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Transgender talk at ANME with Buck Angel and Me!

Gender Identity and Trans-gender Sex Toys.

Buck Angel and Roylin Downs, Owner of Trystology

One of the things I look forward to when I go to the ANME Trade show in January and July is my visit with Buck Angel! This past year we really connected over the topic of gender Identification, and how we each, as individuals in our 50’s, want to be more inclusive in our language when talking with non-binary individuals. So look for that conversation to come up in a big way in the near future!! I’m excited about that!

Buck Angel and his new products, Fun Boy.

Seeing Buck at the ANME show this past January, we saw an introduction of toys for trans-men. Buck’s first product, the Buck Off, was a first in strokers, which you can see in the center of the image of Buck with his products, and now in July we saw a whole litany of new products that will not only be great for trans-men, but also are versatile enough to be used by anyone who wants to wear a packer, or these products can be used by straight (Cis-Gendered) men for adding girth.

Fun Boy by Buck Angel

The products designed by Buck are made of a soft, proprietary material by the Perfect Fit Company, which makes the Fat Boy, Slim Boy and Zoro harness & dildo products.  The quality is exceptional, as you can see in the detail of the photo here of the Fun Boy.  The thing about the new Fun Boy is that, like the Zoro, it can be worn with a strap/belt, to keep it in place, or it can be placed in the underwear and simply used as a packer.  It is also hollow, so it can be a versatile tool to allow for girth on the penis, as well as giving one the more endowed feeling.  Trystology will be carrying the Fat Boy and other Buck Angel products, when they are available in September 2017.  You can see the Buck Off, and other Buck Angel products at

Vibrators for Couples! Saucy!

Remote-Controlled Partner Play for Him and Her

Sometimes you just want to have some fun!  With remote controlled sex-toys, customers have been “playing” inside and outside the bedroom for the last couple of years.  With the We-vibe couples play toy the We-Vibe Classic, she wears the toy and both partners share in the vibration.  It’s also a fun toy outside the bedroom. However she’s the only one who can feel the vibration!  I’ve always thought that wasn’t fair, because as much as we know men like remotes, women also like the ability to “play” with their partner, outside the bedroom!

The wait for a solution is over!

I have paired two fabulous remote-controlled vibrators… the Lelo Hula and the Lelo Oden 2… for the ultimate in partner play!  While you have to be in the vicinity, meaning it’s not Bluetooth enabled (that’s a whole other story), it makes remote play at home or outside the bedroom a whole lot more fun!

Lelo Hula Beads Remote Controlled Vibrator

Lelo Hula Beads Remote Controlled Vibrator

First, we start with the Lelo Hula.  This is a great remote controlled toy that is amazing at assisting with pelvic floor tightening!  You insert it into the vagina, and turn it on.  Leave it going for half an hour or so, while you go about your business.  Really!  It’s that easy and fun!  The remote has 8 different settings, as well as different power levels.  The Hula can also be used internally during oral sex, or laid externally on the labia and clitoris.  Overall a fun toy that’s waterproof and rechargeable.

Lelo Oden 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Ring

Lelo Oden 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Ring

Next is the Lelo Oden 2.  The Oden 2 is a great vibrating ring for men.  With two ring options, one for more restriction, the other for more comfort, it’s a personal preference as to which he uses for hands free clitoral stimulation during lovemaking!  It’s quiet, powerful, and with the remote you get the same 8 sensations, and various power levels.  AND there’s Sensa-motion, where the toy responds to your movement.

So how do we work them together, you might ask?  Each partner turns on the toy, and puts the toy in place… This doesn’t mean the toy is vibrating, it’s just on, and ready for use with the remote control. For men, I recommend the more open ring, with the vibrator pointed down toward the testicles.  For women, you can insert the Hula either way, with the string down, or up.  I suggest up, so the rotating movement is closer to the G-Spot.  Once you have your products in place, you each have your remote, and are ready to go out to dinner.  Or play.    Now the fun thing about these products, is that they both can work off of the same remote!  REALLY!  So when one remote is turned on, and vibration is increased, both toys start to vibrate.  Yes, that means if anyone else in the restaurant happens to be wearing a Lelo remote-controlled toy, they too will have their vibe start.  Crazy, right?!?

