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We-Vibe Sync Review Comparison

We-Vibe Sync, a beautiful, well designed, modern pleasure device.

At Trystology, We Vibe continues to be our #1 selling couples toy line, as it is the #1 selling couples toy around the world.  There are so many We-Vibes now, we thought it might be helpful to share with you the traits of the We-Vibe Sync, as not all We-Vibes are right for each person.

The We-Vibe classic has been a favorite for many couples. It is really flexible, and has a remote control and is Bluetooth enabled.  You can participate in couple play regardless where you are, in same room, or even same country.  The We-Vibe Classic, though, did not work for everyone, because it was fuller and so did not fit smaller bodied people.  So, We Vibe created the We Vibe 4 Plus.  It is tighter and does not move around as easily.  It is also remote control and blue tooth enabled, but it was a little tighter, and had a more pinching sensation.  We found that it was also a little uncomfortable to wear outside the bedroom.

So, We-Vibe created the We Vibe Sync! As we all know no two bodies are the same. That’s why Sync was designed, so it can be adjusted to fit your unique and beautiful shape. There are two adjustable points to better target the G-spot and clitoris with variable pressure, and delightful pleasure.  The bottom arm can be adjusted upwards to help give your G-spot that direct and powerful stimulation. Sync fits comfortably in place even when you change positions during sex. The adjustability of the We-Vibe Sync allows you to experience this toy in entirely new ways…and suddenly one can use this toy for positions that previously thought of as off-limits.  You can explore different angles, use it completely and confidently hands-free for some, and some say the learned a thing or two about new sexual preferences during use.  The Sync is a shaped more like the We-Vibe 4 Plus, but it opens up easily.  It’s a bit more fitted and does not move around as much on most bodies.

we-vibe sync

The thing I really love is the intense vibration. The remote can change vibration modes as well as the intensity in the moment. Either partner can use the remote and it works up to a distance of 3 meters.  A lot of women who buy these toys are power girls and haven’t been happy with the vibration on the Classic or even the 4 Plus.  I believe the power girl will be very happy with the We-Vibe Sync for lovemaking, and partner play.  If you are considering a We-Vibe for couple play because of the blue tooth, you can play from anywhere in the world, partner play, solo play and even under you swim suit in a Jacuzzi.

I would recommend the brand new We-Vibe Sync. It is so very flexible, vibrations are great, it has an app so you can manage the settings without using buttons, remote control, and conductive charging.  It’s a little pricier than the others but the features and upgrades are well worth it.  It comes in seafoam green and dark purple.  We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator is a beautiful, well designed, modern pleasure device that brings vibrating stimulation exactly where it’s wanted and desired the most. You can find the We-Vibe Sync and other We-Vibes at

Top Sexy Valentine’s Gifts

What to get your Lover for Valentine’s Day

Sometimes it can be challenging choosing a gift for your loved one (or yourself!), and during Valentine’s it can be especially difficult.  Focused on love, passion and sex, it’s so much easier to choose chocolate and flowers… but why not make your Valentine’s REALLY sexy!

Trystology has compiled the Top Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Individuals and Couples!

