some of the best sex toys in the industry, and Sir Richard’s Condoms are some of the best condoms on the market today!  Not only do they have a great product, they have great packaging!  They just “look great”!

Sir Richard's Condoms Pleasure DotsSir Richard's Condoms 3 Pack

Sir Richard's Condoms X-LargeSir Richard's Condoms Ultra ThinSir Richard's Condoms 12 PackSir Richard's Condoms Classic Ribbed

AND they are all natural!  Their website states, “Sir Richard’s Condoms are made of all-natural latex and silicone (lubricant). We do not use any fillers in our natural latex, which is a common practice in the industry. Our condoms are free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals. They are Vegan-certified and PETA-approved with minimal latex odor.”  How cool is that?

Check out Trystology talking to Sir Richard’s Condoms at the 2015 ANME trade show:

If all that doesn’t have you convinced you should try them, check out their buy one give one policy!!!  Every time you buy a Sir Richard’s condom, they will give one to a worthy cause!  They say, “We want to make donations to the causes you care about most, and we invite you choose the next recipients of the condom donations generated by the ‘Buy one, Give one’ social responsibility program.”  What other condom company do you know of that does that?

Sir Richard's Condoms Charity Image

Sir Richards condoms come in Classic Ribbed, Pleasure Dots, Extra Thin and Extra Large… covering all bases!  And they come in 12 packs, as well as mixed 3 packs!  You can get your Sir Richard’s Condoms at

Magic Wand Rechargeable – New and Improved!

Hitatchi Magic Wand – Best Selling Sex Toy Now Even Better!

The Hitatchi Magic Wand (now re branded as the Magic Wand in 2014) is the #1 Selling Sex Toy in the World.  An undisputed title it has retained since the first trademark in 1968, or more accurately when Bettie Dobson popularized it in 1974.  The thing about the Hitachi Magic Wand at the time is that it could be purchased at convenience stores.  Or Macy’s even, as it was marketed as a back massager. Women quickly learned that they could achieve orgasms with the Magic Wand, and the rest is history!

The Magic Wand remained unchanged all these years, until it’s rebranding facelift in 2014, when it was improved as a lighter massager, with new circuitry.  Essentially, however, it was exactly the same as it was in 1968. That is, until now, when the Magic Wand jumped it’s tracks and has taken plug-in massagers to a whole new level!

This new Magic Wand Rechargeable simply blows me away!

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Not only does it have adjustable power levels and pulsations, which is what is needed when it is a “sensual product” or the #1 selling sex toy in the world, it seems to have what feels like the strongest… I know, I’m going out on a limb here… but the STRONGEST vibrational intensity I’ve felt with any sex toy.  While the RPM’s aren’t as high as other plug-in vibrators I’ve seen (6300 RPM compared to the Doxy’s 9000 RPM), the dense silicone head, and the oscillations of the Magic Wand Rechargeable definitely make the vibrations resonate.  It just feels like the strongest vibrator on the market today!  (The original Magic Wand only had 5000 RPM and 6000 RPM.)

So why would one need the strongest vibrator? Power is important to many women, and in the shop we call those women “power-girls.”  They are women who prefer, and in many cases need, strong vibrational power. It’s interesting to note that there are only a handful of vibrators that are strong enough for a true “power-girl.”  The Hitatchi Magic Wand is a tried and true favorite of such women. I’m excited that the Magic Wand now has the ability to have a low rumble, and with 4 power levels and 4 pulsation modes, it is a great vibrator not only for “power-girls”, but for most women in general!

This new rechargeable version, unlike most rechargeable vibrators, has a Plug-N-Play feature. This is a fantastic feature fo the new Magic Wand Rechargeable.  It means that if you find your Magic Wand is dead… fear not… you can plug it in and play with it, no worries!  This is very impressive, as most rechargeable vibrators we’re aware of don’t have the ability to do this!  It seems like Magic Wand has thought of everything!

The one drawback to this toy is that it isn’t waterproof, which means you can’t take it in the bathtub or shower.  Otherwise, it gets an A+ here at Trystology!

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is available at


Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

Fun Factory Amorino – A great starter vibrator for women of all ages!

What a cutie! The Fun Factory Amorino, is a petite, discrete, rabbit style vibrator that  features a rubber band around the tip and rabbit for extra sensation on either the clitoris or labia. It is perfect for women who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the size and complexity most rabbit style vibrators offer.  With Fun Factory Amorino, you just hit the FUN button and you’re ready to go. That makes it a great starter vibrator for women of all ages!

