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Womanizer Pro Vs. Womanizer W100

When I first was introduced to the Womanizer, I thought, REALLY?!?!?  That little suction device can give a woman an orgasm?  Well, we all know from my previous blog, it can, and does!  It has even qualified to be among the few toys I recommend for “An Orgasm A Day” due to its ease of use, and quick results!

So the question is, now that the Womanizer Pro has arrived on the scene (officially the Womanizer W500) how do I choose?


Womanizer Deluxe W500 Womanizer Pro Deluxe

First of all, let’s look at the Womanizer Pro, and see what it’s benefits are.

  1. It’s smaller that the Womanizer W100
  2. It has a lower suction setting, and higher suction settings than the W100, 8 power levels total
  3. It has two different, interchangeable heads, to accommodate different size clitoris.
  4. The power levels are on the backside of the product, vs. the frontside.
  5. The manufacture touts the product to be silent, however I have not found that to be the case.

Womanizer W100 Womanizer Pro W100

Things to consider:

  • Clearly it’s smaller than the Womanizer W100, which can be a plus and a minus.  It fits into the hand nicely, however it doesn’t have the “reach” that one might think they might need to reach the clitoris.  When considering the choice between the two, one needs to consider their body type, and if the additional reach will be an important factor in the decision making.  Also, having the control on the front of the W100, could be more convenient for those needing the reach, because you are able to use your thumb easily, and not have to reach toward the back of the toy with your middle and ring fingers to adjust the power levels.
  • While the suction power is important, as a self proclaimed power-girl, I did not find the W100 lacking in suction to achieve an orgasm.  I do, however, find the ability to have the higher powered suction a nice perk!  and as I said to a customer last night, why not take advantage of the “improvements”… a little more power couldn’t hurt.  If the shorter style and placement of the power buttons work for you, why not engage in a little more power.
  • If you have a larger clitoris than “standard”, I would recommend the Womanizer Pro.  The ability to choose the size of the suction head is a plus.  It is also an interesting option for women with smaller clitoris, as if you are having trouble locating the most desirable spot, a larger head can offer broader options for placement.
  • Price sometimes can be a deciding factor, and it should be noted that the W100 is priced at $189 currently and the Womanizer Pro is $219.  That $30 may be a make it or break it.

Overall, I say, honestly, I don’t feel you’ll go wrong with either, unless there’s a sizing issue.  The Womanizer is a wonderful and effective “orgasm-creator”, and the feedback we’ve gotten from customers who’ve tried it say they love it.  For the most part, it’s quiet, and assists in giving a woman an orgasm in under a minute, or 1-3 minutes at most.  It’s really hard to argue with a beautifully designed, effective toy like that!

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