Here goes:We-Vibe Classic App Bluetooth

  1. The number one COUPLES gift is a We-Vibe Classic.  This wonderful tool is great for sharing the vibe during lovemaking, and it’s great for foreplay, solo play and outside the bedroom, with it’s  Bluetooth and remote control!  What we don’t talk about is that it’s also good for stroking the penis, and great for girl on girl play! At $149 it’s waterproof, rechargeable, remote controlled and quiet!  AWESOME Gift.
  2. The Rechargeable Palm Power is fast becoming the toy of choPalmpower Rechargeableice for COUPLES and INDIVIDUALS!  It’s one of the most powerful, petite, wand style toys available today, and it has the ability to switch out the attachments, which can vary from body massagers, to clitoral stimulators, to g-spot stimulators, and rabbit-style attachments.  The versatility of this product is so wonderful!  It can easily be used for lovemaking due to no cord,  it’s powerful vibe, the interchangeable heads, and the ability to use the handle to reach places, it’s also an incredible body massager.  At $86 for the Palm Power Rechargeable, and $20-28 for the attachments, this is one versatile toy for men and women!Womanizer Pro
  3. Third on the list of Sexy Valentine’s gifts is this toy for WOMEN.  The Womanizer has taken the country by storm, and as an effective toy for achieving an orgasm, what woman wouldn’t be thrilled with this gift this holiday!?!?  The Womanizer is a suction oriented toy that is placed over the clitoris and has touchless, suction technology.  It has shown to give a woman an orgasm in less than a minute, though depending on the day, can take 1-3 min… but usually not that long!  When women are hardwired to have orgasms in 20-40 min, this toy defies logic and is a great tool for achieving An Orgasm A Day!  For more information regarding choosing between the Womanizer Pro and Womanizer W100, see our previous blog
  4. Hot Octopuss Pulse DuoThe Pulse Duo (and it’s cousin the Pulse Solo) are on our list for the 4th Sexiest Valentine’s gift this season!  Pulse Duo is great for COUPLES, while the Solo is great for MEN.  The Guybrator as it is called, is a pulsating toy and has a pulse plate the massages the frenulum. Whether using this for stroking, or simply placing on the penis, this toy can take a man from flacid to hard, and assist with achieving an orgasm.  The Duo is silicone coated, and a woman can straddle it while her partner uses it, and there is a remote control for the toy to take it from low to high pulsation.  This is certainly an awesome toy for both couples and for men alone.
  5. Hawthorne Lifestyle SwingWhen looking at a GREAT Sexy gift for Valentines, we would be remiss in overlooking one of our TOP Sexy Valentine’s gifts, the Hawthorne Lifestyle Swing.  It is one of THE BEST sex swings available on the market, and is not only comfortable, easy to install and use, it is completely adjustable.  The soft cushion seat, and the easy adjusters make this an amazing choice for COUPLES for Valentine’s. Whether you use it for traditional face to face, or go with Doggie Style, you can also both be on the swing at the same time, or 2 or more can enjoy this swing… so many options.  And then again, you can sit comfortably in it an watch TV or read a book!  Hey, it’s versatile!
  6.  The Lelo Ina Wave iLelo Ina Waves still the HOTTEST Rabbit style toy we have today!  With its “assertive” Rabbit arm and the ability forLelo Ina Wave high-high or low-low vibration, AND the fact that it can either be rigid or create a “come hither” wave motion, the Lelo Ina Wave has proven it’s an amazing FEMALE toy for SOLO or COUPLES play!  It has 10 pleasure settings and is Waterproof, Rechargeable and fairly quiet.  This toy aims to please!  It is also qualified to be in the An Orgasm A Day category, due to its ease in assisting women on achieving an orgasm.
  7. Crave Vesper Rose GoldCrave Vesper is tops on our list of SEXY Valentine’s gifts for it’s completely discrete, jewelry like presentation (in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) and yet it is a wonderfully powerful 4 speed vibrator!  The metal casing is wonderful for sensory play, so it can be chilled or heated, and when used on high, the toy itself heats up and adds to the vibration sensation for a wonderful combination.  Priced between $79 and $149, the Crave Vesper is an amazing tool to Empower Women to Own Their Sexuality… what better gift can one give to a woman?  Great for SOLO or COUPLES!  Don’t be afraid to wear it every day.  It’s super hygenic, and hey… you don’t have to tell anyone what it is.  It’s that discrete.
  8. UberlubeUberlube is our #1 selling product in the store, because it can be used for massaging, lovemaking, and for so many other uses… hair smoother, under makeup, chaffing… you name it, Uberlube can do it.  Whether its for SOLO or COUPLES, Uberlube, with its no scent, no taste, silicone and Vitamin E, this lubricant enhances the relationship by encouraging more touch… more play!  At $16 and $28, as well as $14 Good To Go Travel packs, Uberlube is a great Gift for him or her.
  9. Je Joue has joined the bandwagon with a series of Bluetooth enabled toys, and we’ve added the Je Joue Nuo to the list of SEXY Valentine’s because anal play is one of our top categories and vibrating anal toolJe Joue Nuo blacks aJeJou Nuo 2re SOOO popular!  The Je Joue Nuo does not discriminate on HIM or HER… so whoever is interested, this toy is for them!  It’s made of platinum grade silicone, and has a number of incredible sensations which are easy to navigate with the Je Joue App… High to low vibration, as well as various pulsations.  The Nuo is fun for use outside the bedroom, as well as during lovemaking!
  10. Last but not least, we have the edible category, and what Sexy ValentinBijoux Indescretes La Poeme Body Painte would be complete without adding a little edible chocolate!  The Bijoux Indescretes Poeme is not only a really pretty gift, it’s delicious.  Imaging you take out the soft silicone tipped feather, and dip it into the yummy Chocolate (or Strawberry, Caramel, Frozen Yogurt or Cherry!) and simply write, draw or paint on your partner… what you do next is your choice!  Bijoux Indescretes is one of our favorite vendors for all things Sexy… and all things edible!  Don’t miss out on other items by Bijoux Indescretes you might be able to add to your collection!