All’s fair in play with remote controlled toys, and I love that we have a way in which both men and women are able to play with their partners outside the bedroom.  For more fun ideas, check out our kits at

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo vs. Duo

Learn the difference between Pulse Solo and Duo

Hot Octopuss is one of the best men’s toys available today.  With its sleek styling, pulse technology, and adjustable fit, it really is a versatile toy for men.  It can be used alone or with a partner, for stroking, or just held in one position. And with the men’s toy category filled mostly with vulgar toys that most men wouldn’t want seen by their partners, the Hot Octopuss Pulse is a refreshing alternative to what’s been available!

With the availability of both the Duo and the Solo, it can be challenging to decide between the Duo and the Solo.  Sometimes people choose because of the price, with the solo being less expensive.  Sometimes it’s because of the ability to share it with a partner.  Or it could be the remote control…  While the remote doesn’t turn the toy on or off, it does adjust the external vibration on the silicone coated Pulse Duo.

I have done a comparison in this video to help you see what the Hot Octopuss Pulse looks like, how it functions, and reasons why you might want one or the other.  Let me know if this was helpful, or if you’ve got things you’d like to explore further regarding the Hot Octopuss Pulse!  I can be reached via email at Roylin at

Top Sexy Valentine’s Gifts

What to get your Lover for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes it can be challenging choosing a gift for your loved one (or yourself!), and during Valentine’s it can be especially difficult.  Focused on love, passion and sex, it’s so much easier to choose chocolate and flowers… but why not make your Valentine’s REALLY sexy!

Trystology has compiled the Top Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Individuals and Couples!