Fun Factory Amorino Vibrator

To start with, Amorino is from Fun Factory, which is a German based company. The wonderful thing about getting anything like this from Germany is that the government requires them to make toys with medical grade silicone! That provides a certain level of confidence over other vibrators, when the regulation of manufacturing quality varies from country to country. In addition, Fun Factory Amorino has a great shape, and a wonderful selection of sensations; all available by pushing the FUN button! This button provides 6 vibration intensities and 6 vibration rhythms, and when the button below it is pressed, it reverts back to solid sensation. There’s also a two year warranty! Most manufactures only offer a 1 year warranty, so this is great!

So what makes Fun Factory Amorino special? I thought you’d never ask!

Fun Factory Amorino has a unique yellow band on it that encircles the rabbit node as well as the insertable portion! This band, when placed regularly around each node, amplifies sensation on the labia and the clitoris. When twisted it crosses in front of the clitoris and offers amplified sensation there. The Amorino can also be used without the band.

Unlike other Fun Factory vibrators like Pearly, which has a petite rabbit node on the smaller sized internal piece, or the Paul/Paulina rabbit style vibrator that’s more whimsical and has a larger worm-like rabbit style piece and large internal g-spot piece, Amorino has a smaller sized internal section, which is great for most women. The rabbit node reaches up slightly in what feels like the perfect curve toward the clitoris. It is also not whimsical, which is great for women of all ages. The unique band feature only adds to the fact that this is the perfect starter vibrator! One never knows what one will like when just starting out with vibrators, so it is nice to have so many options to try!

Fun Factory Amorino comes in two colors, Teal with a Yellow band, or Bright Pink with a Yellow band. Either way you go, it’s FUN!

Fun Factory Amorino can be found at

Leaf Vitality Vibrator

Leaf Vitality – One of the coolest and most discrete Rabbit Style vibrators available.

The maker’s of the Leaf Vitality vibrator share with us that “By embracing the simple perfection and shapes of nature itself and the need to let our passions grow, and flourish, Leaf was born with your pleasure in mind.” Thanks, Leaf! For if you didn’t make this vibrator in the shape of a leaf, many of our customers wouldn’t buy a vibrator! It’s true!

Leaf Vitality Vibrator

Leaf Vitality is so discrete that I’ve toyed with the idea of designing  a pot that we could actually “plant” the vibrator into! That way, no one would be the wiser that we had a vibrator on our bedside table! And for some people, that’s SOOOO important! I’ve known women who threw away all their vibrators because they were so mortified that if something happened to them, their family, kids, or friends might find their sex toys, and OMG! No way! Now there’s no need to worry! Leaf Vitality, and its sister, Leaf Life, are so discrete no one would blush at these vibrators!

So what is the Leaf Vitality?

It is shaped like a plant with a bulb, and has two leaves; one for the clitoris, the other for the g-spot. Both leaves have their own motors, and individual adjustors, so you can customize the sensation by pressing the button. The longer you hold it, the higher the vibration. Leaf Vitality is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet, and it does lock for travel.

This has been an awesome vibrator of choice for our post–menopausal customers, especially those without partners, and who haven’t been using a vibrator. Many are concerned about their vaginal health, where there might be dryness, or “lack of activity” for a better phrase. And since the body has a bit of a “use it or lose it” policy, when there’s no activity the body doesn’t think it’s needed any longer, so things change and adjust. It’s this changing and adjusting we don’t want, so we recommend using something to massage the internal tissue often to avoid the tenderness or pain that can result from lack of activity. Also, by using a rabbit style vibrator, you not only get g-spot stimulation, you also receive clitoral stimulation, and achieving an orgasm is easier. Orgasms help “exercise” the vaginal area, and increase natural lubrication. The Leaf Vitality is perfect, as it is petite, shaped well to massage the tissue and g-spot. And it’s so discrete, when it becomes a woman’s first vibrator, she’s not embarrassed to use it!

We have also had customers get creative with the Leaf Vitality, so you needn’t limit yourself to only one style use… Get Creative! Leaf Vitality can be found at Trystology.

Jimmyjane Form 2 Vibrator

What’s new in the Jimmyjane Form 2 Lux Edition?

