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Uvee Sex Toy Storage and Sanitizer Review

Play. Sanitize. Charge. Repeat! – Uvee

In the sex toy industry, the storage and cleanliness of toys is of utmost concern to not only consumers, but shops that want to provide customers with a way to maintain and manage their toys.  While at the ANME Trade show this year, we were SOOO pleased to discover a brand new product that would help with just that!  Uvee is a new company that has created an attractive storage and cleaning system that not only works for sex toys, but works for any item you would like to have cleaned!  Your iPhone, for example, can be placed in the Uvee, and the ultra violet lights will kill 99.9% of all bacteria in 10 minutes or less using the UV-C patent pending sanitizing process.

It was so great to meet the owners. UVee was founded by Mother/Daughter team Carrie Martz and Brooke Martz O’Connor.  They developed the idea out of necessity, as Carrie was pregnant and worried about infection during pregnancy with the use of toys. The research they did in developing a sanitizing storage case using UV rays is genius.

Uvee Go play Case

They offer Uvee in 2 sizes, a smaller as well as a larger option, which is big enough to hold a Magic Wand, one of the larger toys available!  In addition, the larger Uvee has the ability to not only have multiple toys placed in at the same time (including your iPad or phone), it also allows for charging of the devices as well!  Another great feature, besides of course the cleaning and charging, is the ability to lock the case, to keep all the items away from prying eyes!

Uzee Home Play Case

The Uvee is an attractive and discrete case that offers customers so many great benefits!  We are so excited to finally be able to provide an “all-in-one” option for cleaning, storing and locking all the amazing toys we offer at Trystology.

Trystology Talk Podcast – Episode 7

Sensory Play, Snow, and Slippery When Wet

Roylin and a sign

In this episode Roylin talks about sensory play, or erotic play using sensations like cold, hot, scratchy, or electric. And the “Have You Had Your Orgasm Today?” segment looks at the challenges of aging and how desire can diminish. But the benefits of intimacy and orgasm, with oxytocin, endorphins, and antibodies, never goes away.

Production for this episode fall’s on Roylin’s birthday, and finds her visiting Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for a walk in the snow. The snow, with its chill, adds a level of sensation that changes toys like the Njoy Eleven or Pure Plug, by creating a cold sensation, or warm sensation if placed in warm water. By using heat or cold with products like glass dildos or steel toys, individuals and couples can change an ordinary toy into an extraordinary experience. In addition to glass and steel, wooden toys, and even electro stimulation, or E-Stim toys can add to the sensory experience by changing the dynamics. Using all sensations, sight, sound, touch and taste, couples can enhance and enjoy each other in a whole new way.

NobEssence Seduction Wooden Dildo

While steel, glass and wood are altered in their feeling through heat and chill, an e-stim toy adds to the experience through increased sensation, and in some cases surprise. An electric shock can add an involuntary body response, much like orgasms do for the body, and like other sensory experiences, amplify the pleasure quotient 3-10 fold.

Whether you are vanilla, or a little bit (or a lot) kinky, each person, or couple, can benefit from the exploration of sensory play. Cool, warm, tactile, sharp, smooth, tickley, or hard can enhance your pleasure. Until you’ve tried it, you never know, so find the most interesting sensation you can find. Start with a soft feather, or something scratchy, and see what you or your partner think.

Top Sexy Valentine’s Gifts

What to get your Lover for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes it can be challenging choosing a gift for your loved one (or yourself!), and during Valentine’s it can be especially difficult.  Focused on love, passion and sex, it’s so much easier to choose chocolate and flowers… but why not make your Valentine’s REALLY sexy!

Trystology has compiled the Top Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Individuals and Couples!

