Review: Uberlube Silicone Lubricant

By @ Amber St. Clare
I use a lot of silicone toys, so it’s not often that I use my silicone based lubricants. However I recently got a brand spanking new bottle of this great new lube called Uberlube, it’s been hailed as one of the new great silicone lubes on the market and is even recommended by the Berman Center as well as Dr Oz. This silicone lubricant comes in a really cute glass bottle with a pump cap. I like the clear bottle and simple packaging, it’s sleek and looks luxe. I also like that you can see how much product is left in the bottle as time goes on and you use it. The pump cap is easy to use, one simple pump and you get a good sized squirt of lube. Silicone lube has a tendency to last longer, have a silky smooth texture, and it goes a long way. So one small pump of Uberlube is all you’ll need during masturbation. This silicone lube is clear, satiny when rubbed between the fingers, and it feels light and very soft on the genitals. It’s great for manual sex, anal sex, and intercourse too. The formula feels very moisturizing when I apply it, and even after a long session of masturbation I find that it hasn’t dried out like some other lubes can tend to do. I love the natural feeling of this lube, it’s not watery but not gel like either, it ha a very pleasant texture, and it doesn’t have a prominent smell or taste either. I used this lubricant on one of my glass dildos, and on one of my aluminum dildos and I found that the lubricant was long lasting, made penetration feel really comfortable and smooth, and it was awesome for anal play! A drop of this one of my favorite glass butt plugs was awesome, it made insertion easy and made removal just as nice. I really like this lube! This is going to be my go-to silicone lubricant for steel and glass toys in the future. A bottle of this lubricant should last you a long time, and it even comes in a Uberlube 50ml size and a bigger Uberlube 100mlsize. A bottle of 50ml will cost you $16 and it’s $28 for 100ml, with the feel of the formula and the staying power, this lube is totally worth the price!Like this review? Click here to see other reviews by Amber St. Clare at Scarlets Letter.