Since it’s launch in 2010, Jimmyjane Form 2 has been the most popular vibrator for women at Trystology. It’s unique design allows for it to be the perfect shape for use on the clitoris, or the nipples, and it’s low rumble, to high vibration, allows for the toy to be adjusted to any of 4 power levels, or three pulsations. As we have discovered, not all vibration is created equal, and the Jimmyjane Form 2 seems to have the vibration that works for most women.

In the marketing materials for the Form 2, Jimmyjane challenges one to “Experience the most powerful, dual motored clitoral stimulator on the market. FORM 2 offers two motors—one in each flexible ear—allowing you to pinch, squeeze, and surround the clitoris in sensation.” The flexibility of the “ears” is a unique feature of the Form 2. And with the exception of plug in vibrators like the Doxy, Magic Wand and Palm Power, the vibration from one ear of the Form 2 is the most powerful vibration available today. Form 2 is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet… and comes in two colors, Pink and Slate.

When the Jimmyjane Form 2 first launched, it was a highly sought after toy for the reviewers! I had a number of wonderful reviewers post reviews for us, however the Jimmyjane Form 2 is such a unique and innovative vibrator that one reviewer said “Eh, it’s okay. It didn’t fit me just right with the nodes on either side of the clitoris.” I challenged her to not see it as a “traditional” rabbit, but offered different ways to use it. Using one single node directly on the clitoris, the side of a single node laying across the clitoris, two notes sideways on the clitoris horizontal or vertical, and using the two nodes down the labia to give a teasing sensation. Also, nipple stimulation! She was so pleased to see things differently and wrote and addendum on her blog about the multiple uses of the Jimmyjane Form 2!

Jimmyjane Form 2 Lux

Then in 2014, Jimmyjane threw us for a loop when they launched the Jimmyjane Form 2 Lux edition! This new and improved Jimmyjane Form 2 is Black, with a 24 karat gold-plated contact base, and a sleek black charging stand. It’s truly luxurious looking. Jimmyjane claimed it was “Created specifically for the luxurious gift of powerful clitoral stimulation.” And I must say, I believe they truly achieved this. While it has carried on the tradition of the perfection of the Jimmyjane Form 2, it seems to have slightly more power than the original Jimmyjane Form 2, along with all the added luxury!

At about $40-50 more than the original Form 2 Pink or Slate versions, Jimmyjane Form 2 Lux is for the woman who just wants more. Whichever you select, they are a must have toy for any woman who is looking for clitoral or nipple stimulations! Jimmyjane Form 2 and Form 2 Lux can be found at Trystology

Lelo Ina Wave vs. Lelo Ina 2

Two superb rabbit style vibrators compared!

As Lelo says in their marketing of the Lelo Ina Wave “Lose yourself in waves of uncontrollable pleasure.” It can be so true! Lelo Ina Wave is turning out to be a crowd favorite! But what, you might ask, is the difference between the original Lelo Ina 2 and the Lelo Ina Wave, and why would you pick one over the other? To understand this, we should look at both toys, and compare their features!

When Lelo Ina was first introduced, it was clearly different from the other rabbit style vibrators! It had a bulbous internal piece that was curved more to a peak, as though reaching up to hit the g-spot. It also featured a rabbit style probe that was curved “assertively” I like to say, toward the clitoris, never really relenting… always providing sensation and vibration. In truth, it is a very intense rabbit style vibrator, as the vibrational pattern and strength is very strong, and as I said before, unrelenting on its attention of the clitoris. This may be why it is the PERFECT toy for our power girls. You know who you are! (and if you’re not familiar with the term, which I may have coined, it’s about women who fancy strong vibration, like the Magic Wand, Doxy or any plug in vibrator!… Or a Jimmyjane Form 2 as well!)

The Lelo Ina 2, which can actually clip onto your hand during demonstration, is not a toy that I would recommend to women who like a more gentle touch on the clitoris. All women are different, so vibrators are different, and it’s important to know what you like, in order to be matched with the right toy! (my husband says I’m the Madam of Sex Toys… always matching people with the right vibrator!)

