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Trystology Talk Podcast – Episode 6

What exactly is vanilla sex?

In this podcast episode, Roylin explores the “vanilla” side of sexuality. Vanilla can come in so many variations, and not all vanilla relationships are created equal. defines Vanilla Sex as Sex that involves no twists or kinkiness, and no S&M. Basically plain regular sex. Typically sweet and happy and very lovey-dovey.

Like most of what Roylin teaches at Trystology, each person chooses for himself or herself what is right for them. It’s interesting that not even Roylin’s 25-year-old son agrees with the concept that Roylin is “heterosexual, monogamous and vanilla” as she claims. He feels she is breaking the code of vanilla by introducing sex toys into the relationship.

Roylin challenges him to consider that adding a toy to insure a woman achieves an orgasm isn’t beyond the boundaries of vanilla sex! Why does vanilla sex have to be devoid of pleasures or orgasm? So, Roylin took to Facebook to survey whether vanilla could include a toy or not. There were many no’s, however the consensus was yes, it’s okay, as our society has evolved. In creating the survey, Roylin was able to show how diverse perspectives are able to come together with a new definition of vanilla. One participant came up with the following modernized definition for consideration.

Vanilla = lack of any kinks or fetishes. Varied positions and toys are fine because they are mainstream at this point. What used to be a kink in society may not be anymore as the society opens up to the idea.

What’s the deal with all the different types of lubes?

In the Toy Talk portion of the show, Roylin discusses lubricants, from Überlube, a silicone and vitamin E lube, to a water and silicone hybrid called Pink Unity. And Good Clean Love, a chemical free, water based lube.


Roylin discusses how lubes can be used to assist women with aging issues, like thinning tissue, or dryness and painful intercourse. Pjur Med Repair is a plant based water based lube that creates a water protection on the tissue to assist with lovemaking and avoiding painful intercourse. When used with Überlube on the male, or toy, you get a combination of protection and glide!

pjur med repair glide

Lastly she discusses the edible lubricants from Sliquid, which Roylin likes to call dessert!! They are delicious flavors, and no matter what you like, whether Strawberry Pomegranate or Pina Colada, you will find a flavor you enjoy!

We hope you enjoy Episode 6 of Trystology Talk!

Couples Play, Trystology-Style

Couples Play Kits from Trystology

Whether you’ve been together for weeks or decades, bringing sensual play into your relationship is a wonderful way to bond, and getting a massage from your partner is one of the most sensual experiences you can have. The combination of a massage oil and the right tool in the hands of your lover might be just what you need to unwind and build intimacy.

Gentle, soothing touch is an important part of couple’s play because it lets both partners put their minds and bodies at ease while enjoying each other. In this case, “gentle, soothing touch” means sensual play, the meeting point of sexy and calming. Now, I know, that sounds like a natural contradiction. Who wants partner play to be calming? Isn’t it supposed to be exciting? Well, yes, but guess what- it can be both. With couple’s massages (given by you and your partner, to each other) you can relax your body and mind while giving in to pleasure with your partner. Cool, right?

Exchanging massages with your partner creates sensual intimacy, and at Trystology we make it easy, with the Let’s Play Kit.  A warm massage oil candle with soy and jojoba oils, a bottle of Uberlube silicone lubricant and massage oil with vitamin E, and a discrete, body-safe vibrator with a shape perfect for relaxing and sensual…in just the right places. The kit’s warm massage oil or smooth silicone lubricant/massage oil can be rubbed into the skin worked over with the massage tool for total relaxation. Plus, the skin will be left feeling soft by the hydrating natural oils of the candle. Or, if you choose to use the Uberlube for your massage, when you’re done the silicone will wash off of the body while the vitamin E will soak in to nourish the skin.

Created for couples to tap into the most basic sense of intimacy -Touch- in an exciting way, the Let’s Play Kit is just right for those times when you need to let go of stress and indulge in time alone with your partner.

Stocking stuffers for him and her

It’s almost Christmas, and you are wondering what you can put in the stocking to light up your partner…

Here you go!

Who doesn’t like a little Chocolate Body Paint?  “The most passionate taste to penetrate the skin with the intensity of cocoa for provoking the most intense desires.” Bijoux Indescretes thought of everything… delicious flavor with a feather wand to draw on your partner!   Also available in Caramel, Strawberry and Frozen Yogurt!

p9844Chocolate Body Paint

Along the Edible Theme, Sliquid has a wonderful line of edible lubricants that are sure to please!  Strawberry Pomogrante Swirl is a favorite, but who doesn’t like the classic Green Apple, Cherry Vanilla, and Pina Colada!  Sliquid Naturals Swirl is a line of flavored and water based lubricants all of which are glycerin and paraben-free. Based on the original Naturals H20 water based lubricant, Swirl adds a bit of flavor and sweetness to mix things up.

Sliquid Swirl Sliquid SwirlSliquid Swirl

And to add a little tingle to the edible side of stocking stuffers, we’ve got Nipple Nibblers!   If nipples could smile! Cool and creamy Nipple Nibblers will stimulate more than just your taste buds. Indulge in the smooth, silky richness on your lips or nipples. Watch your lover smile. Available in 7 flavors: Grape, Bubblegum, Buttercream, Strawberry, Raspberry, Watermelon, and Mandarin.

