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Womanizer 2GO Vibrator – It’s a Winner To Go!

Womanizer has outdone itself with the Womanizer 2GO!

Womanizer 2GO only $169.00 – Or Call Now – 888-801-8952

Those of you who read my blog know that Womanizer is one of my Go-To toys for an orgasm a day philosophy!  It’s just one of those reliable sex toys, for most women, that has an air-suction based motion that assists women in having an orgasm in as little as one to three minutes (sometimes less)!  I know, it seems unbelievable, but it’s for real! And the Womanizer 2GO is a fantastic addition to the line-up.

Womanizer came on the sex toy scene a year and a half ago and made claims that many women couldn’t believe! First was the Womanizer 100 with a case, one of my favorites, but it was soon replaced by the Pro 40. The Womanizer 500 was also launched and has been just okay, not my fav due to the shape and the pointy button. I loved the rounded crystal of the Womanizer 100. The Womanizer Pro 40 was a brilliant no brainer; waterproof, rechargeable, and quiet. And sleek.

But now…

Womanizer 2GO

Womanizer has, in my opinion, outdone itself with the 2GO! Women of all ages are intrigued by sex toys, however some simply can’t or won’t buy a sex toy because they aren’t discreet, or they are mortified that someone will find the toy. With the NEW Womanizer 2GO, you have a discreet lipstick shaped toy. Though a bit too large for a lipstick, it reminds me of a discreet perfume bottle that you can keep in your purse, or travel with without fear of being discovered! And here’s the thing, it WORKS!

Womanizer 2GO is a new favorite at Trystology!

I might dare to say that I think it is my favorite air suction toy yet! It’s smaller shape, and easy positioning are quite nice. Its materials are silicone based, with all the benefits of the other Womanizers! The one thing that’s different, and that I really like, is the one button on, off, and change button. With a little practice, and nuancing the button, you can increase the sensation, drop it to the lowest speed, and turn it off. VERY convenient!

I also think that the color selection is quite creative! Not only do they have the classic black and gold, and the sleek white and gold, Womanizer has added a Mint and Pink! Okay, I wasn’t sure about this, but truth be told, it’s darling! I love it! So whatever your choice, I have no doubt you will love this new Womanizer 2GO offering!

Womanizer 2Go Classic White and Gold

Womanizer 2GO Mint and Pink

You can find Womanizer 2GO and other Womanizer products at