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Trystology Talk Podcast – Episode 7

Sensory Play, Snow, and Slippery When Wet

Roylin and a sign

In this episode Roylin talks about sensory play, or erotic play using sensations like cold, hot, scratchy, or electric. And the “Have You Had Your Orgasm Today?” segment looks at the challenges of aging and how desire can diminish. But the benefits of intimacy and orgasm, with oxytocin, endorphins, and antibodies, never goes away.

Production for this episode fall’s on Roylin’s birthday, and finds her visiting Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for a walk in the snow. The snow, with its chill, adds a level of sensation that changes toys like the Njoy Eleven or Pure Plug, by creating a cold sensation, or warm sensation if placed in warm water. By using heat or cold with products like glass dildos or steel toys, individuals and couples can change an ordinary toy into an extraordinary experience. In addition to glass and steel, wooden toys, and even electro stimulation, or E-Stim toys can add to the sensory experience by changing the dynamics. Using all sensations, sight, sound, touch and taste, couples can enhance and enjoy each other in a whole new way.

NobEssence Seduction Wooden Dildo

While steel, glass and wood are altered in their feeling through heat and chill, an e-stim toy adds to the experience through increased sensation, and in some cases surprise. An electric shock can add an involuntary body response, much like orgasms do for the body, and like other sensory experiences, amplify the pleasure quotient 3-10 fold.

Whether you are vanilla, or a little bit (or a lot) kinky, each person, or couple, can benefit from the exploration of sensory play. Cool, warm, tactile, sharp, smooth, tickley, or hard can enhance your pleasure. Until you’ve tried it, you never know, so find the most interesting sensation you can find. Start with a soft feather, or something scratchy, and see what you or your partner think.

Agent Noir Violet Wand Kit

At ANME last month, which is an industry trade show, I had the exciting opportunity to try the new Agent Noir Violet Wand kit by Kinklab!  …. Oh My!  What an experience!  We have carried the Violet Wand by Kinklab for the last few years, but never have we had the opportunity to present an entire “kit” of things you can use with the wand to amplify and enhance the Violet Wand.  Little did I know how interesting this would be.

First we tried the Power Tripper.  Now that was fascinating!; turning a human being into an electro-sensory device.  After that we tried a number of the tools in the kit, which created varying degrees of sensation.  One knocked my voice offline for a couple seconds, and was surprisingly (to me) crazy intense!

Take a peek at the video, which goes through many of the tools in the Agent Noir kit!

You can get your own Agent Noir Kit from

Intensity by Jopen

By @ Amber St. Clare

Introducing the Intensity by Jopen, the sex toy that is both a Kegel exerciser and vibrator. Kegels are an important part of sexual health for women, though some find it tedious, they are very beneficial and help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which can help you achieve more powerful orgasms. Jopen is known for creating quality vibration paired with a silicone body. Intensity is similar in design, though along with vibration, it has an inflatable shaft! Unique, huh? The only other inflatable insertable I can think of is the shoddy anal blow up dildos that you couldn’t even pay me to use, so this is a far cry from other blowup toys on the market. Jopen works as a G-spot and clitoral vibrator, paired with the kegel technology that helps you use the toy simply as a pelvic exerciser or as a vibrator, or both. I think the technology behind this toy is really awesome, and after seeing the toy for myself and checking it out, I feel like I can recommend it to my readers, for various reasons. Check out the video below which shows how the Jopen works, as the video comes from Jopen and explains a bit more about how the toy can be used.

Intensity comes with a user manual, gel, the toy, and it all comes in the purple Jopen Intensity box. The Intensity is made of a matte silicone, with a smooth texture, and the toy should only be used with water-based lubricants. To clean the intensity, you can wash it with anti-bacterial soap and water, or a toy cleanser spray or wipe. This toy is not waterproof, so use care when cleaning, to dry the toy wipe with a lint-free cloth. The shaft is ribbed, and there is a small clitoral stimulator at the top of the shaft to stimulate your clit while the toy stimulates you internally. So, how does the Kegel exerciser work, you ask? Really interestingly so. See, the metal parts on the shaft, these are electrodes. This is where you apply a bit of the electrode gel that comes with the toy, after inserting the shaft of the toy you simply inflate the shaft as much or as little as you’d like, to achieve the fit that you like best, then you can turn the toy on and browse through the vibration settings. So, where do the electrodes come in? The electrodes emits pulses that make your vaginal muscles contract, as if in orgasm, to help strengthen your PC muscles, and in turn, work your kegels out. Finally, Kegels for my lazy Kegel-doing ass! I love kegels and find them so beneficial, but sometimes I get distracted while doing them and don’t focus as much as I should…but the Intensity does the work for me. Ahhh technology ;)

The shaft is just over 5 inches of insertable length, with the shaft being 1.5 inches un-inflated, and can go up to 2.5 inches inflated. The control buttons on the toy are located at the handle, and are quite easy to press and navigate even while the toy is in use. All together there are 10 electrostim settings, which offers a lot of versatility for you to find the right amount that fits your body and will be suitable for your specific taste/needs. I really like how female friendly the toy is, and how versatile this device really is. I also like that it offers a clit stimulator along with the vaginal electrodes and the inflatable shaft. This toy is really cool in design and functionality. Unlike other toys in the Jopen line of toys, Intensity is not rechargeable. You might wonder why? It’s to make the toy an affordable option, because of the technology inside and the electrode stimulation, adding rechargeable elements would raise the cost even more, and since the toy is already costly (worth it, though, in my opinion!) it helps to maintain a more attainable price. The toy does require 4 AAA batteries.

I really like this toy. When I had first heard of it, it piqued my interest a little bit, but after receiving the toy and getting the chance to really see how it works and feel the intensity (it’s aptly named so) of the electrode power paired with the orgasms it produces, plus exercising the pelvic muscles, this toy was an instant winner for me! If you appreciate technology, and want a luxury toy that isn’t just whistles and bows and actually *works* to create great orgasms, while having a user friendly shape/design, and patented Kegel technology, this is the toy for you. I’ve recommending this toy a lot lately to all who will listen.