Here goes:We-Vibe Classic App Bluetooth

  1. The number one COUPLES gift is a We-Vibe Classic.  This wonderful tool is great for sharing the vibe during lovemaking, and it’s great for foreplay, solo play and outside the bedroom, with it’s  Bluetooth and remote control!  What we don’t talk about is that it’s also good for stroking the penis, and great for girl on girl play! At $149 it’s waterproof, rechargeable, remote controlled and quiet!  AWESOME Gift.
  2. The Rechargeable Palm Power is fast becoming the toy of choPalmpower Rechargeableice for COUPLES and INDIVIDUALS!  It’s one of the most powerful, petite, wand style toys available today, and it has the ability to switch out the attachments, which can vary from body massagers, to clitoral stimulators, to g-spot stimulators, and rabbit-style attachments.  The versatility of this product is so wonderful!  It can easily be used for lovemaking due to no cord,  it’s powerful vibe, the interchangeable heads, and the ability to use the handle to reach places, it’s also an incredible body massager.  At $86 for the Palm Power Rechargeable, and $20-28 for the attachments, this is one versatile toy for men and women!Womanizer Pro
  3. Third on the list of Sexy Valentine’s gifts is this toy for WOMEN.  The Womanizer has taken the country by storm, and as an effective toy for achieving an orgasm, what woman wouldn’t be thrilled with this gift this holiday!?!?  The Womanizer is a suction oriented toy that is placed over the clitoris and has touchless, suction technology.  It has shown to give a woman an orgasm in less than a minute, though depending on the day, can take 1-3 min… but usually not that long!  When women are hardwired to have orgasms in 20-40 min, this toy defies logic and is a great tool for achieving An Orgasm A Day!  For more information regarding choosing between the Womanizer Pro and Womanizer W100, see our previous blog
  4. Hot Octopuss Pulse DuoThe Pulse Duo (and it’s cousin the Pulse Solo) are on our list for the 4th Sexiest Valentine’s gift this season!  Pulse Duo is great for COUPLES, while the Solo is great for MEN.  The Guybrator as it is called, is a pulsating toy and has a pulse plate the massages the frenulum. Whether using this for stroking, or simply placing on the penis, this toy can take a man from flacid to hard, and assist with achieving an orgasm.  The Duo is silicone coated, and a woman can straddle it while her partner uses it, and there is a remote control for the toy to take it from low to high pulsation.  This is certainly an awesome toy for both couples and for men alone.
  5. Hawthorne Lifestyle SwingWhen looking at a GREAT Sexy gift for Valentines, we would be remiss in overlooking one of our TOP Sexy Valentine’s gifts, the Hawthorne Lifestyle Swing.  It is one of THE BEST sex swings available on the market, and is not only comfortable, easy to install and use, it is completely adjustable.  The soft cushion seat, and the easy adjusters make this an amazing choice for COUPLES for Valentine’s. Whether you use it for traditional face to face, or go with Doggie Style, you can also both be on the swing at the same time, or 2 or more can enjoy this swing… so many options.  And then again, you can sit comfortably in it an watch TV or read a book!  Hey, it’s versatile!
  6.  The Lelo Ina Wave iLelo Ina Waves still the HOTTEST Rabbit style toy we have today!  With its “assertive” Rabbit arm and the ability forLelo Ina Wave high-high or low-low vibration, AND the fact that it can either be rigid or create a “come hither” wave motion, the Lelo Ina Wave has proven it’s an amazing FEMALE toy for SOLO or COUPLES play!  It has 10 pleasure settings and is Waterproof, Rechargeable and fairly quiet.  This toy aims to please!  It is also qualified to be in the An Orgasm A Day category, due to its ease in assisting women on achieving an orgasm.
  7. Crave Vesper Rose GoldCrave Vesper is tops on our list of SEXY Valentine’s gifts for it’s completely discrete, jewelry like presentation (in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) and yet it is a wonderfully powerful 4 speed vibrator!  The metal casing is wonderful for sensory play, so it can be chilled or heated, and when used on high, the toy itself heats up and adds to the vibration sensation for a wonderful combination.  Priced between $79 and $149, the Crave Vesper is an amazing tool to Empower Women to Own Their Sexuality… what better gift can one give to a woman?  Great for SOLO or COUPLES!  Don’t be afraid to wear it every day.  It’s super hygenic, and hey… you don’t have to tell anyone what it is.  It’s that discrete.
  8. UberlubeUberlube is our #1 selling product in the store, because it can be used for massaging, lovemaking, and for so many other uses… hair smoother, under makeup, chaffing… you name it, Uberlube can do it.  Whether its for SOLO or COUPLES, Uberlube, with its no scent, no taste, silicone and Vitamin E, this lubricant enhances the relationship by encouraging more touch… more play!  At $16 and $28, as well as $14 Good To Go Travel packs, Uberlube is a great Gift for him or her.
  9. Je Joue has joined the bandwagon with a series of Bluetooth enabled toys, and we’ve added the Je Joue Nuo to the list of SEXY Valentine’s because anal play is one of our top categories and vibrating anal toolJe Joue Nuo blacks aJeJou Nuo 2re SOOO popular!  The Je Joue Nuo does not discriminate on HIM or HER… so whoever is interested, this toy is for them!  It’s made of platinum grade silicone, and has a number of incredible sensations which are easy to navigate with the Je Joue App… High to low vibration, as well as various pulsations.  The Nuo is fun for use outside the bedroom, as well as during lovemaking!
  10. Last but not least, we have the edible category, and what Sexy ValentinBijoux Indescretes La Poeme Body Painte would be complete without adding a little edible chocolate!  The Bijoux Indescretes Poeme is not only a really pretty gift, it’s delicious.  Imaging you take out the soft silicone tipped feather, and dip it into the yummy Chocolate (or Strawberry, Caramel, Frozen Yogurt or Cherry!) and simply write, draw or paint on your partner… what you do next is your choice!  Bijoux Indescretes is one of our favorite vendors for all things Sexy… and all things edible!  Don’t miss out on other items by Bijoux Indescretes you might be able to add to your collection!

