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Vibrators for Couples! Saucy!

Remote-Controlled Partner Play for Him and Her

Sometimes you just want to have some fun!  With remote controlled sex-toys, customers have been “playing” inside and outside the bedroom for the last couple of years.  With the We-vibe couples play toy the We-Vibe Classic, she wears the toy and both partners share in the vibration.  It’s also a fun toy outside the bedroom. However she’s the only one who can feel the vibration!  I’ve always thought that wasn’t fair, because as much as we know men like remotes, women also like the ability to “play” with their partner, outside the bedroom!

The wait for a solution is over!

I have paired two fabulous remote-controlled vibrators… the Lelo Hula and the Lelo Oden 2… for the ultimate in partner play!  While you have to be in the vicinity, meaning it’s not Bluetooth enabled (that’s a whole other story), it makes remote play at home or outside the bedroom a whole lot more fun!

Lelo Hula Beads Remote Controlled Vibrator

Lelo Hula Beads Remote Controlled Vibrator

First, we start with the Lelo Hula.  This is a great remote controlled toy that is amazing at assisting with pelvic floor tightening!  You insert it into the vagina, and turn it on.  Leave it going for half an hour or so, while you go about your business.  Really!  It’s that easy and fun!  The remote has 8 different settings, as well as different power levels.  The Hula can also be used internally during oral sex, or laid externally on the labia and clitoris.  Overall a fun toy that’s waterproof and rechargeable.

Lelo Oden 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Ring

Lelo Oden 2 Remote Controlled Vibrating Ring

Next is the Lelo Oden 2.  The Oden 2 is a great vibrating ring for men.  With two ring options, one for more restriction, the other for more comfort, it’s a personal preference as to which he uses for hands free clitoral stimulation during lovemaking!  It’s quiet, powerful, and with the remote you get the same 8 sensations, and various power levels.  AND there’s Sensa-motion, where the toy responds to your movement.

So how do we work them together, you might ask?  Each partner turns on the toy, and puts the toy in place… This doesn’t mean the toy is vibrating, it’s just on, and ready for use with the remote control. For men, I recommend the more open ring, with the vibrator pointed down toward the testicles.  For women, you can insert the Hula either way, with the string down, or up.  I suggest up, so the rotating movement is closer to the G-Spot.  Once you have your products in place, you each have your remote, and are ready to go out to dinner.  Or play.    Now the fun thing about these products, is that they both can work off of the same remote!  REALLY!  So when one remote is turned on, and vibration is increased, both toys start to vibrate.  Yes, that means if anyone else in the restaurant happens to be wearing a Lelo remote-controlled toy, they too will have their vibe start.  Crazy, right?!?

All’s fair in play with remote controlled toys, and I love that we have a way in which both men and women are able to play with their partners outside the bedroom.  For more fun ideas, check out our kits at

Sir Richard’s Condoms Gives Back!

Sir Richard’s Condoms.  Quality, natural condoms with a cause!

I was so surprised to find out that Sir Richard’s Condoms is now a part of Jimmyjane!  It makes perfect sense!  Jimmyjane is such a quality conscious sex toy company presenting some of the best sex toys in the industry, and Sir Richard’s Condoms are some of the best condoms on the market today!  Not only do they have a great product, they have great packaging!  They just “look great”!

Sir Richard's Condoms Pleasure DotsSir Richard's Condoms 3 Pack

Sir Richard's Condoms X-LargeSir Richard's Condoms Ultra ThinSir Richard's Condoms 12 PackSir Richard's Condoms Classic Ribbed

AND they are all natural!  Their website states, “Sir Richard’s Condoms are made of all-natural latex and silicone (lubricant). We do not use any fillers in our natural latex, which is a common practice in the industry. Our condoms are free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals. They are Vegan-certified and PETA-approved with minimal latex odor.”  How cool is that?

