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Transgender talk at ANME with Buck Angel and Me!

Gender Identity and Trans-gender Sex Toys.

Buck Angel and Roylin Downs, Owner of Trystology

One of the things I look forward to when I go to the ANME Trade show in January and July is my visit with Buck Angel! This past year we really connected over the topic of gender Identification, and how we each, as individuals in our 50’s, want to be more inclusive in our language when talking with non-binary individuals. So look for that conversation to come up in a big way in the near future!! I’m excited about that!

Buck Angel and his new products, Fun Boy.

Seeing Buck at the ANME show this past January, we saw an introduction of toys for trans-men. Buck’s first product, the Buck Off, was a first in strokers, which you can see in the center of the image of Buck with his products, and now in July we saw a whole litany of new products that will not only be great for trans-men, but also are versatile enough to be used by anyone who wants to wear a packer, or these products can be used by straight (Cis-Gendered) men for adding girth.

Fun Boy by Buck Angel

The products designed by Buck are made of a soft, proprietary material by the Perfect Fit Company, which makes the Fat Boy, Slim Boy and Zoro harness & dildo products.  The quality is exceptional, as you can see in the detail of the photo here of the Fun Boy.  The thing about the new Fun Boy is that, like the Zoro, it can be worn with a strap/belt, to keep it in place, or it can be placed in the underwear and simply used as a packer.  It is also hollow, so it can be a versatile tool to allow for girth on the penis, as well as giving one the more endowed feeling.  Trystology will be carrying the Fat Boy and other Buck Angel products, when they are available in September 2017.  You can see the Buck Off, and other Buck Angel products at