Trystology hopes your Valentine’s is as Sexy as you are… and that you enjoy and explore our Top Sexy Valentine’s in store or online.

Vixen Creations Dildos! Incredible…

We are so excited to announce that we have just received a number of Vixen Creations items for the store!  These dildos and sensual accessories are of the highest caliber silicone, and the shapes are amazing!  And the VixSkin Raquel and Mustang are so amazingly soft with firm cores, in rockin’ colors, you just can’t resist!  Don’t trust us, see for yourself!

Vixen Creations Mustang DildoMustang Tie-Die

vixen creations raquel vixskin Raquel Vixskin Dildo – Great for Solo Play, Partner Play, and Strap-on Play! Vixen Creations Magic Wand Attachment

Gee Whiz is an incredible Hitatchi Wand Style Attachment!  Textured, Curved for P-Spot or G-Spot Play… it’s a durable silicone, versatile toy for him or her.

These Vixen Creations toys, and others, are available at

Sexy SpareParts Bella Courture Harness Lingerie

SpareParts HardWear has outdone itself with their new offering, the Bella Couture Harness Lingerie!  Self described as:

“…distinctly dangerous blend of sensuality, sophistication, and drama—and the most intoxicating lingerie harness in our line. With her, everything smolders: delicate stretchable lace, a cascading bow, and the perfect peek of rear cleavage. Bella cuts a stunning silhouette—and casts a spell impossible to shake.”

It’s hard not to see the beauty, sensuality and intoxication in her design, lines and silhouette.  Here are the pictures of this new “smoldering” beauty!

SpareParts Bella Couture Harness Lingerie

SpareParts Bella Couture Harness Lingerie

SpareParts Bella Couture Harness Lingerie, back

SpareParts Bella Couture Harness Lingerie, back

As SpareParts describes “Bella cuts a stunning silhouette—and casts a spell impossible to shake. The durable O-ring allows the wearer to choose from single or double dildos in perfect comfort without losing its shape. Bella’s breathable, barely-there fabric is luxuriously soft and ideal for all-day wear. From the midnight rendezvous to the morning motorcycle ride, Bella’s ready.”

