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Couples Play, Trystology-Style

Couples Play Kits from Trystology

Whether you’ve been together for weeks or decades, bringing sensual play into your relationship is a wonderful way to bond, and getting a massage from your partner is one of the most sensual experiences you can have. The combination of a massage oil and the right tool in the hands of your lover might be just what you need to unwind and build intimacy.

Gentle, soothing touch is an important part of couple’s play because it lets both partners put their minds and bodies at ease while enjoying each other. In this case, “gentle, soothing touch” means sensual play, the meeting point of sexy and calming. Now, I know, that sounds like a natural contradiction. Who wants partner play to be calming? Isn’t it supposed to be exciting? Well, yes, but guess what- it can be both. With couple’s massages (given by you and your partner, to each other) you can relax your body and mind while giving in to pleasure with your partner. Cool, right?

Exchanging massages with your partner creates sensual intimacy, and at Trystology we make it easy, with the Let’s Play Kit.  A warm massage oil candle with soy and jojoba oils, a bottle of Uberlube silicone lubricant and massage oil with vitamin E, and a discrete, body-safe vibrator with a shape perfect for relaxing and sensual…in just the right places. The kit’s warm massage oil or smooth silicone lubricant/massage oil can be rubbed into the skin worked over with the massage tool for total relaxation. Plus, the skin will be left feeling soft by the hydrating natural oils of the candle. Or, if you choose to use the Uberlube for your massage, when you’re done the silicone will wash off of the body while the vitamin E will soak in to nourish the skin.

Created for couples to tap into the most basic sense of intimacy -Touch- in an exciting way, the Let’s Play Kit is just right for those times when you need to let go of stress and indulge in time alone with your partner.