Here goes:We-Vibe Classic App Bluetooth

  1. The number one COUPLES gift is a We-Vibe Classic.  This wonderful tool is great for sharing the vibe during lovemaking, and it’s great for foreplay, solo play and outside the bedroom, with it’s  Bluetooth and remote control!  What we don’t talk about is that it’s also good for stroking the penis, and great for girl on girl play! At $149 it’s waterproof, rechargeable, remote controlled and quiet!  AWESOME Gift.
  2. The Rechargeable Palm Power is fast becoming the toy of choPalmpower Rechargeableice for COUPLES and INDIVIDUALS!  It’s one of the most powerful, petite, wand style toys available today, and it has the ability to switch out the attachments, which can vary from body massagers, to clitoral stimulators, to g-spot stimulators, and rabbit-style attachments.  The versatility of this product is so wonderful!  It can easily be used for lovemaking due to no cord,  it’s powerful vibe, the interchangeable heads, and the ability to use the handle to reach places, it’s also an incredible body massager.  At $86 for the Palm Power Rechargeable, and $20-28 for the attachments, this is one versatile toy for men and women!Womanizer Pro
  3. Third on the list of Sexy Valentine’s gifts is this toy for WOMEN.  The Womanizer has taken the country by storm, and as an effective toy for achieving an orgasm, what woman wouldn’t be thrilled with this gift this holiday!?!?  The Womanizer is a suction oriented toy that is placed over the clitoris and has touchless, suction technology.  It has shown to give a woman an orgasm in less than a minute, though depending on the day, can take 1-3 min… but usually not that long!  When women are hardwired to have orgasms in 20-40 min, this toy defies logic and is a great tool for achieving An Orgasm A Day!  For more information regarding choosing between the Womanizer Pro and Womanizer W100, see our previous blog
  4. Hot Octopuss Pulse DuoThe Pulse Duo (and it’s cousin the Pulse Solo) are on our list for the 4th Sexiest Valentine’s gift this season!  Pulse Duo is great for COUPLES, while the Solo is great for MEN.  The Guybrator as it is called, is a pulsating toy and has a pulse plate the massages the frenulum. Whether using this for stroking, or simply placing on the penis, this toy can take a man from flacid to hard, and assist with achieving an orgasm.  The Duo is silicone coated, and a woman can straddle it while her partner uses it, and there is a remote control for the toy to take it from low to high pulsation.  This is certainly an awesome toy for both couples and for men alone.
  5. Hawthorne Lifestyle SwingWhen looking at a GREAT Sexy gift for Valentines, we would be remiss in overlooking one of our TOP Sexy Valentine’s gifts, the Hawthorne Lifestyle Swing.  It is one of THE BEST sex swings available on the market, and is not only comfortable, easy to install and use, it is completely adjustable.  The soft cushion seat, and the easy adjusters make this an amazing choice for COUPLES for Valentine’s. Whether you use it for traditional face to face, or go with Doggie Style, you can also both be on the swing at the same time, or 2 or more can enjoy this swing… so many options.  And then again, you can sit comfortably in it an watch TV or read a book!  Hey, it’s versatile!
  6.  The Lelo Ina Wave iLelo Ina Waves still the HOTTEST Rabbit style toy we have today!  With its “assertive” Rabbit arm and the ability forLelo Ina Wave high-high or low-low vibration, AND the fact that it can either be rigid or create a “come hither” wave motion, the Lelo Ina Wave has proven it’s an amazing FEMALE toy for SOLO or COUPLES play!  It has 10 pleasure settings and is Waterproof, Rechargeable and fairly quiet.  This toy aims to please!  It is also qualified to be in the An Orgasm A Day category, due to its ease in assisting women on achieving an orgasm.
  7. Crave Vesper Rose GoldCrave Vesper is tops on our list of SEXY Valentine’s gifts for it’s completely discrete, jewelry like presentation (in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) and yet it is a wonderfully powerful 4 speed vibrator!  The metal casing is wonderful for sensory play, so it can be chilled or heated, and when used on high, the toy itself heats up and adds to the vibration sensation for a wonderful combination.  Priced between $79 and $149, the Crave Vesper is an amazing tool to Empower Women to Own Their Sexuality… what better gift can one give to a woman?  Great for SOLO or COUPLES!  Don’t be afraid to wear it every day.  It’s super hygenic, and hey… you don’t have to tell anyone what it is.  It’s that discrete.
  8. UberlubeUberlube is our #1 selling product in the store, because it can be used for massaging, lovemaking, and for so many other uses… hair smoother, under makeup, chaffing… you name it, Uberlube can do it.  Whether its for SOLO or COUPLES, Uberlube, with its no scent, no taste, silicone and Vitamin E, this lubricant enhances the relationship by encouraging more touch… more play!  At $16 and $28, as well as $14 Good To Go Travel packs, Uberlube is a great Gift for him or her.
  9. Je Joue has joined the bandwagon with a series of Bluetooth enabled toys, and we’ve added the Je Joue Nuo to the list of SEXY Valentine’s because anal play is one of our top categories and vibrating anal toolJe Joue Nuo blacks aJeJou Nuo 2re SOOO popular!  The Je Joue Nuo does not discriminate on HIM or HER… so whoever is interested, this toy is for them!  It’s made of platinum grade silicone, and has a number of incredible sensations which are easy to navigate with the Je Joue App… High to low vibration, as well as various pulsations.  The Nuo is fun for use outside the bedroom, as well as during lovemaking!
  10. Last but not least, we have the edible category, and what Sexy ValentinBijoux Indescretes La Poeme Body Painte would be complete without adding a little edible chocolate!  The Bijoux Indescretes Poeme is not only a really pretty gift, it’s delicious.  Imaging you take out the soft silicone tipped feather, and dip it into the yummy Chocolate (or Strawberry, Caramel, Frozen Yogurt or Cherry!) and simply write, draw or paint on your partner… what you do next is your choice!  Bijoux Indescretes is one of our favorite vendors for all things Sexy… and all things edible!  Don’t miss out on other items by Bijoux Indescretes you might be able to add to your collection!

Trystology hopes your Valentine’s is as Sexy as you are… and that you enjoy and explore our Top Sexy Valentine’s in store or online.

Je Joue Nuo – Remote Controlled Anal Plug!

It’s interesting, I wasn’t quite sure about this when I first saw it… a remote controlled anal plug?  Now don’t get me wrong, everything Je Joue does is amazing, so the feel of the silicone was divine, and the remote control was just plain genius… a pen like remote device!  But a remote controlled Anal Plug?  Then I met the Nuo, and was completely won over!