We are so pleased to offer the entire line of SpareParts Harnesses at Trystology. You can see them at

Devine Playchest

By @ Amber St. Clare

How cute is this storage case? The Devine Playchest is lined with pockets and storage slots and a nice wide (and pretty high too) area for storing bedroom goodies such as massage oils, lingerie, massagers and more! It offers a lot of room inside, and the outside is so cute! Made of a pretty pink and black faux croc patent print, the case has two handles for easy carrying, and it has a easy to use metal clasp lock. I recently used this case for traveling on the weekend and everyone who saw it instantly wanted it and asked me where I got it! It measures 15″ x 8″ x 10,” so you have a good amount of space for storing your items for storage or travel. It’s so pretty. The black with the pink trim, and pink handles really makes this an attractive case.

I filled the case with my RodeOh panty harness, my Hanky Panky thong, Gerbe tights, a bra, some makeup, and LELO and PicoBong items. There is still plenty of room left in the playchest! My stuff is spread out in the case, if it were packed more tightly I could probably fit double, as this case is really only about 1/3 full so far. You can use this case for anything that you’d like too, it would make for a great makeup case or equipment case for jewelry making or sewing! You could also buy it as a gift and fill it with many more little gifts for an added surprise. You can get the Devine Playchest at Trystology!

They’re BACK!!! Jollies Jollet

By @ Amber St. Clare

Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo? Oh wait, that’s Juliet, not Jollet. My mistake. However, if Juliet had a Jollies Jollet she may not have stabbed herself with a happy dagger, and instead stabbed her naughty bits with the Jollet! Feast your eyes on the Jollet. It’s similar in shape to the Jollie Jollie dildo, however, it doesn’t have the handle. Jollet is basically the Jollie minus the finger hole/handle an raised clit ridges. This difference in design means that Jollet is a little more affordable than the Jollie, and that since it has a flat bottom with a bullet slot, you can use the Jollet as a dildo, or as a vibrator by sliding your fav bullet vibe into the bottom of the toy. Hows that for a little variety? The Jollet pictured above, is the Polka Dot design, which is a clear silicone with a lot of tiny little rainbow colored spheres inside of it. I looked real close and it looks as if the cute little spheres are actually tiny little felt pom-poms! Cute! I adore the Polka Dot design as it’s really unique and fun looking. No other silicone toy that I own looks as fun and quirky as the Polka Dot Jollet. If dots aren’t your thing, the Jollet also comes in a Pink color, a Gold Sparkle design, or a White Shimmer. You have may seen the Jollet design before if you’re a sex toys fiend like myself, but you probably haven’t seen it in these colors. That’s because the amazing Roylin, owner of Trystology, had the makers of Jollies specially make the Jollet in these colors! How cool is that? So if you want a Polka Dot Jollet or one of the other special colors, you can only find it at Trystology!

The Jollet is made of quality silicone, like the other toys from Jollies, and just like the Jollies Dildo, it was molded from the internal design of a woman. Which means this toy is meant to stimulate the G-spot and the cervix. You may have noticed that the head of the Jollet comes to a small point, then as you move a little further down the shaft you’ll notice a larger more bulbous curve, then the toy gets slim again near bottom of the shaft, then larger again at the base.. The tip of the toy is shaped for cervix stim, and the curved bulb is meant for G-spot stimulation. Jollies basically said that this toy is not really meant for thrusting, it’s more of a toy that is meant for stimulating the inside of the vagina through slower movements or vibrations.

