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We-Vibe Classic Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic: The best couple’s vibrator just got better!

The #1 selling couple’s sex toy just got better and it’s here and available!  If you’re one of those careful shoppers who’ve been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to decide whether this is the right toy for you and your partner, the waiting is over.  The time is now.

So what’s the big deal?  Sex toys are sex toys, right?  Well, not really!

The We-Vibe vibrator created a sensation when it was introduced in 2008.  As of the only products available on the market at the time that was hands free, and fit between the bodies, and was a “shared” sensation, it did more for couples play than any other product out there.  Over the years, We-Vibe has evolved and added remote controls, which took “play” outside the bedroom.  Clearly, even outside the bedroom, it was as fun for “partner-play” as inside, as one partner inevitably enjoys “buzzing” the other in the middle of a dinner party for example!

We-Vibe Classic Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic Package

We-Vibe Classic Package

With the evolution of the We-Vibe came the We-Vibe 4, which offered a tighter fit.  However in doing so, it’s more rigid style inhibited the “outside the bedroom” play, due to comfort.  The addition of the Bluetooth feature with the We-Vibe 4 Plus, was enticing.  But for those who wanted to experiment with “out to dinner” play, or “Jacuzzi play”, it was uncomfortable to walk with.  So we were pleased when we went to market in July to find out that We-Vibe was in fact not doing away with the We-Vibe 3, but re-engineering it as the We-Vibe Classic!  This new toy is now coated in a soft, suede-like finish.  And it not only has a remote control, but is Bluetooth enabled!  That’s right, Bluetooth enabled!

We-Vibe Classic Bluetooth Enabled Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic Bluetooth Enabled Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

What does that mean for you?  That means that you can not only use the We-Vibe Classic for lovemaking, and for bedroom play with your partner, you can also use it when your partner travels away for work!  How?  With the We-Connect App, you are able to do things with a We-Vibe that you were never able to do before!  Separating out the internal and external stimulation at different power level?  We got that!  Ten sensations aren’t enough for you? Create your own vibe!  Partner in Australia?  Invite them to manage your vibe!  Yup, we got that! From ANYWHERE in the world that has internet!  Really!

Like it’s We-Vibe predecessors, the We-Vibe 3 Classic is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet.  And it still comes in it’s discrete charging case.  But it truly has come a long way since its launch in 2008 and now it is the right playful toy for most couples!  And I believe the price is right!  At $149 at launch time, with the remote and Bluetooth, the We-Vibe 3 Classic is one of the best priced, quality couple’s sex toys available today.

Get your We-Vibe Classic at

Crave Flex Vibrator & Duet Flex Vibrator

One of the best boutique sex toy brands improves with Crave Flex Vibrator.

Crave is one of the best boutique sex toy brands available today.  I have enjoyed watching Ti and Michael grow their wonderful brand since their first crowdfunding efforts for the Crave Duet.  Based out of San Francisco, they have developed a brand that exemplifies quality.  Whether you’re looking at the cuffs, vibrator necklace, one of the vibrators like Duet, Solo, Wink, or one of the fabulous Vesper necklaces, they are all solid works of art, and made of only top quality materials using the most discrete designs.

Crave Duet VibratorCrave Solo Vibrator

Crave Wink VibratorCrave Vesper Necklace Vibrator

And now we meet the Crave Flex Vibrator and Crave Flex Duet Vibrator!  Built out of high grade silicone, these two discreet vibrators offer slimline styles with effective vibration.  Each has 4 power levels and 4 sensation modes; one solid and 3 pulsations.  They are also waterproof, rechargeable and quiet!

Crave Flex Vibrator BlackCrave Flex Vibrator BlueCrave Flex Vibrator PinkThe Crave Flex Vibrator is one of the first to be so petite, and yet so powerful!  It’s so slim that it fits easily between the bodies during lovemaking, and is amazing for clitoral stimulation or for use as a teasing toy. The Crave Flex Vibrator comes with a sleeve for storage in a purse or travel case and is waterproof, rechargeable… in your computer’s USB port no less!  It’s quiet too, crazy quiet!  No more “the neighbors might hear my toy” with this one!  The only one the neighbors might hear is YOU!

Crave Duet Flex Vibrator Black Crave Duet Flex Vibrator Pink Crave Duet Flex Vibrator BlueThe Crave Duet Flex Vibrator carries on the tradition of the Crave Duet in offering dual stimulation for clitoral stimulation for women, or nipple stimulation for men or women.  The two nodes, which are made of silicone, are firm and yet flexible, as the name Flex suggests.  This is an awesome vibrator for travel, and easy to charge with the USB charger in your computer or a USB phone charger.  Being waterproof, it offers many opportunities for play.  I love how Crave suggests that this product is “virtually silent” because it truly is!

One of the most amazing things is the price point of these products.  Being the entry point for high quality silicone sex toys is fairly high, we are so pleased that these vibrators are being offered at $89 for the Flex and $109 for the Flex Duet!

These wonderful Crave toys can be found at

Vibratex Butterfly Vibrator & Thunder Cloud Vibrator

Light up your bedroom disco-style with Vibratex Butterfly Vibrator

As long as I’ve been in the business, Vibratex has been a classic brand that offers the original styles and shapes for vibrators!  Some of my favorite offerings have always been the light-up rainbow vibrators, specifically the Vibratex Butterfly vibrator and the Vibratex Thunder Cloud!

I had a chance to see them again this past week at the ANME Tradeshow in Burbank, and it reminded me how much I LOVE them!  While we carry some of the newest, hottest vibrators available today (think Ina Wave, We-Vibe 4 Plus, and Je Joue Nuo) we still carry some of the classics, like the Thundercloud and Butterfly!

Vibratex Butterfly VibratorVibratex Thunder Cloud

The Vibratex Butterfly vibrator has been redesigned into Sugar Pop, however it’s nice to remember that the original Butterfly has rotating beads, which some women may prefer over the beaded discs of Sugar Pop.  Sugar Pop also does not have our fun rainbow lights, reminiscent of the Disco!  And as Eddie from Vibratex states, the lighted rainbow can help men find their way, especially in the dark!  He makes me laugh!  Butterfly, as well as Sugar Pop, are both made out of elastomer and are battery operated, NOT Waterproof, and not so quiet, but their price point can be more desirable than the quieter, rechargeable toys!  The Vibratex Butterfly vibrator measures 4.5″ insertable length and 1-3/4″ in diameter.

For those who want MORE, the Vibratex Thunder Cloud vibrator offers a soft elastomer exterior with quite a bit of girth!  I’ll never forget the first time I met Thunder Cloud!  It was my first trade show and there I was in the Vibratex booth smiling and watching with amazement this substantial toy go round and round with lights going off!  My husband walked up to me and asked “Do you want that?”… to which I replied… “It makes me laugh!”   However, while Thunder Cloud is cute, with it’s softness and rainbow colors, it is no laughing matter.  It’s quite the hefty rabbit style vibrator, with 2-1/2″ diameter, and 5″ insertable length!

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