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SpareParts Tomboi II Boxer Brief Harness

By popular demand, SpareParts introduces the versatile Tomboi II.

Just this past August at the Ventura Pride, a customer came up to me in our booth and asked me “Are they here yet?!?  When is SpareParts doing boxer harnesses? I NEED one.”  I couldn’t have been more pleased to text her a picture from the trade show in September that we didn’t need to wait any longer!  For those of you who “don’t want to be caught without it,” there is the Tomboi, until now only an underwear style harness that is both comfortable and practical.  However, starting NOW, SpareParts has brought to market the new Tomboi II Boxer Harness!  It has GREAT stylings, comfortable fit, and they’ve thought of EVERYTHING.  With the bullet pockets, and double hole option, and packer ready, these new boxers are going to be practical for so many occasions!  I love the Black and Red and Purple with Black options in Nylon, but there will also be Rayon in all Black, which will be the equivalent of the Modal that is carried in the Tomboi regular brief line.  Take a peek here to see what’s here!

Tres and her team at SpareParts have created an incredible line that covers the bases.  What can I say?  Of all the harnesses out there, we have been so pleased to carry the SpareParts harnesses, with their quality and versatile options, you are certainly not going to be “caught without a spare”!  Whether you’re looking for a practical everyday-use harness, Joque or Theo are it, or a super sexy, feminine style harness, like the Sasha or Belle… where you can wear gartered stockings with it!  Wow!

Having seen these boxers on, they are not only really good looking as a pair of boxers, they are so dang practical!  Perfect for packing, or as a harness!  Pockets for bullets!  and OHHHH so comfortable!  In sizes from XS to 5X!  These boxers are truly amazing!

Check them out online at