This is a toy that definitely has some girth to it. So if you’re not used to a lot of width in your usual sex toy play, it may take you a few tries to insert the Jollet. I highly suggest a lot of water-based lubricant, some time, and a relaxed (yet aroused!) mind. My suggestion is to hold the G-spot bulb of the toy as you insert the tip, once the tip is successfully inserted, move your hands to the bottom of the base and begin to work the larger part of the toy (G-spot curve) into your vagina. Insert it as far as you can or would like. If you can successfully insert it all of the way, the tip should lightly stimulate the cervix and the curved bulb should offer some stimulation to the G-spot. You can hold the toy inside of you and grind your hips to feel the toy move inside and provide some stimulation, or you can pop a vibrating bullet into the bottom of the toy and enjoy some vibration with the toy. I like that the bottom is flat because this means that you can use this toy with other toys! I highly suggest pairing the Jollet with the Jimmyjane Form 2 (which is my new favorite vibe! It’s a MUST HAVE for any woman who enjoys clitoral stimulation – you’re *all* raising your hands, right?) or your favorite clit vibe, so you can have some clitoral stimulation while the toy is inside of you. You can also take a vibe with a round end, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and hold it against the flat base of the Jollet while it is inside of your body to enjoy intense vibration that will transfer through the silicone of the Jollet to stimulate all of your most sensitive parts.

I love this toy! It is pretty big, and I usually don’t use toys that are so big girth wise, but this toy is a lot of fun. It’s pretty, it’s unique, it’s colorful, an the silicone is firm yet has some give to it. I like the fact that it is very similar to the Jollies dildo, but that it’s less expensive. I probably wouldn’t have wanted the Jollet, since it’s so similar to the Jollies, but when I saw the special colors that are exclusively available at Trystology, I just had to try it! I’m really glad that I did too.

Storms of Pleasure Bedroom Restraint Basic Delightware System

By Amber St. Clare
The Storms of Pleasure Basic Delightware System gives bedroom restraints an upgrade with this fun new harness/cuffs system. Storms of Pleasure created a restraint system that can be used anywhere, including the car, a hotel, the bedroom, a door, or wherever else you’d like. Unlike other harness and restraint systems, this system is easy to use, doesn’t require moving furniture or mattresses and when stored away, it’s quite discreet. The Storms of Pleasure Basic Delightware Systemcomes in a variety of colors, including purple, black, leopard print, red leopard print and more. The set comes in a storage bag that can be tied closed with an attached ribbon, and it includes the basic system which gives you: 2 wrist cuffs, 2 converters, 2 tethers with sandbags. The cuffs and sandbags are covered in a velvet fabric with a red/black leopard design. The converters and tethers are black and have hook closures to secure the restraints. The wrist cuffs fits 6-9 inches, and won’t cut into your wrists like some other types of cuffs. The tethers will stretch to fit over or under a door frame, and you can attach it to the bed without having to move or set it up underneath the box spring. The cuffs and tethers are easy to use and attach, and because the system isn’t bulky or heavy, it can be discreetly stored away until you’re ready to use it.

The tethers stretch from 13-24 inches, so it gives you a lot of versatility and makes it easy to set up in bed or anywhere else you want to have fun with some restraints. This restraint system isn’t’ meant for hanging or suspension, but it still offers a wide variety of ways to have fun using these restraints with your partner. I like the color and design of the cuffs and tethers, they are easy to put together and to re-assemble any time you’re ready. You can attach the tether over the top of a door, for against the wall sex, or even under the door, or on top of the bed for teasingly tempting sex where one partner is restraint. The restraints and cuffs will work with both women and men so that you can take turns being the one restrained and easily adjust the restraints to a custom fit. Easy to use and really fun! The patent pending design for this system is really unique, simple to use, and a whole lot of fun without worrying about too much set up or flimsy cuffs. You can get the Storms of Pleasure Basic Delightware System at Trystology with free shipping. They also have the Storms of Pleasure Deluxe Delightware System which comes with 2 Velvet Wrist Adornment Cuffs with Swarovski Crystals, 2 velvet Ankle Adornment Cuffs with Swarovski Crystals, 4 adjustable Mattress & Door Frame Converters, 4 adjustable Tethers, 1 Velvet Swarovski Crystal adorned blindfold all wrapped in a wooden storage box for $350.