Check out Trystology talking to Sir Richard’s Condoms at the 2015 ANME trade show:

If all that doesn’t have you convinced you should try them, check out their buy one give one policy!!!  Every time you buy a Sir Richard’s condom, they will give one to a worthy cause!  They say, “We want to make donations to the causes you care about most, and we invite you choose the next recipients of the condom donations generated by the ‘Buy one, Give one’ social responsibility program.”  What other condom company do you know of that does that?

Sir Richard's Condoms Charity Image

Sir Richards condoms come in Classic Ribbed, Pleasure Dots, Extra Thin and Extra Large… covering all bases!  And they come in 12 packs, as well as mixed 3 packs!  You can get your Sir Richard’s Condoms at

Open Letter to CHASE Bank

So, it’s interesting what you learn when you open an adult store.  Insurance was more difficult, one landlord was not willing to rent to me, and finding a merchant account, in the beginning was challenging.  The one thing I didn’t have any problems with was my bank.  They wanted my money, and were even supportive of my store, offering me loans, opening accounts for my business, and one manager even bought some honey dust from me!  That was until October, when I had to change my company name!  First they said Yes, then No, then Yes, then NO again… this time for good.  Even going so far to tell me I could keep my legacy account, then sending me form letters from Sr. VP’s, stating they were unceremoniously closing my account… all because I sold “marital aids”.

I want to thank AVN Magazine editor Sharan Street for publishing my “Open Letter to Chase” in their June 2015 Magazine!  I love the support!  And most important, we need to get the message out “Get the banks out of our bedrooms! And get back to the business of supporting small business.”

June-15 AVN Editors Notes 150

AVN Editor’s Desk, June 2015, Get the Banks Out of the Bedroom

To see our Downtown Ventura, CA location, that the Chase Harbor Bank decided they no longer needed to be associated with, go to for a slide show of the shop.

Trystology Featured in WEV!

So exciting to be part of the Women’s Economic Ventures, and to be a featured client this year!Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.42.02 AM

As a business owner has anything specifically been harder than you expected it would be?
Because my business encompasses subject matter that makes people uncomfortable, even though I present it in the most delicate, discrete and classiest way, I am continually shocked when I am denied the ability to open a new bank account under my company’s new name. Even after six years of working with a bank, I have been denied from opening a new account while still being able to keep my “legacy” account simply because I sell “marital aids.” I forget the discomfort people and businesses have with my subject matter. We may be in 2015, however within my industry, it may as well be 1950.”  Read more…

Je Joue Nuo – Remote Controlled Anal Plug!

It’s interesting, I wasn’t quite sure about this when I first saw it… a remote controlled anal plug?  Now don’t get me wrong, everything Je Joue does is amazing, so the feel of the silicone was divine, and the remote control was just plain genius… a pen like remote device!  But a remote controlled Anal Plug?  Then I met the Nuo, and was completely won over!

A02776-Je Joue Nuo black-400x400 A02776-JeJou-Nuo-2-1200x1200

Je Joue’s Nuo is a soft silicone, flexible at the base for comfort, yet the tip of the toy is firm.  It is easy to use, and has some of the most interesting sensations of any toy we’ve seen thus far!  Makes me very intrigued to meet the Je Joue Dua!  It feels as though there are three motors in this little guy, and with the remote, you’re able to toggle through each sensation, and amplify or decrease the sensation, as desired.  It’s wonderful that the pen vibrates as well, allowing a partner to adjust the sensation and know what the person wearing the Nuo is feeling!

Je Joue states that the “Nuo can be controlled with a discreet pen shaped remote or with the Je Joue app for sensual long-distance play. Intensifying foreplay, enhancing pleasure during sex, or starting seduction outside the intimacy of your room, Nuo provides heightened anal sensations.”

So, yup, there’s an app for that!

Waterproof, rechargeable, quiet… remote controlled and bluetooth enabled!  Doesn’t get much better than that!

You can see the Je Joue Nuo at

New Pulse II Solo and Pulse II Duo

Amazing New Guybrators!!!