Nipple Nibblers

For him, we’ve got the funnest stocking stuffer!  Tenga Eggs are cute to simply place in the stocking, and fun for play together!  Each egg has a design on the outside, which is the same as the design on the inside of the egg.  Each egg comes with a little pouch of water based lube, and can be used solo, or with a partner.

Tenga Eggs Tenga Eggs Tenga Eggs Tenga Eggs

Always fun, is a little naughty play!  Feather ticklers, and playful restraints by Bijoux Indescretes fit the bill!  Use this luxurious marabou feather tickler to discover new sensations as you tickle and trace along your partner’s body for a night of unforgettable pleasure.  The battle of seduction has begun! Prepare to fight skin to skin with Desir Metallique metal mesh handcuffs when on the battlefield. Easy-to-wear bracelets for any occasion, in private they become suggestive handcuffs for soft bondage games.

Bijoux HandcuffsFeather tickler

And in EVERY stocking should be a bottle of Uberlube!!!  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Good To Go portable Uberlube, or a 50ml or 100ml, no home is complete without a bottle of Uberlube!  What is Uberlube, you might ask?  It’s a massage oil/lubricant, that can be used for oh, so many things!  Not only does it have no scent, no taste, but it can be used for a massage, as a lubricant, on your hair to tame it, or under makeup for a smooth finish.  Once applied it leaves the skin feeling soft and powdery!  At Trystology, we like to say “don’t make love without it!”

UberlubeUberlube To Go Travel

One last gift idea for her… Vesper by Crave!  You know  you want to give her jewelry, but you don’t want to give her the wrong idea!  Why not give her a beautiful necklace, that is also a VIBRATOR!  What woman wouldn’t LOVE that!  Not only would she be able to wear this in public with almost no one knowing she’s got a love tool around her neck, but it’s something you can play with… at any time!  Ranging from $79-149, In Silver, Rose Gold and Gold… This is one jewelry piece she will be proud to wear!

Crave Vesper Rose Gold Vibarator NecklaceCrave Vesper Silver Vibrator NecklaceCrave Vesper Vibrator Necklace Gold

Whatever you decide you need for your stocking stuffer, the whole point is to have fun… Lots and lots of fun!  Check out all our stocking stuffers at

Pjur Med Repair Glide Lubricant

By Amber St. Clare

I love lubricants that are long lasting and provide a nice amount of slip and slide. I recently tried Pjur Med Repair Lube, which is a a lubricant that offers long lasting wetness paired with restorative repairing properties. This lubricant comes in an easy to pour white plastic bottle with a pop open top. It’s slick and very smooth and nearly feels like a silicone lubricant, though it is water-based. It’s not sticky, and it won’t stain your sheets. It’s also compatible with all sex toy materials. It’s condom safe and is contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which helps bind more water and helps this lubricant provide longer staying power.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Citric Acid

Sodium Hyaluronate is meant to offer repairing properties to the mucous membranes of your genitals also, It helps to cover the skin with an invisible film that protects the skin while also hydrating it and keeping it soft during sex and masturbation. I’ve tried this lubricant a few times already and I really do like it. The formula is smooth, doesn’t cause a sticky mess, it has no smell or taste, and it works really well on both silicone sex toys and glass toys. It doesn’t leave my skin tacky or sticky feeling, and it doesn’t leave behind a slippery film of any kind. It also works nicely in the shower! So it’s ideal for masturbation in the shower, as it says nicely on the skin even when water spray comes in contact with the lube. It’s very moisturizing and you really only need a dime size amount to get things moving smoothly. You can get a 100ml bottle of Pjur Med Repair Glide Lubricant at Trystology.

I love Trystology’s banner for the summer…so relaxing looking!

Sliquid Sassy Lube

By @ Amber St. Clare

Sliquid Sassy Lubricant is for long-lasting lubrication which makes it ideal for anal play. It’s a water-based lubricant, similar to their H2O formula, but this texture is thicker and more like a gel. The thicker texture makes it ideal for anal sex, or anal play using fingers or toys, because unlike some other water-based lubricants, Sassy doesn’t dry out as quickly. The 8 oz bottle offers an easy to use flip top, and a cute bright pink label. Just like with other Sliquid formulas, they use natural ingredients in their lubricants to put your sexual health first. Their list of ingredients are pretty minimal but also effective and natural.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

This formula can be used with any sex toys of your choice, including silicone, and they work very nicely on glass toys and steel toys as well. While this lubricant was originally marketed as their “booty formula” for anal play, it’s perfectly great as a lubricant anywhere, including for use with a partner for manual sex, as well as vaginal sex. I really like the thick texture, I can put a drop on the tip of my finger or a sex toy, and turn it over, but the lube stays in place. It’s a really soft and smooth texture, and as you can see from the ingredient list, it’s one the the purest water-based lubes on the market. Add a little lube to your ass, and a little more to the tip of a butt plug, or the tip of a penis, and enjoy stimulation with a nice lubricant that glides and adds comfort for penetration. This is my go-to water-based lube for anal play, and it’s even become one of my favorites for clitoral and vaginal masturbation. The formula is great and feels wonderful on the skin, without leaving a sticky residue. It’s also non-staining, and the thicker formula stays where you need it most without the constant need for re-application. This lube is a keeper!