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Womanizer Pro 40 Comparison Review

Womanizer, one of our best #orgasmaday tools. Every woman should have one of these!

Today I’m so pleased we are going to talk about the Womanizer Pro 40 and compare it to the Womanizer Delight and the Womanizer Deluxe. These are some of my favorite products, and to think that two years ago, we didn’t have this technology!

The Womanizer Pro 40 came out recently and I am kind of liking it. It is now waterproof, rechargeable, and very quiet and has more power levels and sensations! With the Pro 40 you can turn the power up or down with a click of the toggle button, and there’s a nice slim handle to hold. The new on-and-off button lets you drop down to low or high, and allows for more control. This brand-new version is less expensive, lighter and very cute.

So how does it compare to the previous versions? The original Womanizer Delight was launched about a year ago, and is quieter, and comes with a case. If you’d like a case or if noise is a concern, I would recommend the Delight, however the Pro 40 with its waterproof ability is a huge bonus. The Deluxe is a chunkier version but smaller and more compact. The sensations now have a toggle switch on the bottom. The suction is stronger yet seem to be a bit louder. You can change sensation instantly back down to the lowest sensation by pushing the on and off button.

Womanizer Delight

The Womanizer Deluxe is quieter and a bit more expensive. It is not my favorite because the crystal for changing buttons is sharper than the Delight, and the controls are on the back and you need to use your middle finger and ring finger, versus your thumb, to make power adjustments. It’s surely a personal preference, so you need to decide whether you use for your comfort.

Womanizer Deluxe

Back to the Pro 40. I think this is the best choice of the comparisons. I think Womanizer created the Pro 40 as a combination of the 2 previous versions and added even better sensations. The Pro 40 has all you could want! No matter which one you choose, I’m confident that Womanizer and its selection of products is one of our best #orgasmaday tools. I feel every woman should have one of these. AND its one of the best products we carry.

You can see the Womanizer products at

We-Vibe Sync Review Comparison

We-Vibe Sync, a beautiful, well designed, modern pleasure device.

At Trystology, We Vibe continues to be our #1 selling couples toy line, as it is the #1 selling couples toy around the world.  There are so many We-Vibes now, we thought it might be helpful to share with you the traits of the We-Vibe Sync, as not all We-Vibes are right for each person.

The We-Vibe classic has been a favorite for many couples. It is really flexible, and has a remote control and is Bluetooth enabled.  You can participate in couple play regardless where you are, in same room, or even same country.  The We-Vibe Classic, though, did not work for everyone, because it was fuller and so did not fit smaller bodied people.  So, We Vibe created the We Vibe 4 Plus.  It is tighter and does not move around as easily.  It is also remote control and blue tooth enabled, but it was a little tighter, and had a more pinching sensation.  We found that it was also a little uncomfortable to wear outside the bedroom.

So, We-Vibe created the We Vibe Sync! As we all know no two bodies are the same. That’s why Sync was designed, so it can be adjusted to fit your unique and beautiful shape. There are two adjustable points to better target the G-spot and clitoris with variable pressure, and delightful pleasure.  The bottom arm can be adjusted upwards to help give your G-spot that direct and powerful stimulation. Sync fits comfortably in place even when you change positions during sex. The adjustability of the We-Vibe Sync allows you to experience this toy in entirely new ways…and suddenly one can use this toy for positions that previously thought of as off-limits.  You can explore different angles, use it completely and confidently hands-free for some, and some say the learned a thing or two about new sexual preferences during use.  The Sync is a shaped more like the We-Vibe 4 Plus, but it opens up easily.  It’s a bit more fitted and does not move around as much on most bodies.

we-vibe sync

The thing I really love is the intense vibration. The remote can change vibration modes as well as the intensity in the moment. Either partner can use the remote and it works up to a distance of 3 meters.  A lot of women who buy these toys are power girls and haven’t been happy with the vibration on the Classic or even the 4 Plus.  I believe the power girl will be very happy with the We-Vibe Sync for lovemaking, and partner play.  If you are considering a We-Vibe for couple play because of the blue tooth, you can play from anywhere in the world, partner play, solo play and even under you swim suit in a Jacuzzi.

I would recommend the brand new We-Vibe Sync. It is so very flexible, vibrations are great, it has an app so you can manage the settings without using buttons, remote control, and conductive charging.  It’s a little pricier than the others but the features and upgrades are well worth it.  It comes in seafoam green and dark purple.  We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator is a beautiful, well designed, modern pleasure device that brings vibrating stimulation exactly where it’s wanted and desired the most. You can find the We-Vibe Sync and other We-Vibes at