Last year saw the introduction of the “guybrator”!  Sure there’ve been vibrators for men… but this new toy took men’s vibratiors to a new level, even going so far as to donate these toys to a soccer team to “let off steam” during the World Cup!  Never before have we seen such bravado from such a unique sensual product!

Pulse II Solo Men's Vibrator

Pulse II Solo Guybrator

Now, with that said, Hot Octopuss Pulse seems to have TRULY outdone itself, with it’s a reinvention of it’s own Pulse vibrators for men!  Now waterproof, with multiple sensations, and quiet, the New Pulse II Solo is an amazing new vibrator for men.  With claims of taking men from flaccid to erect through its pulse plate technology, it has been very well received.  It’s pulsating pulse plate on the frenulum creates an erotic sensation for men.   While the original Pulse was less well received by women for partner play, as they found the original Pulse exterior to be less than enticing due to it’s hard shell outer case, the new Pulse II Duo will certainly change that perspective.  Coated with soft silicone, and with a remote control and a dedicated vibrator to create the desired sensation, from minimal to strong vibration on the exterior, the Pulse II Duo is sure to be a “pleaser.”

Pulse II Duo Men's Vibrator

Pulse II Duo Guybrator

Whether you are looking for a solo play men’s vibrator, or a partner play toy, this pulsating men’s vibrator has a lot to offer. Pulse II Solo is still $99, while the remote controlled Pulse II Duo is $139. If you are interested on giving the Pulse II Solo or Duo a try, or are interested in learning more about it, please see

This is my story of Bonnie Rotten

There I was.  Minding my own business.  Making videos with Meredith Davis in the Jimmyjane booth at the ANME show in Burbank, CA.  We’re talking about the new luxury gold plated Form 2 when up walks a long-legged, high-heeled babe followed closely by a small army of photographers.  I didn’t immediately recognize Bonnie, but Jimmyjane CEO Kenny Hawk did.  Kenny was eager to show Bonnie the Jimmyjane Little Platinum vibrator that I wear around my neck as a necklace…everywhere.  It’s so discreet and beautiful, I often wear it in my everyday life to city chamber events, networking group meetings and the like.  Vibrators don’t have to be ugly or shocking, right?  I want women to know vibrators can be beautiful!

Bonnie was very sweet to chat with me. It’s not like I woke up in the morning thinking, “Today, I will give an award winning porn star a massage.”  But hey, you just never know!

So if you want to rock your own vibe everywhere you go, check out our Jimmyjane page on our website and you can see the Little Chroma, Little Gold and Little Platinum!!!  They are awesome, and so discrete!  But remember, you need to change the batteries every now and then!  LOL!

New Devine Playchests!

Devine Playchests are some of the only storage available for toys and travel… and they are some of the most beautiful!  Trystology has carried Devine Playchests since we discovered them almost 5 years ago!  We are excited to announce that we have received the newest addition, the Purple Playchest, in addition to the Red, Black and Pink/Black!  These incredible storage carriers hold more than you can imagine!  Take a peek!

playchestPurplesmphoto 2 photo 3

As you can see, with a Hitachi Magic Wand, Shiri Zinn Minx, Vibratex Sugar Pop, Jollies Jollet, We-vibe 2 Plus, NJoy Plug and Tryst from Nobessence, there is still room for Afterglow Wipes. Liquid Silk lube, Intimate Organics Body wash and Massage Oil and Storms of Pleasure Basic Under the Bed and Over the Door Restraint kit!

photo 4

Here are all the colors, on our wall!  Rockin’, Right?

You can get one for yourself at


New and EXCITING! B-Balls from Fun Factory

Someone finally figured it out!  Cross a Kegal Ball with an Anal Plug and you get Fun Factory’s new B-Balls.  A stimulating, safe way to enjoy anal stimulation… any time.  Designed for men or women, B-Balls are sure to catch on as a new, hot product!

BBalls shelf talker

BballsBBalls purple white

Launching this week, B-Balls are available at