Je Joue Nuo Plug Black A02776-JeJou-Nuo-2-1200x1200

Je Joue’s Nuo is a soft silicone, flexible at the base for comfort, yet the tip of the toy is firm.  It is easy to use, and has some of the most interesting sensations of any toy we’ve seen thus far!  Makes me very intrigued to meet the Je Joue Dua!  It feels as though there are three motors in this little guy, and with the remote, you’re able to toggle through each sensation, and amplify or decrease the sensation, as desired.  It’s wonderful that the pen vibrates as well, allowing a partner to adjust the sensation and know what the person wearing the Nuo is feeling!

Je Joue states that the “Nuo can be controlled with a discreet pen shaped remote or with the Je Joue app for sensual long-distance play. Intensifying foreplay, enhancing pleasure during sex, or starting seduction outside the intimacy of your room, Nuo provides heightened anal sensations.”

So, yup, there’s an app for that!

Waterproof, rechargeable, quiet… remote controlled and bluetooth enabled!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

You can see the Je Joue Nuo at

New Pulse II Solo and Pulse II Duo

Amazing New Guybrators!!!

Last year saw the introduction of the “guybrator”!  Sure there’ve been vibrators for men… but this new toy took men’s vibratiors to a new level, even going so far as to donate these toys to a soccer team to “let off steam” during the World Cup!  Never before have we seen such bravado from such a unique sensual product!

Pulse II Solo Men's Vibrator

Pulse II Solo Guybrator

Now, with that said, Hot Octopuss Pulse seems to have TRULY outdone itself, with it’s a reinvention of it’s own Pulse vibrators for men!  Now waterproof, with multiple sensations, and quiet, the New Pulse II Solo is an amazing new vibrator for men.  With claims of taking men from flaccid to erect through its pulse plate technology, it has been very well received.  It’s pulsating pulse plate on the frenulum creates an erotic sensation for men.   While the original Pulse was less well received by women for partner play, as they found the original Pulse exterior to be less than enticing due to it’s hard shell outer case, the new Pulse II Duo will certainly change that perspective.  Coated with soft silicone, and with a remote control and a dedicated vibrator to create the desired sensation, from minimal to strong vibration on the exterior, the Pulse II Duo is sure to be a “pleaser.”

Pulse II Duo Men's Vibrator

Pulse II Duo Guybrator

Whether you are looking for a solo play men’s vibrator, or a partner play toy, this pulsating men’s vibrator has a lot to offer. Pulse II Solo is still $99, while the remote controlled Pulse II Duo is $139. If you are interested on giving the Pulse II Solo or Duo a try, or are interested in learning more about it, please see

Best Prostate Massage Tools

Prostate Massage Tools that Vibrate!

We are entering a new world.  One that is more accepting of anal play for men!  Yeah!  Hopefully the day of people (including Doctors, YIKES!) alluding to men who like prostate stimulation, in any form, must be gay, are over!  Anyone more open minded, or in the know, understands that prostate stimulation, is just that… stimulating!  And for the most part, the only way to stimulate the prostate is through the anus.

You may not be aware that the male prostate is very similar in many ways to the female G-Spot, thus why it is often referred to as the male G-Spot, or the P-Spot.  Using the same concept of the 1-3 inches up on the upper wall concept for females, the male prostate is 1-3 inches in on the upper wall in men.  The best way to know what the direction it is, you would point the bulbous point or curve of any toy or finger toward the testicles and perineum.

Aneros Helix SYN Prostate Massager

Aneros Helix SYN

Okay, so how exactly can we achieve a good prostate massage? Generally any toy that can be used for a G-Spot, can be used for the prostate… with one MAJOR rule… nothing is inserted into the anus that doesn’t have a flange.  Flange = Stopper.  So we look at prostate massage tools that are specifically designed for the anus/prostate, like the Aneros Helix Syn, which is one of our most requested toys. With its specially designed shape, and the silicone coating, it is one of the most comfortable and effective prostate massage tools.  You can also see that it has light pressure on the perineum, with the black curve with red dot, and a red handle that is great for giving the massage.

So, what’s the new thing in prostate massage?  Vibration!!!  And there are a few toys that we really like that are awesome for vibrating the prostate.  The Lux 3 and the Black Pearl.

The Lux 3 is a sleek look made of high grade silicone, designed perfectly to hit the prostate.  It has a variable speed vibration, so the longer you hold the button, the higher the vibration.  The vibration carries through the toy, however it is focused on the Perineum, so as not to over stimulate the prostate. It is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet.

