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Recommended Sex Toys for #AnOrgasmADay

At Trystology, we encourage #AnOrgasmADay !

I think about it, and it’s kind of funny!  I promote #AnOrgasmADay in the shop, but I rarely talk about it outside my one-on-one discussions with my customers!  For someone who’s had a blog for almost 5 years, I think that’s pretty funny!  It’s like I’m keeping it as one of my best kept secrets!  REALLY!  I mean, if it’s the basis for one of my core beliefs in my business, why not talk about it!?!?  So here goes!  From this day forward, I’m going to remind you… it’s important to have an orgasm a day… and if you don’t have one, at least to strive for it!


So what’s the basis of this belief, you might be asking.  Well, here’s the thing.  An orgasm gives you something you can’t get any other way – oxytocin, endorphins and immunoglobulin A!  And it’s FREE!  Not only does an orgasm make you feel good… it’s good for you.

Let’s look at all the benefits of an orgasm:

  • Stress reduction!  Oxytocin helps with stress, and leaves you feeling relaxed and safe!
  • Helps you sleep! That’s right, if you’re lying awake at 3 AM, have an orgasm! It’ll help you sleep!
  • Helps with headaches!  No more excuses about “I’ve got a headache”… we’ve got a cure for that!
  • Increases intimacy with your partner!  If you’re partnered, it’s sometimes difficult to connect through the challenges of a long relationship, but if you’re enjoying intimacy together, it’s difficult to be angry, and you’re most likely willing to work it out!
  • It resets you, and makes difficult situations more tolerable!  I always say that mother’s of small children, who don’t have a lot of time for sex and intimacy with their partners, NEED this most of all!  With an orgasm, you’re more likely to see the world in a whole different way!
  • And extends our lives!  My grandmother, Marion Downs, always quoted the Harvard Study on Aging, which stated that the more orgasms one had, the longer one might live, and it didn’t matter if it was with your partner, or by yourself!  She lived until she was almost 101! I think she knew what she was talking about!
Roylin Downs Marion Downs

My Grandma, Marion Downs & I in 2014

Shut Up And Live! Marion DownsSo you can see there are MANY benefits to #AnOrgasmADay!

The challenge for many women is how to achieve this.  With most women it can take 20-40 minutes to have an orgasm!  There’s nothing shocking about that. It’s just the way we’re built!  I like to say that men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots.  Women just need a little simmering!  But what happens if we don’t have that kind of time every day?  Luckily for us, there are a few manufactures who are starting to make products that can help to turn women into microwaves, often making an orgasm possible in 1-3 minutes!  With that kind of “tool”, women can truly achieve #AnOrgasmADay !  Let’s take a look at a few:

Jimmyjane Form 2 (& Form 2 Lux)– This vibrator has been one of our top selling female toys.  With it’s unique shape, it’s great for nipple stimulation, or clitoral stimulation, and has varying speeds from a low rumble to strong vibration.  I like to tell women that they can take this vibrator into the shower… You need to shampoo your hair every other day or so.  Then you condition.  When you condition, you need to leave it on for 3-6 minutes usually.  With the Form 2 you’re able to have an orgasm in 1-3 minutes.  When you leave the shower, you’re whole perspective on the world is different!

Jimmyjane Form 2 LUX

Jimmyjane Form 2 LUX

Jimmyjane Form 2 Pink

Jimmyjane Form 2 Pink

Jimmyjane Form 2 Slate

Jimmyjane Form 2 Slate

Womanizer – This newly introduced toy from Germany is fast becoming a favorite, due to its Pleasure on Demand concept, and touchless air technology.  This is one of the only toys that is so confident about orgasm that they have a money back guarantee!  It’s also a bit addictive.  Once one is able to have orgasms this easy, it’s easy to see why we’re promoting an orgasm a day!

Womanizer Farbe Schwarz Womanizer Red Roses Womanizer Pink Snow LeopardWomanizer Blue Crocodile

Lelo Ina Wave – The Lelo Ina Wave is one of the few rabbit vibrators with “wave” technology.  It has an “arm” that moves up and down to simulate the “come hither” movement needed for the G-Spot, while having incredible vibrations… or no vibe at all!

Lelo Ina Wave Ocean Blue Lelo Ina Wave Purple Lelo Ina Wave Cerise

And lastly I’ll recommend the newest Wand Style toys that have for decades brought women to their knees…

Doxy – A powerful plug-in vibe with 9000RPM and variable speed, with pulsations.

Doxy Vibrator Massager

Magic Wand Rechargeable – The reinvented 1968 standby Hitatchi Wand, which now has a dense silicone head, 6300RPM, which feel somehow stronger than the Doxy, 4 power levels and 4 pulsations. The unique thing about this one is it’s rechargeable, and when it’s dead and you NEED it, it’s Plug-N-Play!  Crazy!

Magic Wand Rechargeable Vibrator MassagerAnd Last but not least, the Palm Power and Palm Power Rechargeable!  Strong Power, adjustable speed, and one connected, one cordless!

Palmpower Massager VibratorPalmpower Rechargeable Vibrator Massager

Can’t go wrong with any of these!  For other incredible toys, check us out at

And don’t forget #AnOrgasmADay !


Shiri Zinn Black Harness – US Exclusive!

Finally, The Shiri Zinn Harness in Black!

