Sex Toy Favorite: Jimmyjane Form 2 review

By @ Amber St. Clare

This powerful pink device in which you see before your eyes is one of my favorite sex toys. I first fell in love with this toy when it was released, but it’s taken me until now to share my review of the toy. I’ve recommended this toy to countless friends, family, and readers. What toy is it? The incomparable Jimmyjane Form 2! Of all of my Jimmyjane sex toys, this one takes the cake. Maybe even the whole bakery. Every. Single. Red. Velvet. Cupcake. I adore the Form 2, and I’ll tell you why. Before I do though, let me tell you more about the product. It’s made of soft supple silicone that is so smooth and sleek to the touch, it’s fully waterproof and submersible which means it’s great for bathtub or pool fun! It’s rechargeable, it’s cute, the design is innovative and modern, and it’s super powerful. It’s the love child of Ethan Imboden and Yves Behar in their first collaboration of the Pleasure to the People line of toys. Form 2 is meant to merry power and precise pin-point stimulation in a sleek stylish luxury sex toy. Not sure how high they aimed the bar when creating this, but they did a splendid job of hitting it! Form 2 is a clitoral vibrator, that is meant to mimic “rabbit ears” that are so popular on rabbit vibes. The probably with most rabbit vibes is that the bunny ears don’t usually offer much stimulation, not to mention, since every woman’s anatomy is different, not all of the bunny ears on rabbit vibes actually reach a woman’s clitoris! So Yves and Ethan created a toy that focuses on the great theme of rabbit ears to stimulate the clit, except they amped it up to be so much better than your average rabbit vibe.The cool part about the toy is that each “ear” has it’s own motor! The vibrator motors are in the ears, not the base of the toy like most vibrators. The base of the toy features a stainless steel Pleasure to the People Jimmyjane logo, this is also where the sex toy charges. No need to plug anything into the Form 2, you simply rest the Form 2 on it’s charging base and then plug the base into a wall outlet. Upon receiving the toy, you’ll need to charge the toy for a few hours to make sure it’s fully juiced and ready to rock your world. I know it can be hard to wait when you’re excited to try out a new toy or you’re super horny, but give it time to charge completely for a few hours or overnight, it’s well worth the wait. Cleaning the toy is very easy as it can be completely held beneath the faucet, anti-bacterial soap and water works nicely and so do other sex toy cleansers. Water-based lubricant is best for the Form 2 experience, so you want to steer clear or silicone lubes when using this toy, as silicone lube can sometimes make silicone sex toy material tacky or permanently sticky to the touch. The buttons on the toy are seamless also, so you don’t have to worry about getting moisture into the buttons. There is a power button, and a +/- button so you can browse through all vibrations modes and speeds. There are 4 vibration patterns that go from a buzzing to a thumping to a slow grind. They’re all awesome! It also features 5 vibration speeds. Wow wow wow! Honestly, I found the highest speed to be Hitachi powerful! I’ve never used a vibrator that compared with an electrical massager when it came to power, but Form 2has it! It ranges from a low speed to a va va voom high speed that will have you writhing and squirming in pleasure. The highest setting may even be too powerful for some, but I like a lot of power behind my clit toys so it was awesome for me.The base of the toy is easy to hold in your hands, and the buttons are easy to press even while the toy is in motion. The motor in each ear vibrates and makes the ears flutter slightly, so it you place the ears against your clit, or squeeze the ears around your clit hugging it, you’ll be greeted with seriously fantastic pin-point stimulation. You can even hold the toy sideways, and hold the bunny ears up and down against your clit instead of across. Each and every way that I hold the Form 2 is simply delicious and orgasmic. Some of the most intense clitoral orgasms I have ever had have come from the Form 2! When I first got this toy, I used it over and over and it quickly became my go-to vibrator of choice. The design is cute, the giant bunny ears style is unique, it comes in a pretty pink or slate gray color, it’s powerful, rechargeable, and waterproof, and it’s made of body safe quality silicone. What else could a girl want in a sex toy? I’ve used this toy in the shower also, and it’s great! You can even use this toy on a man, by cupping his balls with the bunny ears, or holding it against his perineum while you give him oral sex or a stroke him. The Form 2 is pretty discreet and small too, it fits in the palm of your hand, so you could hold it against your clit while your partner works a dildo inside of you or penetrates you vaginally or anally. The fun design doesn’t scream “look at me I’m a sex toy!!” so you could probably leave the Form 2 on your desk or dresses and your roommate probably would think it was just a funky looking piece of tech gear or an odd shaped stress ball…oh it’ll relieve some stress alright ;)Now, I couldn’t finish this review without talking about the “flaw”. Pretty much as soon as the Jimmyjane Form 2 came out, bloggers and sex reviewers alike were eagerly testing this toy out. Most people seemed to really like it, but a few mentioned a flaw that sometimes happens when using the toy. At times when using the Form 2, if the bunny ears get too close together it feels like the motors switch gears and the vibration travels to the base of the toy and leave the ears. It can be frustrating and annoying, it’s happened to me before, and I was one of the first people to bringing the “flaw” up on Twitter back when the toy was first released. Reviewers emailed Jimmyjane about this, and we’re given tips and an explanation as to why this might be occurring, Jimmyjane even offered to exchange the toy for a new one to see if the toy was faulty. You can chalk it all up to a design error, or consider it a awful flaw that renders the toy useless (some people have!) or you can look past the flaw and enjoy the toy for all of the great things about it. I know about the flaw, it’s happened to me a few times, but now that I know why and how it happens I can usually work around it and still have an amazing orgasm without the vibration shifting. Some people mentioned for a toy of this price you shouldn’t *have to* work around a flaw, which I do agree with in part, but I refuse to say that this toy isn’t awesome just because of the sometimes shift of the motors. No toy is going to be perfect for everyone, but everyone can probably find a toy that is perfect for them, and for me, Jimmyjane Form 2 is one of them. A lot of toys that I like aren’t rechargeable, or the buttons may be hard to press, etc etc, but I won’t let them deter me from using them because I truly enjoy them and the orgasms they give me. That is the relationship that Form 2 and I have, it’s a beautiful give and take, I give the motors their space, and in turn, they power some of my most intensely toe-curling orgasms. I can honestly say that I would recommend this toy to every female that I know, including my awesome readers. If you think the slight flaw will turn you off from using the toy, then you can skip the toy, but if you’re like me and you think the pros highly out weight the con, then I definitely recommend this toy for you!

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