Lux 3 Prostate Massager

Lux 3 Prostate Massager

The Vibratex Black Pearl is a new prostate massage tool with strong vibration, and a button that when pressed shifts from one sensation to another.  It is fairly straight, however has a button at the tip that protrudes that should hit the prostate.  This particular prostate massage tool vibrates at the tip, unlike the Lux 3, so the stimulation at the prostate can be very strong.  Due to its strong vibration, women might be tempted to use it, so it can also be used for G-spot play for women.  It is silicone, as is the Lux 3, and is easy to clean, because it’s non porous. Being waterproof, it can also be boiled for cleaning, if so desired.

Black Pearl Prostate Massager

Black Pearl Prostate Massager

Prostate massage can be an extremely enjoyable experience for men, so it’s wonderful to see that our society, for the most part, is opening up this incredible experience for men to use as a technique during foreplay, solo play, or as a tool to be used during lovemaking.  The statistics speak for themselves.. orgasms 3-10 times stronger than traditional orgasms.

You can find a selection of male prostate toys at

Lelo Pino Vibrating Men’s Ring

Lelo Pino Review

With the introduction of the Lelo Pino men’s vibrating ring, we see a whole new take on the shape, style and usage of a ring during lovemaking.  Lelo Pino is touted as “designed exclusively for bankers.”  An interesting niche to target.  That must be why the Lelo Pino comes with a money clip and cuff links.  Most everyday guys don’t usually wear cuff links!

Lelo Pino

Lelo Pino Vibrating Mens Ring Package

So here’s the thing.  If you’re able to look beyond the narrow target they are shooting for, because, let’s face it, everyone, whether you’re a teacher, artist, banker or business owner… wants great sex, I think Lelo may have come up with a very intriguing product!  Up close and personal, it’s a bit intimidating.  It is quite a bit larger than its predecessor, the Lelo Tor 2, or the Lelo Oden 2.  And the shape is like none we’ve ever seen…

Lelo Pino Cock Ring

Lelo Pino Mens Vibrating Ring in Black

Do you see what I mean?  With the pointed tip,  the curved space for cupping, and then the nodule at the base, before the ring, it has a bit of an intimidating presence.  But fear not, the Lelo Pino is truly designed with the experience in mind.  It is made out of platinum grade silicone, which is velvety soft.  Both the lower and upper “points” are in fact hollow and collapsible, designed for gentle stimulation, and are conductors, transmitting the vibration wherever it might be desired.  The ring itself is firm, while being soft and flexible enough to stretch for additional girth.

Besides being waterproof, rechargeable and quiet, as most Lelo toys are, one of the key features is the 10 vibration patterns, which are easily changed with the plus button on the side (seen above).  One feature I really like is that if the + button and the – button are pressed simultaneously, the Pino shuts off instantaneously!  That is so perfect, as very few toys have a quick off switch… and here’s the thing… we all need the vibration to stop quickly at times!

Here are a couple of suggestions on how the Lelo Pino can be used.  I always like to say that “There are no rules for how to use sex toys.”  These are just ideas.  You can get creative!

Lelo Pino

Lelo Pino missionary position

Lelo Pino

Lelo Pino Rear Entry Positioning

As you can see, there are many intriguing things to note and explore about the Lelo Pino mens vibrating ring!  Get one now at

Hot Octopuss Pulse… New Male Vibrator!

So excited to share about the newest Male Vibrator by a British Company, Hot Octopuss! The new Pulse is a pulsating male stimulator, that is versatile for partner play or solo play! We had the opportunity to meet with Adam at the International Lingerie Show to learn about the launch October 2013.

First and foremost Hot Octopuss PULSE is a revolutionary male stimulator that uses oscillations to stimulate the man. This is PULSE’s primary function and what sets it apart from all toys that have come before it.

As well as being the next generation in male toys, PULSE is also great fun for couple’s. Incredibly versatile, PULSE’s can be used as a massager or even as a fantastic-hands free addition to foreplay.

An added advantage of PULSE design is that the man does not need to have an erection to use it. On the one hand this allows the user to enjoy the sensation of being made hard but on the other it offers amazing possibilities for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). The couple can come closer to the sensation of “making love” than ever before.

Avalilable at