Trystology Talk Podcast E11: Sex Under The Weather

Sex when you’re sick? Why not?

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Episode 11 was a tough one, as all our guests were sick with a cold, Roylin included! But, “The show must go on,” and so we shifted the focus to “sex and being sick.” Roylin was able to find 2 articles in Men’s Health magazine which addressed the topic.

But first: Have you had your orgasm today? Roylin was very adamant that all this illness going around was caused by a the lack of enough orgasms in our recent past. With the reflection of all her guest being ill, she pondered whether there had been a deficit overall, with much humor.

What was heard in the store this week? It was hysterical. While helping a male customer in his late 40’s, three young women in their early 20’s were shopping as well, with one trying things on. When she came out of the dressing room, he whispered “I’m not looking, I’m not looking” and Roylin went over to help the her. She looked amazing in the Patrice Catanzaro one piece. She decided to try another on, and then stated, “You guys, you have to tell me, why have I not pursued a profession in stripping?”… to which the man said “You must hear some amazing things here!” Why, yes, we do!

The episode focused on the need to get enough sleep, so that you don’t get sick, and having orgasms, because they help you sleep. They also give you oxytocin, endorphins, and vasopressin, which is shown to make you feel sleepy. So great! There is no evidence of passing on illness through the semen, but definitely not able to kill all germs, even if you bathe in antibacterial cream! So be careful and don’t infect your partner. But don’t be afraid of having an orgasm a day! It can only help with your immune system, among other things!

Womanizer Plus

Oh, and by the way, Womanizer is back on the shelves!

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