Review: LELO Smart Wand Massager

By @ Amber St. Clare

When I read the press release for the new LELO Smart Wand, I was thrilled to find out that LELO was finally releasing their own wand massager! Wand style massagers are quite popular, and for good reason. They usually offer a lot of power, and the larger area on a wand head offers a nice amount of stimulation, so I was really excited to see LELO’s take on a wand massager. The SmartWand is fully rechargeable, so there are no cords to fuss with, and it doesn’t requite batteries, so this option is a bit more eco-friendly. The toy is also waterproof, and can be used in the shower or bath! This vibe also offers LELO’s SenseMotion technology, similar to the Lyla, Oden and Tiani, this technology allows for vibration that can be controlled with movement rather than buttons. The Smart Wand comes in either a Plum, White, or Black color, and this particular model is the Medium size. It measures in at nearly 9 inches in length with a little over 2 inches around. It’s made of sleek matte silicone, and body safe ABS plastic. Silicone covers most of the body of the toy, with a silver metallic plastic section along the inner part of the handle. I would have loved if the entire toy was silicone, as it would have been a bit easier to clean and more seamless, but the design is still very pretty and quite easy to clean despite this. The toy can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water, sex toy cleanser or spray, or sex toy wipes. Since the toy has a mostly silicone body, I suggest only using water-based lubes with this toy as silicone lube could make the silicone material on the toy tacky or sticky. The wand weighs around 5.5 oz, and the handle is slightly curved for you to hold onto during use. The head of the toy is smooth and round, and fits nicely against the body. The head of the toy is completely seamless, as is most of the body of the toy, the only seam being the silicone around where the silver plastic handle is featured. The neck of the toy is pliable and can move and bend slightly with you body, making the toy ideal for any part of the body as it contours to your curves. The toy is marketed as a body massager, as most toys of this type are, but since it’s a LELO toy, of course they also expect you to enjoy it on your clit just as much (er, actually much more) as you would on your shoulders ;) I really like the design of the toy. It’s the most luxurious wand massager I’ve ever seen on the market, and the design is very pretty and modern…a definite difference in design than the old school (yet totally fantastic) wand massagers of yesteryear.

The LELO Smart Wand Medium comes in different packaging than the usual LELO box. This outer box is white and features the Smart Wand photo and information, then instead of the signature black LELO gift box inside, the gift box is white, with the LELO logo on the front. The toy also comes with LELO’s 1 year limited warranty, user manual, toy charger and storage pouch. The Smart Wand features 8 different vibration patterns, from a constant vibration to a more pulsing vibe to an undulating vibe. This toy features the usual Insignia user buttons, + and – and the Insignia logo in the center. The buttons are completely seamless and very easy to press, even during use. Press the Insignia button in the center to turn the toy on, and then you can use the + /- buttons to browse vibration patterns. Since this is an Insignia toy with SenseMotion, you can also activate the SenseTouch feature to use the toy without having to use the user buttons. Simply press and hold the Insignia button in the center for a fee seconds until the LED under the silicone beneath it blinks, then press the head of the vibrator against our body and the vibration will intensify the more it is pressed to the body. If you want soft vibration, just barely hold it against your skin. If you’d like more intense vibration, press the head of the massager more firmly against your skin and the vibration speed with become stronger. I thought it was a fun feature to play with, and this mode can be used all over the body, including when held against your clit or even your neck. It also feels nice against the breasts, or kneaded over the ass. It works nicely as a back massager, and can be fun to use with a partner. You could even hold the head of the massager against your clit during sex with a partner.

The motor on the toy is pretty quiet, so the toy is discreet and can be used without being heard through a door. I really like that this wand is waterproof! It’s awesome to be able to use a wand massager in the shower, and I really like the slightly smaller wand head as compared to wand head of the Hitachi. The SmartWand offers nice moderately high power, it’s similar in strength to their other Insignia toys, possibly a bit more powerful. If you’re looking for a super powerful wand vibe, this might not be it. However, if you’re looking for a wand style vibrator that has a pretty design, is quiet, and features nice rumbly vibration and is also waterproof and rechargeable then you’ll like the Smart Wand. It’s SenseTouch technology also makes for a fun feature that other wand massagers don’t have. The toy is easy to use, and it’s luxury look and feel is a nice addition to the wand style. I personally like the LELO motors…I don’t use LELO toys only for their vibration power, I use it for the quality of vibration rather than intensity. LELO motors seem to create nice rumbly vibration for me that brings me to orgasm. If you’re looking for high vibration intensity that will rival the Hitachi, you won’t find it with the Smart Wand, but you will find a nice design, quality vibration, and fun features that create versatility and ease of use!

You can get the LELO SmartWand Medium Massager for $149 and the at Kama Sutra Closet.