Womanizer Sex Toy with Pleasure Air Technology

Womanizer- A terrible name for an AMAZING Sex Toy!

Okay, Ryan, you win!

When I met with Ryan and Frank today at the Womanizer sex toy booth, I was more than slightly skeptical!  Here they had a sex toy that they said “GUARANTEED” a woman an orgasm! REALLY!  Mind you, there were two men in the booth, neither with a clitoris, telling me that this Womanizer sex toy would give any woman an orgasm in less than a minute. (With, of course, the disclaimer that every woman is different.)

They quoted stats about this % of women enjoyed it, and that % of women achieved an orgasm. Stats about how it’s the #1 sex toy in the US.  #1 selling sex toy with my competitors.  #1 selling sex toy for women in Europe since it launched just over a year ago.

These were men who were in the business to sell me something.  Now, these men are professionals I respect, but count me a skeptic if I don’t think men can understand a woman’s body, and can be damn good at quoting stats!  (Truth?!?)

Okay, so here is what I’m looking at:

The Womanizer (terrible name for a product in the US, but I’m told to “get over it, it works!”) is a “touchless stimulation” toy, that claims to deliver “fast and often multiple orgasms on demand”.  “100% Pleasure Everytime” they claim. REALLY!?!? It’s a small hand held device, that’s rechargeable but shouldn’t be put near/in water. When you place the small silicone node on the palm of your hand, it barely registers the suction it claims to produce these amazing orgasms from.  With a push of the jeweled button, you are introduced to 4 other sensations that create a slightly stronger suction with each press.  At this point, I’m still not sure if that would do the trick, but I’m game.

Each of the toys are pretty in their own right.  Turqouise, Black w/leopard, Pink/Purple w/leopard, Rose limited edition, Heart/wings limited edition, and the amazing Swarovski crystal elements versions!  OMG… beautiful!

Womanizer sex toy vibrator black/leopardWomanizer sex toy vibrator redWomanizer sex toy vibrator pink leopardWomanizer sex toy vibrator blue

Womanizer sex toy vibrator leopard deluxeWomanizer sex toy vibrator crystal-dreamsWomanizer sex toy vibrator crystal

As I’ve said, I was quite skeptical.  I’ve had amazing toys that were able to give a woman an orgasm in 1-3 min before, but this idea of touchless, quiet, suction-oriented toy? I wasn’t sure.

After trying the Womanizer sex toy, all I can say is … OMG!  and REALLY!!!!  Yes, really!

I can’t explain it, except to say it reminds me of suction from a lover’s mouth during oral sex.  That sort of suction you don’t want to end, at least not until you’ve achieved an orgasm, which this toy seems to assist with quite nicely.  While I was told that most women don’t go past the third speed while using it, I took it as a challenge to start much higher, then was ever so grateful for the quick button that took it back down to the first level with a touch of the button.

So yes, we’ll be carrying the Womanizer sex toy. (I may just end up calling it the “Kiss Me There” Suction Vibrator!) But you can get yours at Trystology.com  It’s that good.

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