Tenga Egg Lovers Review

By @ Amber St. Clare

 TENGA makes really cool male masturbation sleeves, and one of the coolest and most fun seem to be their Tenga Eggs, egg shaped masturbation sleeves that can be rolled over the cock. The Tenga Egg Lovers is a cute Valentine inspired egg, that features a fun heart shaped inner texture. The egg is made of a super stretchy, squishy material that can stretch over the head and shaft of the cock, grasped, and then stroked over the penis. You can add lube to your cock, or add some lube inside of the egg and then slip the egg over your hard dick. These eggs are a little bigger in size than a regular egg, but are quite compact and lightweight. The shape is ideal for sliding over a dildo or head of a wand massager for women for added texture, so ladies may like this sleeve as well. The inner texture of the sleeve glides over the dick and creates a nice suction, especially when used with a nice amount of lubricant. Tenga Eggs are meant to be used and then tossed, rather than used over and over, but with care, you cna clean the egg and get a few uses out of it. Simply turn the egg inside out, wash with hot water and allow to dry, and then turn the egg sleeve right side out again. Tenga creates some of the best feeling masturbators, in my opinions, and I don’t even have a penis, I’m going on fingering the toys alone. The inner texture and squishy material feels pretty awesome. Definitely a good deal for someone who wants to try a masturbation sleeve for the first time but doesn’t want the commitment of choosing a more expensive sleeve! You can get the Tenga Egg Lovers at Trystology.

Bristols 6 Nippies Gold Set in Leopard Rose

By @ Amber St. Clare

I love all things leopard print, so when I saw this super cute pasties and panties set from Bristols 6, I wanted to strut my stuff in it. The Bristols 6 Nippies Gold Set in Leopard Rose comes with a pair of heart shaped nipple tassels (pasties with a tassel!) covered in sequins and adorned with a little red tassel on each. It comes with a matching pair of red mesh and leopard print panties. The low-cut panties feature a cute little cutout along the front of the waistband and then features a v-shaped cutout along the bottom, with a ruched bottom which adds definition and gives you booty a fuller look. I thought the product photo was adorable, but when I saw the product up close and personal, I was definitely impressed! This was my first product from Bristols 6, and now I can’t wait to try more!Bristols 6 Nippies

The pasties/panties gift set comes in a really pretty, thick, and sturdy pull-out box. The box is really nice! Not flimsy or cheap feeling, it’s so nice that you can re-use it to store the pasties or even use it for other things, like a tampon box, or a condom container. It features a very pretty design and is quite discreet. Once you put the ribbon tab on the side, the lower part of the box pulls out to showcase the panties and pasties.

The panties are pretty! They come in a sheer mesh material, and have nice stretch to them, the cute little cut out caged back is pretty and offers a nice shape to your ass, highly recommended for those like me, who don’t have a big caboose but want to accentuate their butt. These panties give my booty a nice little boost and totally makes my booty look fuller than it really is, while showing offer a little butt cleavage above the ruched bottom. The front of the panties are super sexy as well, and the red along with the leopard print is really flirty and fun.

The crotch of the panties are lined in a soft cotton material, and the pasties are really fun. They are large enough to cover larger areola which I like, because I’ve found that some pasties only cover a quarter size, so for chicas with larger than dime sized to quarter size nips, it can be frustrating. So I like the size of these, and the pasties are easy to use and apply to the nipple, and are just as easy to remove. The tassels add a fun burlesque flair, which I adore.

I’m really impressed with the Bristols 6 line! I’m a huge lingerie snob, and don’t wear “cheap” lingerie. Most of my lingerie is upwards in the $100 range, so I wasn’t expecting too much from this gift set in the way of me loving it so much, but I do, I adore this gift set! The panties are pretty, the tassels are fun and don’t look flimsy, and the gorgeous packaging really won me over! I would definitely be interested in seeing more of the Bristols 6 line of pasties and panties, and I highly recommend this cute set as a gift for yourself or the special lady in your life who deserves a sexy surprise!

You can get the Bristols 6 Nippies Gold Set Leopard Rose at Trystology.