Lelo Ina Wave

This is why it is so great to have the option for the Lelo Ina Wave. While Ina 2 was not compatible for many women, the Lelo Ina Wave has been adjusted slightly, opening up the rabbit node to allow for more flexibility, less clamping/clipping onto the clitoris. In addition, the vibration pattern has more variety, with the new power buttons, allowing women who like less sensation to be open to the Lelo Ina Wave. Also, the cool thing about this one is that it has one sensation that has no vibration, just the “come hither” movement of the internal piece. The Lelo Ina Wave can also mimic the Lelo Ina 2! Really! After you toggle through the 10 different sensations, you will notice that the Lelo Ina Wave stops waving, and becomes rigid, like the Lelo Ina 2… and then you’re able to go through the 8 sensations of the Ina 2!

Both toys are waterproof, rechargeable and have multiple sensations. The Ina 2 is slightly quieter, as it doesn’t have the wave mechanism moving it back and forth. For about $40 more, I’d say the Lelo Ina Wave is worth it! But it’s nice to know you have an option!

Check out the Ina Wave and Ina 2 at Trystology!

Rabbit Style Vibrators – How to Choose Sex Toys

Five rabbit style vibrators to help you choose!

Rabbit style vibrators have been popular since they were launched, and hit their heyday when Sex in the City featured the Rabbit Habit in 1998 in one of their most famous episodes! Sex toys were out in the open, and women were publicly talking about them! “I think I broke my vagina” was a statement heard by Charlotte when discussing her addiction to the affects of her Rabbit Habit. She LOVED it!

Charlotte didn’t break her vagina, and rabbit vibrators have “come a long way, baby”! Here I have compiled a selection of the top “new and improved” rabbit-style vibrators we sell at Trystology. While the original Rabbit has a slide adjuster and is battery operated, the rabbit vibrators you will see today are waterproof, rechargeable, multi-sensation, and fairly quiet!

The five rabbit style vibrators that we will look at here are the Lelo Soraya, Fun Factory Amorino, Leaf Vitality and Lelo Ina 2, as well as the Lelo Ina Wave. This cross section of toys covers slim, discrete, multi-sensation, powerful, full and “come-hither” rabbit style vibrators.

Every woman is different, every couple is different, and every rabbit style vibrator is different. Features like slim or full sized insertable, or clitoral stimulators that are more direct or indirect, are important factors for women to consider. Also, the vibrational intensity is important, as some women like a low rumble, where as others like strong direct stimulation. Although some may be more powerful, all the rabbit vibrators we see today are adjustable from low rumble to high vibration.

The Lelo Soraya is a unique long and slim rabbit style vibrator with a flexible clitoral “rabbit”. It is perfect for women who like to adjust their sensation, and are not into a large size, or strong powerful, direct hit style rabbit vibe. It is waterproof, rechargeable, quiet, and beautifully designed.

The Fun Factory Amorino, is a petite, discrete, rabbit style vibrator that has an extra band around the tip and rabbit for extra sensation on either the clitoris or labia. It is perfect for women who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the size and complexity of a toy, as you just hit the FUN button and you’re ready to go! It is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet, and adjustable.

Leaf Vitality Rabbit Style Vibrators

Leaf Vitality has been a great “first toy”, as it’s so discrete, most women who haven’t had a vibrator before may choose this as it’s so benign looking. It has adjustable sensations for each of the two nodes, internal and external, and the longer you hold the button, the higher the vibration. You can customize your experience. It is waterproof, rechargeable, quiet, and locks for travel.

Ina Wave Rabbit Style Vibrators

The last two rabbit style vibrators we look at here are Lelo’s Ina 2 and Ina Wave. Lelo’s Ina shape is the quintessential Rabbit style vibrator for our “power girl” customers, you know who you are! Ina 2 “clips” onto the clitoris and g-spot. In addition, it has one of the most powerful clitoral vibes, so the combination has been a winner with our power girl customers. Recently Lelo introduced the Ina Wave, where they opened up the rabbit portion a little more, making it slightly less “clip”-like, and a product more women are open to looking at. The unique factor about this toy is that it creates a “come hither” motion with the toy actually “waving” up and down- toward the rabbit. This is probably one of the most unique, and more effective sensations we have seen. The Ina Wave also has 10 sensations, one which has no vibration, and it turns into an Ina 2, making it “two toys in one.” It’s only about $40 more expensive than the Ina 2, and feedback is that it’s well worth it.

Any way you look at it, Rabbit Style vibrators are a favorite among women. We hope you enjoyed learning about these. See more rabbit style vibrators at