Trystology hopes your Valentine’s is as Sexy as you are… and that you enjoy and explore our Top Sexy Valentine’s in store or online.

We-Vibe Classic Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic: The best couple’s vibrator just got better!

The #1 selling couple’s sex toy just got better and it’s here and available!  If you’re one of those careful shoppers who’ve been sitting on the sidelines, waiting to decide whether this is the right toy for you and your partner, the waiting is over.  The time is now.

So what’s the big deal?  Sex toys are sex toys, right?  Well, not really!

The We-Vibe vibrator created a sensation when it was introduced in 2008.  As of the only products available on the market at the time that was hands free, and fit between the bodies, and was a “shared” sensation, it did more for couples play than any other product out there.  Over the years, We-Vibe has evolved and added remote controls, which took “play” outside the bedroom.  Clearly, even outside the bedroom, it was as fun for “partner-play” as inside, as one partner inevitably enjoys “buzzing” the other in the middle of a dinner party for example!

We-Vibe Classic Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic Package

We-Vibe Classic Package

With the evolution of the We-Vibe came the We-Vibe 4, which offered a tighter fit.  However in doing so, it’s more rigid style inhibited the “outside the bedroom” play, due to comfort.  The addition of the Bluetooth feature with the We-Vibe 4 Plus, was enticing.  But for those who wanted to experiment with “out to dinner” play, or “Jacuzzi play”, it was uncomfortable to walk with.  So we were pleased when we went to market in July to find out that We-Vibe was in fact not doing away with the We-Vibe 3, but re-engineering it as the We-Vibe Classic!  This new toy is now coated in a soft, suede-like finish.  And it not only has a remote control, but is Bluetooth enabled!  That’s right, Bluetooth enabled!

We-Vibe Classic Bluetooth Enabled Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Classic Bluetooth Enabled Remote Controlled Couples Vibrator

What does that mean for you?  That means that you can not only use the We-Vibe Classic for lovemaking, and for bedroom play with your partner, you can also use it when your partner travels away for work!  How?  With the We-Connect App, you are able to do things with a We-Vibe that you were never able to do before!  Separating out the internal and external stimulation at different power level?  We got that!  Ten sensations aren’t enough for you? Create your own vibe!  Partner in Australia?  Invite them to manage your vibe!  Yup, we got that! From ANYWHERE in the world that has internet!  Really!

Like it’s We-Vibe predecessors, the We-Vibe 3 Classic is waterproof, rechargeable and quiet.  And it still comes in it’s discrete charging case.  But it truly has come a long way since its launch in 2008 and now it is the right playful toy for most couples!  And I believe the price is right!  At $149 at launch time, with the remote and Bluetooth, the We-Vibe 3 Classic is one of the best priced, quality couple’s sex toys available today.

Get your We-Vibe Classic at