Ever since we opened the store, first as Kama Sutra Closet in 2009, now Trystology, we have carried Shiri Zinn’s incredibly soft Lambskin Harnesses!  With the delicate beading and adjustable style, are some of the most feminine harnesses available on the market!  I loved it when I was told by a vendor that these harnesses were the “heterosexual ‘wanna-be'” harnesses, as I have to admit, it’s probably true.  Though I have had many lesbian customers who love this harness! For truly durable, everyday harnesses, we sell the Spareparts harnesses… but for the women who want to feel soft and sexy and have that “rawr” saucy look, we have the Shiri Zinn harness. And one of the most amazing things is that whether you are a size “0” or “16” you can wear this harness!  You see, sexy has no size!

Shiri Zinn’s philosophy is that “it is only through quality that we can challenge prejudices and preconceived notions about sexuality. [She] intend to challenge these prejudices and uncover unexpected glamour in this marketplace through the medium of design.” Thus we have been blessed with some of her most amazing works.  The Red and Pink Harnesses and Ceramic Dildos have survived the years, and have become some of our most  unique and popular items in the store.
Shiri Zinn harness pink front Shiri Zinn harness pink back Shiri Zinn harness red front Shiri Zinn harness red back

Every now and then over the years, a customer would come in and ask, “Can I get this in Black?”  I’d respond with “Wouldn’t that be amazing!  I’ll see…” and finally, Shiri and I were able to make this happen!  Coming in the Fall 2015, we will be receiving this amazing harness in BLACK!  The thing for me is that there are no other harnesses out on the market that are made in as soft a leather, as feminine a style and as darn sexy as this Shiri Zinn harness… and now in Black!  It will soon become part of any worthy lingerie collection, because this harness could be considered one of the most sexy crotchless panties available.  Have you seen the way that it frames the bottom?  It will also be one of the most sought after harnesses for partner play.

Shiri Zinn harness black Shiri Zinn harness beads frontShiri Zinn harness black front

Whether it’s worn with Mimi Crystal Pasties, Bijoux Indescretes Reusable Pasties and Kixie’s thigh high stockings, or some amazing lingerie as an accent, this Shiri Zinn Harness in Black is sure to be a show stopper!  We are proud to say that we have the US Exclusive on selling this unique harness.  It will be available in Mid-October to Early November, just in time for the holidays!

You can Reserve your Shiri Zinn Black Harness for $179 at  They’ll be here before you know it!

Womanizer Sex Toy with Pleasure Air Technology

Womanizer- A terrible name for an AMAZING Sex Toy!

Okay, Ryan, you win!

When I met with Ryan and Frank today at the Womanizer sex toy booth, I was more than slightly skeptical!  Here they had a sex toy that they said “GUARANTEED” a woman an orgasm! REALLY!  Mind you, there were two men in the booth, neither with a clitoris, telling me that this Womanizer sex toy would give any woman an orgasm in less than a minute. (With, of course, the disclaimer that every woman is different.)

They quoted stats about this % of women enjoyed it, and that % of women achieved an orgasm. Stats about how it’s the #1 sex toy in the US.  #1 selling sex toy with my competitors.  #1 selling sex toy for women in Europe since it launched just over a year ago.

These were men who were in the business to sell me something.  Now, these men are professionals I respect, but count me a skeptic if I don’t think men can understand a woman’s body, and can be damn good at quoting stats!  (Truth?!?)

Okay, so here is what I’m looking at:

The Womanizer (terrible name for a product in the US, but I’m told to “get over it, it works!”) is a “touchless stimulation” toy, that claims to deliver “fast and often multiple orgasms on demand”.  “100% Pleasure Everytime” they claim. REALLY!?!? It’s a small hand held device, that’s rechargeable but shouldn’t be put near/in water. When you place the small silicone node on the palm of your hand, it barely registers the suction it claims to produce these amazing orgasms from.  With a push of the jeweled button, you are introduced to 4 other sensations that create a slightly stronger suction with each press.  At this point, I’m still not sure if that would do the trick, but I’m game.

Each of the toys are pretty in their own right.  Turqouise, Black w/leopard, Pink/Purple w/leopard, Rose limited edition, Heart/wings limited edition, and the amazing Swarovski crystal elements versions!  OMG… beautiful!

Womanizer sex toy vibrator black/leopardWomanizer sex toy vibrator redWomanizer sex toy vibrator pink leopardWomanizer sex toy vibrator blue

Womanizer sex toy vibrator leopard deluxeWomanizer sex toy vibrator crystal-dreamsWomanizer sex toy vibrator crystal

As I’ve said, I was quite skeptical.  I’ve had amazing toys that were able to give a woman an orgasm in 1-3 min before, but this idea of touchless, quiet, suction-oriented toy? I wasn’t sure.

After trying the Womanizer sex toy, all I can say is … OMG!  and REALLY!!!!  Yes, really!

I can’t explain it, except to say it reminds me of suction from a lover’s mouth during oral sex.  That sort of suction you don’t want to end, at least not until you’ve achieved an orgasm, which this toy seems to assist with quite nicely.  While I was told that most women don’t go past the third speed while using it, I took it as a challenge to start much higher, then was ever so grateful for the quick button that took it back down to the first level with a touch of the button.

So yes, we’ll be carrying the Womanizer sex toy. (I may just end up calling it the “Kiss Me There” Suction Vibrator!) But you can get yours at  It’s that good.