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New Jimmyjane Intro 1 & Intro 2

When I first saw that Jimmyjane was launching the Intro series, I was extremely skeptical about the whole thing.  Here was one of my #1 companies which sold high-end, extremely effective and versatile vibrators, at a range of $125 – $495+, launching a series where none of the vibrators is priced over $59!  That was crazy!… and who knows, it still may be.  However, I was introduced to the Intro series, 1 & 2, and I must admit, that I was fairly impressed. (It’s cute to note that my 19 year old sales associate was not quite as happy with it…but that’s another story!)

So with the new Intro 1, Jimmyjane has created a very versatile finger vibe!  In my 7 years in the industry, I have not been able to find such an effective vibe in this size, and power… at this price point!  Truth be told, I feel like everyone needs one of these, and perhaps thats the point that Jimmyjane is trying to make!  They have always been “For the People” but not everyone could afford the $145 price point of the standard vibe.  At $30, I don’t feel like we will have many people balking at that price!  It is waterproof, has 3 power levels and 3 sensations, and is battery operated, though watch batteries… which does make it more petite!

Jimmyjane Intro 1, Blue

Jimmyjane Intro 1

The Intro 2 is a super-sized version of the Form 2.  Perhaps the size was needed for the 2 AAA batteries needed to power it, but it is a bit more cumbersome and less powerful then its Form 2 sister.  Power girls will still need to invest in the Jimmyjane Form 2, however, for many who are simply trying their first vibe, or want something with the dual external stimulation like the “tooth” style model the Intro 2 offers, this is an incredible option at $40.  I love that the batteries are easy to obtain, that it’s waterproof and quiet, and has 3 sensations and 3 power levels on each sensation!  This is truly a vibe customers should seriously look at.  While it only offers a one-year warranty, it’s worth the $40 to give this baby a run for the money!

Jimmyjane Intro 2, Plum

Jimmyjane Intro 2

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